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By: Douglas Slain, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, FASHP

  • Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, West Virginia University School of Pharmacy
  • Infectious Diseases Clinical Specialist, West Virginia University Medicine, Morgantown, West Virginia


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In women unaffected by McArdle’s, women with K153R mutation have lower muscle strength than those without the mutation. The R577X mutation introduces a premature stop codon which results in an absence of α-actinin-3. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor coactivator 1 α is involved in regulating the expression/production of proteins involved in generating energy within the cell. As a missense mutation (G482S) had been shown to improve human aerobic capacity in people unaffected by McArdle’s, Rubio et al. The results did not show that this gene had any effect on severity of McArdle’s symptoms, but they did not separate the data for men and women. Other McArdle people have pain caused by exercise, or occasionally muscle pain after exercise if some muscle damage has occurred. They asked many questions to determine whether the McArdle people only had pain caused by exercise, or whether they had permanent pain. There was only one man with permanent pain, so they used the women to compare those with permanent pain with those with exercise-induced pain. For the women with permanent pain, the pain had a greater impact on the daily life, work, and social activity. In contrast, where women principally had exercise-induced pain, their McArdle’s symptoms had much less effect upon their daily life, work, and social activity. They found that those with permanent pain felt more fatigue, and tried harder to avoid pain. However, “differences regarding depression and pain related help-hopelessness were not significant”. On the other hand, women who had permanent pain seemed to feel that the pain was greater, and worry about it. It is not obvious whether there was an original difference between the women who had exercise-induced pain or permanent pain, or whether the difference was due to differences in attitude and different methods of coping with pain. I inferred from the report that women who had exercise-induced pain found that it had less effect upon their lifestyle than those who had permanent pain. Women with permanent pain found that it had a greater effect upon their general activity, and caused sleep disturbance and fatigue. The authors suggest that regular moderate exercise may be a better way to cope with the symptoms of McArdle’s than avoiding exercise. The authors do point out that this study was limited by the small number of participants (24 McArdle people), and a larger scale study would generate more useful information. The authors suggest that “Further studies should also address the question if these subgroups [people with permanent pain versus people with exercise-induced pain] respond differently to therapeutic strategies like glucose substitution, pain medication or regular moderate aerobic exercise”. The results of this study did not show any of these genes had any effect on severity of symptoms, but unfortunately, the authors did not separate the data for men and women to see if gender had any affect on the effects of the different genes. In addition, the few adult patients in whom respiratory muscles have been shown to be affected have all been women” (Lucia et al. They suggested that the effects of these second mutations, and therefore the high frequency of diagnosing double trouble may be because the first muscle disease lowers the threshold for manifestation of the symptoms. There is a report of an infant girl born to consanguineous Moroccan parents, who died at 5 months of age. The boy had started to have difficult with exercise like walking upstairs from the age of 14. His muscle weakness was much more severe than that usually seen in McArdle people. The authors said this “points to the need to search for other diseases in the presence of any unusual clinical manifestation. Pillarisetti and Ahmed (2007) described a McArdle person who had both bulimia and sickle cell trait (by sickle cell trait the authors meant that the person was heterozygous for sickle cell anaemia). The authors said that bulimia could make rhabdomyolysis more likely because bulimia could cause electrolyte changes in the body like hypokalemia and hypophosphatemia which could also precipitate rhabdomyolysis. The authors also say that both sickle cell trait and bulimia are known to make people (unaffected by McArdle’s) more likely to have rhabdomyolysis. Epileptic seizures caused the muscles to cramp up, spasm, and produced rhabdomyolysis. Salmon and Turner (1965) also reported a McArdle’s boy aged 16 who was diagnosed with McArdle’s after a grand mal epilepsy convulsion led to rhabdomyolysis. This research suggests that a second disease may explain why symptoms are occasionally seen in carriers of McArdle disease.

