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By: Douglas Slain, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, FASHP

  • Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, West Virginia University School of Pharmacy
  • Infectious Diseases Clinical Specialist, West Virginia University Medicine, Morgantown, West Virginia

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Serum thyroglobulin assay has been available in Guatemala since late 2001 but only at one State hospital and two private laboratories. Serum thyroglobulin assay is not 131 routinely performed before I therapy, and measurements are generally taken on an annual basis. Furthermore, the high cost and need for imported I reduces availability for treatment. The limited imaging equipment and paucity of properly equipped isolation wards reflect the unfavourable economy of Guatemala and priority directing health resources toward primary care. Paraguay this country of 406 752 square kilometres of land area is bordered by Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. There are two official languages, Spanish and the Indian language Guarani that is spoken by more than 90% of the population. A Government sponsored program to reduce endemic iodine deficiency was introduced in 1991. Only three physicians specialize in the field of nuclear medicine in Paraguay, and are the only physicians 131 to treat patients with I. Nuclear medicine specialty training of at least 2 years has to be obtained overseas. The surgeon takes the main responsibility in management of 131 thyroid cancer patients in all aspects other than I therapy. Under ultrasound guidance, percutaneous aspiration of the suspicious nodule is performed. Where thyroid cancer is confirmed, a near total thyroidectomy is performed but the surgical protocol may depend upon the size of the nodule, and estimated extent of disease. Private health care insurance is also available but may not cover chronic 131 illness. In Paraguay the 131 legal limit of a single I dose for an outpatient is less than 1. The maximum annual radiation dose allowed for the general public is 1 mSv and the maximum annual radiation dose for individual carers is 20 mSv or 100 mSv over 5 years. Five or six different laboratories in Paraguay assay anti-thyroglobulin antibody levels and also use appropriate 131 131 dilutions. There is usually good patient compliance with the first follow-up visit at six months, but the loss to follow-up is high after this time. The importation of I means that 15-20 days notice is required before a 131 131 therapy dose of I can be delivered. Furthermore, all imported I and other radiopharmaceuticals have to go through the standard administrative process at 231 customs, also adding to the delay in obtaining these products at the airport. In Paraguay there is no government support or private organizations offering support for nuclear medicine. Consequently, dissemination of knowledge to medical students and medical practitioners throughout Paraguay is very difficult, and nuclear medicine is greatly under-utilized. With only three practicing nuclear medicine physicians, limited equipment and no government support, the speciality of nuclear medicine in Paraguay is unlikely to keep pace with other countries. Conclusions the management of thyroid cancer is undertaken in a relatively standardized fashion throughout the world. This has been based largely upon standards and regulations set as benchmarks from North America and Europe, where resources are most available for research and data collection. Even countries with very few resources have a basic infrastructure in place that allows physicians to follow the recommended management protocols. The profound lack of resources in some countries however, prevents optimal basic diagnosis and limited follow-up (Tables 17. Furthermore, lack of resources limits the number of sites where thyroid cancer therapy can be undertaken. This may prohibit therapy in some cases, and result in increased costs of transport and overnight accommodation for patients who cannot afford such expense. Thyroid carcinoma is a disease that requires diligent long term, and often lifelong follow-up surveillance. Poverty, poor transport infrastructure and geographic isolation all contribute to inadequate long term management of patients with thyroid cancer in many developing countries.