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Recommendations are made to maximize protection and minimize risk by providing specifc advice on dose, route, and timing and by identifying precautions or contrain dications to immunization. Common vaccine adverse events usually are mild to moderate in severity (eg, fever or injection site reactions, such as swelling, redness, and pain) and have no permanent sequelae. The occurrence of an adverse event following immunization does not mean that the vaccine caused the symptoms or signs. Because chance temporal association of an adverse event to the timing of administration of a specifc vaccine can occur, a true causal associa tion usually requires that the event occur at a signifcantly higher rate in vaccine recipients than in unimmunized groups of similar age and residence or that the event may have been reported earlier in prelicensure or postlicensure epidemiologic studies. Although extremely rare, recovery of a vaccine virus from an ill child with compatible symptoms may provide support for a causal link with a live-virus vaccine (eg, rotavirus vaccine associated diarrhea in a patient with severe combined immunodefciency). Clustering in time of unusual adverse events following immunizations or the recurrence of the adverse event with subsequent dose of the same vaccine (eg, rare but well-documented instances of recurrent Guillain-Barré syndrome after administration of tetanus toxoid-containing vaccines) also suggest a causal relationship. Health care profes sionals are mandated by law to report serious adverse events (those that are reported as fatal, disabling, life-threatening, requiring hospital admission, prolonging a hospital stay, potentially resulting in a congenital anomaly, or requiring medical intervention to prevent such an outcome). This committee was com posed of people with expertise in pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, immunology, immunotoxicology, neurobiology, rheumatology, epidemiology, biostatistics, and law. Category 2: Evidence favors acceptance of a vaccine-adverse event relationship (evidence is strong and generally suggestive but not frm enough to be described as convincing). Category 4: Evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship for the vast majority (135 vaccine-adverse event pairs). The project began in 2000 with formation of a steering committee and creation of work groups, composed of international volunteers with expertise in vaccine safety, patient care, pharmaceuticals, regulatory affairs, public health, and vaccine delivery. The guidelines for collecting, analyzing, and presenting safety data developed by the collaboration will facilitate sharing and comparison of vaccine data among vaccine safety professionals worldwide. Additional informa tion, including current defnitions and updates of progress, can be found online brightoncollaboration. As of January 2012, a total of 25 case defnitions have been completed, and all defnitions can be accessed online. Reporting of Adverse Events Before administering a dose of any vaccine, health care professionals should ask parents and patients if they have experienced adverse events following immunization with previ ous doses. Although extensive safety testing is required before vaccine licensure, these prelicensure studies may not be large enough to detect rare adverse events or determine the rate of adverse events previously linked with the vaccine. If unexpected adverse events are reported, a more comprehensive evaluation of possible causation is pursued. Reports may be submitted by anyone who considers that an adverse event occurred after immunization. Submission of a report does not necessarily indicate that the vaccine caused the adverse event. Written notifcation that the report has been received is provided to the person submitting the form or the electronic report. In addition to adverse events, vaccine failures (disease in an immunized person who received one or more doses of vaccine) and vaccine administration errors may be reported. Reports are coded as serious when at least one of the following outcomes results: death, hospitalization, prolongation of hospitalization, life-threatening illness, disability, or congenital anomaly. Responsible Relation VaccineProvider Patient/Parent Physician to Patient Manufacturer Other Address Facility Name/Address Address (ifdifferentfrompatientorprovider) City State Zip City State Zip City State Zip Telephoneno. Checkallappropriate: Patientdied (date mm dd yy) Lifethreateningillness Requiredemergencyroom/doctorvisit Requiredhospitalization( days) Resultedinprolongationofhospitalization Resultedinpermanentdisability Noneoftheabove 9. Data from the study popula tion can be monitored for potential adverse events resulting from immunization. The network conducts research on clinically sig nifcant adverse events following immunization through identifcation of specifc cases through its consultative service and creation of standardized protocols for evaluation of specifc events. Claims must be fled within 36 months after the frst symptom appeared after immunization, and death claims must be fled within 24 months of the death and within 48 months after onset of the vaccine related injury from which death occurred. Legal fees are paid by the program regardless of the outcome of the case, provided that the claim is fled in good faith. Experience to date has shown that the program has decreased the number of lawsuits against health care professionals and vaccine manufacturers and has assisted establishing a stable vaccine sup ply and marketplace while ensuring access to compensation for vaccine-associated injury and death.

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Tibolone 200, 201 Tibolone is a steroid, related to the 19-nortestosterone family, that is effective for the treatment of bone and hot flushes in a dose of 2. Tibolone is metabolized into 3 steroid isomers with varying estrogenic, progestogenic, and androgenic properties. The metabolites differ in their activities and dominance 202 according to the target tissue. Thus, tibolone provides estrogenic effects on bone and hot flushing, but it induces atrophy of the endometrium. In the endometrium, tibolone is converted locally (by endometrial 3 b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/isomerase) to its D 204 progestational isomer; hence, tibolone exerts a progestational effect on the endometrium. Tibolone has an estrogenic effect on the vagina, and women report 205 improvements in the symptoms of vaginal dryness and dyspareunia, and an increase in sexual enjoyment and libido. In a 2-year study, the unfavorable effect on lipoproteins was accompanied by beneficial changes in coagulation factors consistent with enhanced 207 fibrinolysis and unchanged coagulation. Because tibolone inhibits breast cell proliferation in vitro, it is possible that future studies will indicate that tibolone offers some protection against breast cancer. Tibolone also has a beneficial impact in short-term studies on insulin resistance in normal women and in 208, 209 women with noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Some of the herbs that contain estrogen-like compounds include ginseng, agnus castus, red sage, black cohosh, and beth root. The dosage and purity of herbal preparations are unknown, and most importantly, there are no substantial studies documenting 210, 211 either harmful or beneficial effects. A rigorous evaluation of one popular herb, dong quai, could detect no 212 effects on vaginal maturation or menopausal symptoms, especially hot flushing. We believe it is appropriate to inform a patient that when she uses preparations lacking in data regarding safety and efficacy, she is experimenting with her own body. Of course, every patient has the right to do so, but we have the obligation to provide this admonishment. Phytoestrogens 213, 214 Phytoestrogens are classified into 3 groups: isoflavones, coumestans, and lignans. They are present in many plants, especially legumes, and bind to the estrogen receptor. Soybeans, a rich source of phytoestrogens, contain isoflavones, the most common form of phytoestrogens, mainly genistein and daidzein, and a little glycitein. These phytoestrogens are characterized by mixed estrogenic and antiestrogenic actions, depending on the target tissue. Variations in activity may also 215 be due to the fact that the soy phytoestrogens have a greater affinity for the estrogen receptor-beta compared with estrogen receptor-alpha. Estradiol and soy protein produce comparable metabolic changes in the monkey, including favorable lipid changes, improved carbohydrate metabolism, and a decrease in central, 216 214 android abdominal fat. The soybean phytoestrogens do not maintain bone density in the monkey, 217, 218, 219, 220 and but do have favorable effects on atherosclerosis and vasomotor responses, although the effect on atherosclerosis is not as robust as that of estrogen. The daily intake of dietary soy reduces the number of hot flushes in postmenopausal women, although there is significant variability in response, and efficacy appears 223 to be less than that of estrogen. In women, soy consumption produces a reduction in the circulating levels of estradiol, and it is suggested that the replacement of 224 potent estradiol with target specific phytoestrogens may be beneficial. In the parts of the world where soy intake is high, there is a lower incidence of breast, 225 endometrial, and prostate cancers. For example, a case-control study concluded that there was a 54% reduced risk of endometrial cancer, and another 226, 227 case-control study indicated a reduction in the risk of breast cancer, in women with a high consumption of soy and other legumes. It is by no means certain, 228 however, that there is a direct effect of soy intake. Indeed, a study of the impact of administered soy protein on breast secretions in premenopausal and 229 postmenopausal women revealed increased breast secretions with the appearance of hyperplastic epithelial cells. It will require appropriate clinical trials to determine how phytoestrogens compare to estrogens, and the efficacy, safety, and correct dosage (studies thus far recommend a daily intake of 60 g soy protein). In addition, the intake of sufficient soy to produce a clinical response is not easy, handicapped by gastrointestinal symptoms, a major alteration in diet or the use of an unpalatable supplement, and great variability in plant contents and products (due to processing).