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For retrospective analysis showing that early detection through patients with positive margins, re-resection is the preferred option. Accurate staging (see Table 2) depends on a complete about prognosis (ie, a favorable or a less favorable forecast) and sexual H&N examination and appropriate imaging studies (see Workup in history that the clinician should be prepared to address. Many panel members did not Early-stage (T1-2, N0-1) oropharyngeal cancers may be treated with: 1) agree that induction chemotherapy should be recommended for locally primary surgery?more specifically, transoral or open resection of the or regionally advanced cancer of the oropharynx. Note that a category 3 recommendation indicates that only a few panel members category 2B recommendation indicates that most, but not all, panel agree (<25%) that the intervention is appropriate; most disagree. For patients with positive margins, re-resection is the preferred option for adjuvant treatment. Thus, induction chemotherapy has a category 3 subsequent durable response to radiation. However in other sites, category 2A and 2B quality of life of the patient even though overall survival was not recommendations for induction chemotherapy are common based on improved. Because of these uncertainties, enrollment of patients in appropriate clinical trials Cancer of the Hypopharynx is particularly encouraged. Altered fractionation is appropriate for a high rate of distant metastases (60%) involving virtually every selected T1-2, N1 tumors, particularly if concurrent systemic therapy is 399 organ. The recommended schedules are shown in the algorithm (see can be quite poor despite aggressive combined modality treatment. A functioning larynx was preserved in 42% of enrollment in multimodality clinical trials: 1) induction chemotherapy patients who did not undergo surgery. These studies are important to determine the full Guidelines for Cancer of the Hypopharynx). After combined chemotherapy and radiation, adjuvant chemotherapy was Treatment also given in this trial. Concurrent disease in the neck and a complete response at the primary should chemoradiotherapy (cisplatin) with adjuvant systemic therapy for undergo a neck dissection. Since the nasopharynx may be inaccessible to clinical this recommendation is a category 2B option because there is less examination, then imaging may be necessary. Panel members had widespread supraglottic primaries present with spread to regional nodes because of disagreement regarding whether induction chemotherapy is appropriate, an abundant lymphatic network that crosses the midline. Bilateral which is reflected in the category 3 recommendation (see the Induction adenopathy is not uncommon with early-stage supraglottic primaries. In induction/sequential chemotherapy options are recommended in the contrast, the lymphatic drainage of the glottis is sparse and early-stage algorithm for nasopharyngeal cancer (see Principles of Systemic primaries rarely spread to regional nodes. Adjuvant treatment for select patients with T1-2, N0 supraglottic cancer may include re-resection if there are positive recommendations for the use of induction chemotherapy from category Version 1. These neoplasms are often found after a routine nasal Paranasal Tumors (Maxillary and Ethmoid Sinus polypectomy or during the course of a nasal endoscopic procedure. For Tumors) a patient with gross residual disease who has had a nasal endoscopic Tumors of the paranasal sinuses are rare, and patients are often surgical procedure, the preferred treatment is complete surgical asymptomatic until late in the course of their disease. This procedure often entails an anterior maxillary sinus are more common than those of the ethmoid sinus or craniofacial resection to remove the cribriform plate and to ensure clear nasal cavity. Most patients with ethmoid sinus cancer present after having had an incomplete resection. The treatment goal is cure for been used to treat patients with esthesioneuroblastomas; systemic 454 patients with newly diagnosed but unresectable disease (see comments therapy has also been incorporated into the local/regional treatment. For the recurrent disease group, the goal is cure (if because recurrence can even occur after 15 years. For patients with metastatic disease, the goal is palliation or prolongation of life. Combination regimens recommended by the recommended for T4b, any N, although this is a category 2B 466 panel for recurrent, unresectable, or metastatic disease are as follows: recommendation for patients with T3-4a, N0 disease. This newer taxane-based regimen has impressive overall Head and Neck Radiation Therapy in this Discussion).