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If evidence exists of ongoing HaemophilusinfuenzaeFrequentlyAskedQuestions/ transmission within the school exclusion of pupils until the spots have gone may be necessary. The type of louse which affects the head is particularly common and anyone can catch hepatitis) them. Lice spread by direct head-to-head contact this is usually a mild illness, particularly in children, with an infected person and therefore tend to be more caused by a virus, which infects the liver. The incubation common in children as their play activities facilitate this period is between two-six weeks. Live lice are transmitted when the lice fever, loss of appetite, nausea, stomach ache and after are alive on a person’s head. Lice cannot live away from a few days, jaundice (a yellowing of the eyes and skin) a human host; most die within 3 days. The female lice lay eggs which glue to the hair and only become easily visible when they have hatched An infected person is infectious for approximately one and are empty (nits). Nits remain in the hair until it falls week before the start of, and for a week or so after the out, which may take up to 2 years. However, a person can be are usually the frst signs of headlice but are due to an infected without developing any symptoms and so can be allergic reaction which can take four to eight weeks to an unknown source of infection to others. The presence of nits (empty egg casts) does not mean that active infection is Hepatitis A is spread by hands which have not present and is not an indication for treatment. There are a number of different Precautions: Scrupulous personal hygiene and hand treatment options. Research suggests that the use of washing is important to prevent spread and an adequate chemical agents is more effective than other treatment supply of liquid soap and disposable towels should be options, such as lavender, tea-tree oil, and eucalyptus. Dimeticone (Hedrin ) is a non Hepatitis A vaccine may be advised if there is evidence neurotoxic agent. Alternatively parents may wish vaccine must be given to contacts soon after they have to try mechanical removal of lice by wet combing with been exposed. Exclusion is recommended while someone is unwell, or Results depend on a correct and consistent technique until 7 days after the onset of jaundice, whichever is the and time spent wet combing. The Department of Public Health will give advice on exclusion for staff and pupils as necessary. Precautions: the best way to stop infection is for families to learn how to check for lice on a regular basis. This way Resources: Useful information on hepatitis A can be they can fnd any lice before they have a chance to breed. HepatitisA/ Regular combing of the hair with a fne-toothed comb (detection combing) should be encouraged at all times. If live lice are detected on one member of the family it is important that all other family members are checked for headlice. In school if live lice are seen on a pupil’s head the pupil’s parent(s) should be advised to inspect and treat their child for headlice. If there are several cases it may be of beneft to send a letter to all parents advising them to inspect their children’s heads and initiate treatment only if live lice are seen. People infected with the hepatitis B virus unlikely to occur now in this country as all blood is may become unwell with jaundice and fever or more carefully screened. Hepatitis B infections are most commonly spread by sexual contact with an infected person or by blood-to There is no risk to other pupils or staff from an blood contact. The virus may also be virus should not have their activities restricted, nor passed from an infected mother to her baby before or be excluded from school. Scrupulous hand the virus could be spread through the administration of hygiene should be observed after any contact with infected blood or blood products. Clothing contaminated with blood from any pupil should be placed in a plastic bag All babies born from 1st July 2008 have been offered and sent home for cleaning. Further guidance on the hepatitis B vaccine as part of their routine infant management of spillages of blood and other body fuids immunisations.

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Most of the normal joint surface has been destroyed and the joint is heavily eroded. Post-mortem damage to a joint may sometimes simulate an erosion but if the damage is recent, the colour of the damaged cortex will be lighter than the rest and this will make the cause obvious. Other destructive processes, including rodent gnawing should also present no difficulty. On X-ray, a true erosion will often have a sclerotic margin, showing that some remodelling has taken place during life; sclerosis will never be found with a pseudo-erosion or other post-mortem artefact. Note that the disease cannot be diagnosed with any certainty if the hands and/or the feet are not present. On this account, it diseases of joints, part 2 53 is certain that the true prevalence of the disease in skeletal assemblages is under estimated. Another group of the sero-negative arthropathies which share a number of features in common, including sacroiliitis and some degree of fusion of the spine, are known as the spondylarthropathies, a term first introduced by Moll and his colleagues in 1974. Clinical Radiology, 1990, 42, 258–262; F Cavain, L Punzi, M Pianon, F Oliviero, P Sfriso and S Todesco, Prevalenza dell’atrosi erosive delle mani. The changes seen radiographically are a mixture of proliferation and erosions, the erosions first appearing in the central portion of the joints. Radiograph of erosive osteoarthritis with gull-wing (small arrow head) and saw-tooth (large arrow head) lesions. The group includes ankylosing spondylitis, reactive arthropathy (Reiter’s syndrome), psoriatic arthropathy and enteropathic arthropathy. There are also other forms that fail to conform with the criteria established for definite entities and they are referred to as the undifferentiated spondyloarthritides. The sacroiliac joint are fused bilaterally and fusion extends the whole length of the spine with no skip lesions. It seems to have been described first by the Irish physician Bernard Connor (1666–1698) who gave an account of an unusual skeleton that had been found in cemetery close to where he was demonstrating anatomy in France. Connor described this case in a letter to Sir Charles Walgrave in 1695 and in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Spinal fusion is common with the formation of syndesmophytes which are ossifications in the annulus fibrosus of the intervertebral discs. If the development of syndesmophytes is extensive, the spine may take on an undulating contour which is described by the radiologists as a ‘bamboo spine’. Spinal fusion extends inexorably upwards with no normal vertebrae interspersed between those that are fused – no skip lesions, in other words – but the anterior surface of the vertebrae is relatively smooth since osteophytosis is not a prominent feature. The fusion may stop at any level or go on to involve the entire spine from top to bottom. As the disease progresses, the spine mayshowaconsiderabledegreeofkyphosis;thiswasverylikelytohavebeentheend result in the past before the course of the disease could be modified by treatment. In the thoracic region, the costovertebral joints may be involved, in which case the ribs become fused to the vertebrae, and calcification and ossification of interspinous and supraspinous ligaments is common. Extra-spinal enthesophytes are not com mon, but may be found around the calcaneum at either the insertion of the Achilles tendon posteriorly, or the plantar fascia on the inferior surface. The large joints are generally the first affected, especially the hip and the shoulder, although other joints can also be involved. The operational definition is shown in the “Operational definition for ankylosing spondylitis” box. The condition existed long before the first modern clinical descriptions of it appeared, however, and the arthritis associated with venereal disease was common in the nineteenth century and was said to have accounted for 3% of all admissions to three of the largest hospitals in London. In these, the most common precipitating event is an infection with Campylobacter, Chlamydia, Clostridium, Salmonella, Shigella or Yersinia species. It seems that once the immunological tap has been turned on, it cannot be turned off. The prevalence of ReA is not known with any precision, and different authors give different figures; it is certainly low, however, not more than 0. Nor is it clear exactly how many of those with triggering infections develop an arthritis but it might be as many as a half, although a lower figure is more likely. In the spine, fusion begins in the lower thoracic or upper lumbar region and may proceed upwards, but normal vertebrae are interspersed between the fused ones, forming so-called ‘skip’ lesions. The vertebrae are joined by osseous bridges that appear on the lateral aspects of the vertebrae in the paravertebral 58 T Hannu, R Inman, K Granfors and M Leirisalo-Repo, Reactive arthritis or post-infectious arthritis?

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This had to do with dissatisfaction with One of the biggest transformations in the frequency of sex. Wanting sex much the sexual lives of Finns in recent years has more often than actually having it had led been the robust escalation of masturbation respondents to view their sex life as not in daily life, mostly regardless of people’s particularly satisfying. Although single A general trend was that over recent people and those who live alone have decades, people masturbated much more masturbated more actively in the absence frequently regardless of how satisfied they of a partner, as would be expected, mas were with their sex life. Masturbation was turbation rates have intensified rapidly not a particular purview of those who also among people who are in various were unsatisfied with the rest of their sex types of relationships. The increase from their sex lives satisfying had engaged in eight years before was 24 percentage masturbation in the week prior. Masturbation was equally active the same figures had ballooned to two and had increased similarly among young thirds and more than one-third. Compa masturbation had become a vibrant part of rable increases had occurred among young the sexual practices of people with satisfy married men. The same level the fundamental situation was, though, of activity was found among cohabiting that men and women who were less satis men. In the space of fifteen years, the fig fied with their sex lives masturbated more ures for men had nearly doubled in all actively. People in relationships who would have the proportion of women who mas preferred to be having more sex were turbate has also grown drastically. In those cas the last eight years, masturbation grew es, masturbation to some extent func more popular among young women in all tioned as a substitute for sexual inter relationship types by approximately 15 course. In ures have doubled among young adults fact, among the oldest women, those who and tripled among middle-aged women. Even among the oldest women, relative increases particularly in terms of masturbating in the past month approximated those of other women, though the levels were lower. All of this change and the increased popularity of masturbation have blown