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There is typically a delay of 20 years or more between radiation exposure and the development of thyroid cancer. The risks are substantially greater for those patients living nearby the test sites for many years. Fortunately these cancers will likely be of the well differentiated type which have an excellent prognosis; the vast majority of these can be cured. There is no evidence that children are at increased risk of developing thyroid cancer, the small increase risk appears to be limited to those that were directly exposed in the past. Despite these increased risks, thyroid cancer is still relatively uncommon and usually curable. Symptoms and Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules Most thyroid nodules cause no symptoms at all. Nodules are usually found by patients who feel a lump in their throat or see it in the mirror. Occasionally, a family member, friend or physician will notice a strange lump in the neck of someone with a thyroid nodule. Occasionally, nodules may cause pain, and even rarer still are those patients who complain of difficulty swallowing when a nodule is large enough and positioned in such a way that it impedes the normal passage of food through the esophagus (which lies behind the trachea and thyroid). After an appropriate work-up, if any of the above questions are answered "yes", then medical or surgical treatment is required. However, most thyroid nodules will yield an answer of "no" to all of the above questions. In this most common situation, there is a small to moderate sized nodule that is simply an overgrowth of "normal" thyroid tissue, or even a sign that there is too little hormone being produced. Patients with a diffusely enlarged thyroid (called a goiter) will present with what is perceived at first to be a nodule, but later found to be only one of many benign enlarged growths within the thyroid. A nodule which is over-producing thyroid hormone will show up darker and is called "hot". Also, that 85% of cold nodules are benign, 90% of warm nodules are benign, and 95% of hot nodules are benign. Although thyroid scanning can give a probability that a nodule is benign or malignant, it cannot truly differentiate benign or malignant nodules and usually should not be used as the only basis for recommending treatment of the nodule, including thyroid surgery. The ultrasound test is quick, accurate, cheap, painless, and completely safe, and thus is routinely performed. This test usually takes only about 10 minutes and the results can be known almost immediately. The sound waves are emitted from a small hand-held transducer that is passed over the thyroid. This test will usually determine if a nodule has a low chance of being cancer (has characteristics of a benign nodule), or that it has some characteristics of a cancerous nodule and therefore should be biopsied. While the ultrasound alone cannot differentiate between benign or cancerous nodules, but generally benign nodules will have the following characteristics. Lots of nodules throughout the thyroid (almost always a benign multi-nodular goiter). In this test, a very small needle is passed into the nodule and some cells are aspirated. The cells are placed on a microscope slide, stained, and examined by a pathologist. Nondiagnostic indicates that there are an insufficient number of thyroid cells in the aspirate and no diagnosis is possible. A nondiagnostic aspirate should be repeated, as a diagnostic aspirate will be obtained approximately 50% of the time when the aspirate is repeated. Overall, five to 10% of biopsies are nondiagnostic, and the patient should then undergo either an ultrasound or a thyroid scan for further evaluation. Since benign follicular adenomas cannot be differentiated from follicular cancer (~12% of all thyroid cancers) these patients often end up needing a formal surgical biopsy, which usually entails removal of the thyroid lobe which harbors the nodule. Twenty five percent of suspicious lesions are found to be malignant when these patients undergo thyroid surgery. Therefore, surgery is recommended for the treatment of thyroid nodules from which a suspicious aspiration has been obtained.

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In their analyses, the fibular free flap 126 Clinical and Experimental Otorhinolaryngology Vol. Advantages and disadvantages of the osteocutaneous free my on the lateral mandible. They demonstrated that reconstruc faps for mandibular reconstruction tion with a fibula free flap did not offer obvious further benefit Parameter Fibula Radial forearm Iliac crest Scapula on quality of life compared to bridging plates. The authors con Bone length (cm) Up to 25 Up to 12 Up to 15 Up to 20 cluded that plate reconstruction with sufficient soft tissue re Skin paddle 2 1 1 2 mains a suitable technique for the reconstruction of segmental Pedicle length Short Very long Short Long defects of the lateral mandible, unless dental rehabilitation using Dental restoration Possible Impossible Best Limited implants would be expected in the fibula free flap. They also matrices, osteogenic cells, and osteoinductive and angioinduc showed a trend towards better quality of life and depression al tive growth factors [272]. Studies evaluating the efficacy and va leviation in the fibula free flap group; however, these findings lidity of these new tissue engineering technologies are currently did not reach statistical significance because of heterogeneity in ongoing. To overcome this problem, com resection and reconstruction with the free fibula flap demon puter-aided surgery was introduced in the late 2000s, and has strated that most patients reported satisfaction with their overall been applied to the reconstruction of segmental mandibular de quality of life. This technique spected the plate survival and factors influencing the occurrence can surmount a number of trial-and-error issues which may of complications, and reported a 5-year plate survival rate with happen in the surgical field and may also reduce operating time. They concluded that the use of bridging plates may be an perfecting procedures such as those for the alignment of the option for lateral mandibular reconstruction in cases without folded angle of the reconstruction plate. Relatively short mandibular defects with tates the performance of these tasks using a stereolithographic sufficient vascularity could possibly be treated with particulate model, this method significantly lowers ischemic and operating cancellous bone marrow combined with a titanium mesh time. Furthermore, the stereolithographic model-assisted recon lar ridge with good oral membrane. However, this is in sharp struction is also useful in the rebuilding of the mandibular con contrast to the use of alloplastic supports of nonvascularized dyle with a fibular free flap with satisfactory esthetical and func cancellous bone grafts wrapped in pedicled musculocutaneous tional outcomes [275]. Guidelines for Surgical Management of Oral Cancer 127 Additionally, recipient vessels, pedicle length, oral alignment neck cancer should include visits every 4 to 6 weeks during the and overlying dermal amount, location and type of perforating first 2 years, every 3 months during year 3, twice yearly in year vessels supplying the osteocutaneous fibula flap skin paddle, 4 and 5, and then once every year [287]. Many stud are required to undergo surgery within a maximum of 3 weeks ies have revealed that the follow-up protocol should be planned [274]. Tests during the follow-up period How can we postoperatively follow-up patients with oral cancer? The survey of quality of life, nutritional status, speech and swallowing function, dental status, and investigation of compli cations after treatment including thyroid function, smoking and the first step of the follow-up protocol in patients with oral can alcohol consumption habits, etc. There are several reasons to regard posttreatment follow potential symptoms and signs of recurrence. Tobacco smoking up in patients with oral cancer as important, including the early and alcohol cessation programs should also be included in these identification of locoregional recurrence, monitoring and man education sessions [278,289,290]. During the follow-up period, agement of complications, optimization of rehabilitation, en physical examination including laryngoscope or fiberscope ex couraging cessation of smoking and excessive alcohol consump amination should be conducted for oral cavity inspection, and tion, providing emotional support to patients and their families, the palpation of the primary site and the neck including cervical and patient counseling and education. If for advanced oral cancer can be used for comparing with subse there is no evidence of recurrence, the frequency of visits may quent images for the early detection of abnormalities [291]. Pa be reduced later and follow-up measures should be completed tients with oral cancer require careful follow-up including thor by year 5. Patients with advanced stage of disease or specific tu ough clinical examinations and imaging studies at 3 to 4-month mors, those who require continuous special rehabilitation, and intervals for a period of 2 years after definitive treatment. The European Journal of Surgical Oncology rec the advantage of allowing for a systemic evaluation; a sensitivity ommends that the follow-up schedule in patients with head and of up to 93% has been reported for this technique, for detecting 128 Clinical and Experimental Otorhinolaryngology Vol. Thyroid function is evaluated diagnosing distant metastasis in cancer patients [292,293]. Although the optimal follow-up strategy after sur Therefore, regular thyroid function tests are recommended in gical treatment still remains under debate, a careful clinical ex patients with oral cancer, especially in those treated with radia amination should be performed, if the results are positive, fol tion therapy. Rehabilitation at 3 months after the completion of therapy; the primary and What are the appropriate rehabilitation and supportive ther neck disease should be assessed to evaluate treatment response apy options after anticancer treatment? Speech therapy and swallowing rehabilitation mor markers and gene expression profiling are known to be less sensitive and have low cost-effectiveness, are thus not recom Recommendation 30 mended as useful markers for the follow-up of oral cancer (A) Swallowing evaluation and rehabilitation should be of [302,303]. Thyroid function evaluation therapy, within 3 months posttreatment (strong recom mendation, moderate-quality evidence). Even with advancements low-up thyroid function for 10 years (weak recommenda in medicine, surgical techniques, and technologies such as inten tion, low-quality evidence). Psycho in the head and neck area were prone to hypothyroidism result social factors including depression, cognitive dysfunction, defi ing in biochemical injury. Previous reports revealed that 10% to ciency of caregiver support, and sensory changes, may also re 70% of patients suffer from thyroid dysfunction after head and late to poor oral intake in oral cancer survivors.

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The original sample contains samples on approximately 2/3 of the residents of Olmsted County aged 50 or greater. Usage data(flchain) Format A data frame with 7874 persons containing the following variables. Later work suggested that one component of immunoglobulin production, the serum free light chain, might be a possible marker for immune disregulation. Patients were recruited when they came to the clinic for other appointments, with a? An interesting side question is whether there are differences between early, mid, and late recruits. Source the primary investigator (A Dispenzieri) and statistician (T Therneau) for the study. Use of monclonal serum immunoglobulin free light chains to predict overall survival in the general population, Mayo Clinic Proceedings 87:512-523. If the total number of levels of x is larger than this value, then a sparse matrix approximation is used. The correct cutoff is still a matter of exploration: if the number of levels is very large (thousands) then the non-sparse calculation may not be feasible in terms of both memory and compute time. Likewise, the accuracy of the sparse approximation appears to be related to the maximum proportion of subjects in any one class, being best when no one class has a large membership. The df selects the variance such that the degrees of freedom for the random effect matches a user speci? Details the frailty plugs into the general penalized modeling framework provided by the coxph and survreg routines. This framework deals with likelihood, penalties, and degrees of freedom; these aspects work well with either parent routine. Therneau, Grambsch, and Pankratz show how maximum likelihood estimation for the Cox model with a gamma frailty can be accomplished using a general penalized routine, and Ripatti and Palm gren work through a similar argument for the Cox model with a gaussian frailty. The strength of this is that a user can plug in any penalization routine they choose. References S Ripatti and J Palmgren, Estimation of multivariate frailty models using penalized partial likeli hood, Biometrics, 56:1016-1022, 2000. See Also coxph, survreg Examples # Random institutional effect coxph(Surv(time, status) ~ age + frailty(inst, df=4), lung) # Litter effects for the rats data rfit2a < survreg(Surv(time, status) ~ rx + frailty. Details Rate tables are used by the pyears and survexp functions, and normally contain death rates for some population, categorized by age, sex, or other variables. They have a fairly rigid structure, and the verbose option can help in creating a new rate table. Catheters may be removed for reasons other than infection, in which case the observation is censored. This data has often been used to illustrate the use of random effects (frailty) in a survival model. However, one of the males (id 21) is a large outlier, with much longer survival than his peers. Surv Return the states of a multi-state Surv object Description For a multi-state Surv object, this will return the names of the states. The default is a step function for survfit objects, and a connected line for survexp objects. For ex ample fun=log is an alternative way to draw a log-survival curve (but with the axis labeled with log(S) values). The second causes the standard inter vals curve +-k *se(curve), where k is determined from conf. The log option calculates intervals based on the cumulative hazard or log(survival). The log-log option bases the intervals on the log hazard or log(-log(survival)), and the logit option on log(survival/(1-survival)). Details When the survfit function creates a multi-state survival curve the resulting object has class surv-? The only difference in the plots is that that it defaults to a curve that goes from lower left to upper right (starting at 0), where survival curves default to starting at 1 and going down. Examples fit < survfit(Surv(time, status==2) ~ sex, pbc,subset=1:312) plot(fit, mark.

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It is metabolized in the liver, Phenytoin was also shown to selectively enhance the and its serum levels are influenced by liver disease cytotoxicity of microtubule inhibitors, such as Vinca (metastatic or noncancer related) as well as by its alkaloids; this activity is presently under investigation multiple drug interactions (DeMonaco and Lawless, for potential clinical use (Ganapathi et al. Dex amethasone, commonly used in patients with primary Carbamazepine (Tegretol) and metastatic brain tumors as well as an adjuvant antiemetic in patients receiving chemotherapy, has Carbamazepine and its newer derivative oxcar been demonstrated to lower phenytoin levels (Gattis bazepine (Trileptal) is the anticonvulsant of choice and May, 1996; Lackner, 1991). Platinum-containing for patients with complex partial seizures, and it is chemotherapy regimens have been reported to de used as a second-line antiepileptic drug for patients crease phenytoin levels to as low as 25% of the ini with generalized seizures who either did not have ad tial therapeutic level, with return to baseline after equate seizure control with phenytoin or developed discontinuation of chemotherapy. When administered together chemotherapeutic agent related to disulfiram, can with phenytoin, carbamazepine decreases the pheny increase the level of phenytoin. It can only be administered orally or increase the risk of procarbazine hypersensitivity re through a gastrostomy tube and therefore cannot be actions (Lehmann et al. The main difficulty with needs to be adjusted and the levels monitored closely using carbamazepine in cancer patients is its myelo in those patients receiving chemotherapy to avoid un toxic effect, which causes neutropenia, lymphopenia, der dosing and toxic effects (Neef and de Voogd-van and aplastic anemia (Silverman and Chapron, 1995). Furthermore, carbamazepine may thus decrease the efficacy of chemotherapeutic levels are decreased by chemotherapeutic drugs such agents such as busulfan, paclitaxel, topotecan and re as platinum (Jain, 1993). Because of decreased allergic reactions, including Stevens-Johnson syn protein binding and increased free plasma drug lev drome. Valproic Acid Both total and free phenytoin levels should be monitored in patients who have impaired renal func Valproic acid and its derivative divalproex sodium tion because phenytoin excretion may be impaired. The drugs are ad phenytoin when subtherapeutic levels of the drug are ministered orally and are metabolized in the liver. Phenytoin can cause al proate can either decrease or increase phenytoin lev lergic reactions, usually a cutaneous rash. Methotrexate has been reported to cause an acute actions, including Stevens-Johnson syndrome, have decline in the level of serum valproate (Schroeder been described in patients being weaned from corti and Ostergaard, 1994). Phenytoin and other Phenobarbital enzyme inducers were reported to have a protective effect in patients receiving busulfan, reducing its neu Phenobarbital remains the drug of choice for con rotoxicity and myelotoxicity. Its main side effect vulsants and as adjuncts for better seizure control by is somnolence, although some patients experience patients who fail anticonvulsant monotherapy. Examination should be is not much experience with their use by cancer pa aimed at identifying and treating all of its possible tients. The treatment of seizures in cancer patients fects than conventional antiepileptic drugs, but there must be individualized, and metabolic factors and have been no studies to evaluate its interactions, if drug interactions must be taken into consideration any, with chemotherapeutic agents. Syncope is defined as a sudden transient loss of con sciousness and postural tone with spontaneous re Lamotrigine (Lamictal) covery. The frequency of syncope in cancer patients Lamotrigine is a new, structurally unique, anticon is not well documented. Presyncope, with premoni vulsant that acts on voltage-dependent sodium chan tory symptoms but without loss of consciousness nels, resulting in decreased release of excitatory neu (?faint feeling), is probably even more common rotransmitters. Syncope occurs because seizures but can cause severe dermatologic side ef of a transient interruption of cerebral blood flow. It has known interactions with Common presyncopal symptoms are dizziness, light other anticonvulsants, but to date there are no re headedness, palpitations, diaphoresis, and, occa ports of interactions with chemotherapeutic drugs. Lamotrigine is a dehydrofolate reductase inhibitor and should not be used by patients treated with Etiology methotrexate and other antimetabolites. As in the case of seizures, sev Topiramate (Topamax) eral etiologic factors may contribute to syncope in Topiramate is another new anticonvulsant used as ad cancer patients, the most common being orthostatic junctive therapy for partial seizures. Other causes are drugs, vasovagal reac nificant drug interactions, and its main side effect is tions, and cerebrovascular disease (Kapoor, 1991, psychomotor slowing. It has no significant drug inter occurs in those who become dehydrated from eme actions, and it can be safely used with enzyme sis caused by chemotherapy. Rarely, it may cause anemia and mia often present with syncope or presyncope caused thrombocytopenia. These new drugs can be used by by insufficient oxygenation of the brain rather than patients with known allergy to the first-line anticon from volume depletion. Chemotherapeutic agents such as rotoxic effects of chemotherapeutic drugs such as flu cisplatin and Vinca alkaloids cause a peripheral neu orouracil (Hook et al. The heart rate does not Biologic response modifiers and colony-stimulating increase significantly with the drop in blood pressure factors also cause hypotension with syncope or near in patients who have this condition. Another common cause of orthostatic hypotension in cancer patients is related to drugs such as diuret Hypoglycemia ics and antidepressants.

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Importantly, the ma hold solid fuel use as an important mass and coal smoke is a risk factor jority of the burden is now from non global health risk, especially among for childhood pneumonia, chronic communicable diseases. Evidence is also emerging the large disease burden in cancers, caused by emissions from for effects on tuberculosis, low birth poor communities and households indoor combustion. Responses received are sum Mammography is used to detect ear occult blood testing is in use for early marized in Table 6. The availabil Disease Country Capacity Survey, the percentage of countries with ity of cervical cytology and breast responses from those with prior data cancer registries, regardless of cancer screening by palpation from a 2010 study were assessed their type, remained largely un was steady across all countries. The situations concerning avail the design of the survey allowed the ability of radiotherapy and chemo assessment of key areas of cancer therapy for cancer treatment in the control to inform a global rating, public health sector, as well as the but without any details about, for 544 tional particularities of health-care policy have a specifc budget that organized cervical cancer screen systems and their organizational would allow the necessary organi ing will have a major impact on the structures. The majority of countries language barriers with regard to the there is defnitive knowledge about reported the existence of a national defnitions of technical terms and the behavioural aspects of cancer policy, strategy, or action plan to ad their meaning. Every country very clear in reporting major dis delivery systems in most countries will have to determine national priori crepancies between the endorse in the low and lower-middle income ties for cancer control in the context ment of a formal government policy groups. In only two thirds of all respond most of these countries, increasing ing countries did a cancer plan or access to early detection through References 1. Global Status Report on Websites Capacity for the Prevention and Control Noncommunicable Diseases 2010. The health-care Patients with early-stage neoplasia, control cancer occurrence, including cost of these diseases created a including severe squamous dyspla neonatal vaccination against hepa severe economic burden on many sia, carcinoma in situ, and intramu titis B virus, programmes promoting individuals and on society, and be cosal carcinoma, can receive early better nutrition, and targeted pro came a major cause of poverty or treatments in a timely manner. The Chinese gov optimize techniques for this plan, the the China National Central ernment places great importance on national programme frst chose eight Cancer Registry has also improved cancer control and carries out ac high-incidence areas as demon the national cancer registry sys tive preventive strategies and cancer stration sites and screened about tem, and since 2008 has reported control projects in collaboration with 13 000 high-risk adults each year. In 2012, there were 222 cancer registry sites, covering 200 million In 2005, China initiated a nation 88 high-incidence areas in 26 prov people nationwide. National Disease Monitoring er cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, 2006 to 2012, 412 641 adults from System 2010: Data Set of Death Causes. Diseases Prevention and Control Bureau national screening programme for diagnosed with severe precancer of Ministry of Health, Cancer Foundation of cervical cancer and breast cancer ous lesions or early-stage cancer China, Committee of Experts of the Cancer in rural areas. Most of these patients received Early Detection and Early Treatment Project (2012). Cazap (reviewer) Nobuo Koinuma (reviewer) diagnosis and treatment, pallia For particular malignancies, Summary tive care, and society building. The experience in high personnel and diagnostic facili All people, including those in income countries has dem ties, has led to the initiation of a low and middle-income countries, onstrated that cancer control more robust cancer control plan, are entitled to means of cancer cannot succeed without well which in turn tends to further prevention and appropriate care functioning and fexible health strengthen the health system. The country has im is established, the availability of this Report, the pattern of disease plemented a successful comprehensive treatment services indicates the has shifted so that an increasing cancer control plan. Despite the crowded conditions, these children are among those fortunate affordable access to cancer care enough to receive treatment. This imperative has been given new em phasis after the resolution approved by all United Nations Member States in September 2011 on the preven tion and control of noncommunica ble diseases. If there is a pros countries has demonstrated that other noncommunicable diseases. Treatment: an essential core of professionals who may then Among other services, pathology element of cancer control campaign for a higher national prior services to provide accurate diag As a growing number of cancer pa ity to be accorded to comprehensive nosis and staging of cancers and tients seek relief from pain and suf cancer control. However, and are not relevant to millions of result of effective national cancer emerging evidence from many de new cancer patients diagnosed in control plans, which have led to bet veloping countries establishes that the interim, specifcally in developing ter public education and community availability of treatment services can 548 Box 6. The tech aspect of investment in health-care radiotherapy treatment is most ef nology has evolved radically since systems to treat cancer. Low and fective when it is linked to a com the 1950s, and today knowledge of middle-income countries have far prehensive national cancer control radiation medicine and the avail to advance if their patients are to ability of relevant technology are programme. With proper planning and ap demonstrated in several countries, the technical capacity to initiate or propriate strategies, and availability radiotherapy can serve as an anchor manage the national cancer control of trained professionals, developing to develop self-sustaining national plan and to deliver certain services. For most agnostic and treatment modalities initial radiotherapy capacity to add low and middle-income countries, should be developed? The dilemma for policy-makers and health authori chemotherapy and other essential a combination of these two ap capacity, including imaging, pathol proaches is more likely to succeed ties in developing countries is often to ogy, and surgery. Experience in many developing mediately appreciate the severity the development of radiotherapy countries indicates that cancer of the cancer burden. The building on their areas of expertise operation of this cancer centre is helping Ghana to expand its cancer infrastructure and to create a more coordinated and ro capacity in three regions of the country within the scope of its national cancer control plan. The direc emphasis is placed on providing most of which have been successful tors of such national cancer centres assistance within a broad, multidis in using their existing radiotherapy in more than 40 low and middle ciplinary cancer capacity building programmes to embark on develop income countries have prompted programme that complements and ing cancer control strategies. As part of implementation of the To ensure further progress and es of implementation, having started national cancer control plan, with funding at different baselines.

Chromosome 21, monosomy 21q22

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The need to talk about feelings, fears, appreciation, and information remains after cancer treatment ends. By sharing feelings and information, you can stay connected and be better able to make decisions. Keep in contact with people who have been close to you, and who let you be honest about your feelings. The staff you met during treatment will be aware of the diffculties parents and young people face at the end of treatment. When these groups are not available, there may be more general cancer support groups in your area. The organizations listed at the end of this section will also guide you to what counseling services are available in your area. Your primary health care provider may also be able to provide support, advice and guidance. Anniversaries of the time of diagnosis or fnishing treatment can be very emotional, and for many parents, create feelings of both sadness and joy. In time, many parents fnd that they can reach a balance between being thankful that their child is free from cancer and the sadness over the inevitable losses the experience has brought. Some families will have to come to terms with many such losses, particularly when children have lasting effects from the cancer treatment. One Year Off Treatment and Beyond the one year off therapy anniversary is a signifcant time for many families. Blood counts and immune system have recovered, and hair has returned if it is going to. For many children, there is no longer any physical evidence of cancer treatment, but for others the lasting effects of cancer treatment may now be apparent. The focus of clinic visits during the second year after treatment ends will be slightly different. The health care team will continue to monitor your child, but the intervals between visits lengthen. The health care team will also concentrate on restoring your child to a state of good health. As your child grows up, the amount of information that they need about their illness and its treatment increases. It can be tempting to try to protect your child from the anxiety you feel by not sharing more information about the illness. Many children will learn about their illness from comments made by older brothers and sisters, relatives, or friends. Finding out about the illness in this way can mean that they only have part of the story. Fears can be increased if a child cannot talk with a parent about their feelings, concerns, and questions. By talking openly to your child, you are inviting them to share their thoughts about the illness openly too. This will give you a chance to correct any misunderstanding and give your child reassurance. Open communication with a parent allows a child to understand why they still need to come to clinic for appointments even when they are well. For some children, intellectual development may be affected by reduced energy levels during treatment and prolonged absences from school. Treatment to manage or prevent disease in the brain may affect memory and learning abilities. Children who had treatment for a brain tumor are more likely to receive treatments that may affect learning and memory. If your child received this type of treatment, let the teacher, principal, and school counselor know. Some parents and teachers report that children who received therapy to the central nervous system may have diffculty concentrating. The brain is a very complex structure that continues to grow and develop throughout childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. Neuropsychological testing may help identify learning weaknesses and strengths and help the school give your child extra support so that they can reach their full educational potential. The effects of childhood cancer and treatment on appetite and physical activity are different for each child.