a new sexual wind into all relationship types. It speaks of a growing eagerness to seek sexual gratification, but also of possi ble problems in finding enough satisfac tion from intercourse in relationships. In 2007, among young women and men, the percentage of respondents who practiced masturbation did not vary much by length of relationship. In other words, people did not masturbate more actively in the beginning of a relationship, com pared with relationships lasting more than ten years. Among middle-aged respond ents, however, masturbation was some what more active in relationships exceed ing six years. Among women, differences only emerged in relationships lasting past the 20-year mark, which featured less masturbation. Journal of Psy Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology chology and Human Sexuality 2:39-55. Review Elliott Anthony (2006): Sexualities: Social Theory of General Psychology 6:166-203. Bozon Michael & Osmo Kontula (1998): Sexual Garza-Mercer Felicia De la (2006): the Evolution of initiation and gender: A cross-cultural analysis Sexual Pleasure. Sexual Pleasures: Enhancement of Sex Life in Publications of the Population Research Institute, Finland, 1971 1992. Series D41, the Population Research Institute, Kontula Osmo & Elina Haavio-Mannila (1997): Family Federation of Finland: Helsinki. Heap Chad (2003): the City as a Sexual Laboratory: Kontula Osmo & Elina Haavio-Mannila (1997): the Queer Heritage of the Chicago School. Same-sex experi Kontula Osmo (2000): Cultural Variations of Sexual ence and attraction among young people in Initiation. Preston (1996): Individual differ Renaissance of Romanticism in the Era of In ences in the experience of sexual motivation: creasing Individualism. Jean Duncombe, Kaeren Harrison, Graham Hubert Michael, Nathalie Bajos & Theo Sandfort Allan & Dennis Marsden). Kontula Osmo & Meriläinen Henna (2007): Koulun Qualitative Sociology 26:4:429-456. The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexual ism and the Study of Sexuality 35:1:44-57. Annual Review of Sex Re (2004): Global Transformations and Intimate Re search, Volume 15.

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These adjustments Orthostatic Intolerance: assure continued consciousness by Each device had the challenge of Feeling Light-headed and Fainting providing oxygen to the brain or providing an appropriate exercise on Standing Upright continued ability to work, with oxygen stimulus without the benefit of gravity going to the working muscles. One of the most important changes and had a unique approach for on-orbit negatively impacting flight operations operations. Engineers and exercise Removing the effects of gravity during and crew safety is landing day physiologists worked closely together to spaceflight and restoring gravity after a orthostatic intolerance. Astronauts who develop Earth-like equipment for the period of adjustment to weightlessness have orthostatic intolerance (literally, shuttle environment that kept astronauts present significant challenges to the inability to remain standing upright) healthy and strong. This may impair their ability That Affect Astronaut Health posture do not require significant to stand up and egress the vehicle after and Performance responses because blood does not landing, and even to pilot the vehicle drain and pool in the lower body. The cardiovascular system, including while seated upright as apparent gravity Although the cardiovascular system the heart, lungs, veins, arteries, and increases from weightlessness to 1. The orthostatic intolerance condition allows metabolic waste products is complicated and multifactorial. Thus, it is not the plasma volume loss alone that Blood Volume Changes During Spaceflight causes light-headedness but the lack of compensatory activation of the sympathetic system. Another possible mechanism for Immediately While in post-spaceflight orthostatic hypotension After Entering Prolonged Microgravity Microgravity (low blood pressure that causes Environment fainting) is cardiac atrophy and the resulting decrease in stroke volume (the amount of blood pushed out of the heart at each contraction). Orthostatic hypotension occurs if the fall in stroke volume overwhelms normal compensatory mechanisms such as an increase in heart rate or constriction in the peripheral blood vessels in the arms, legs, and abdomen. Consequently, any conclusions drawn regarding the physiological responses to spaceflight are male biased. More than 80% of female crew Launch Landing Day Day members tested became light-headed during postflight standing as compared to about 20% of men tested, confirming a well-established difference in the the distribution of blood changes in microgravity more in the upper torso and less in the legs. At landing, the astronaut is light-headed because of less blood and the pooling of non-astronaut population. The decrease in blood volume the group of astronauts that developed While orthostatic intolerance is frequently observed is an important orthostatic intolerance lost comparable perhaps the most comprehensively initiating event in the etiology of amounts of plasma (the watery studied cardiovascular effect of orthostatic intolerance, but it is the portion of the blood, which the body spaceflight, the mechanisms are not subsequent effects and the can adjust quickly) to the group that well understood. Enough is known physiological responses (or lack did not develop orthostatic intolerance. This is highlighted by the fact the functioning of the sympathetic completely successful at eliminating that while all shuttle crew members nervous system, which is important spaceflight-induced orthostatic who were tested had low blood volume in responding to orthostatic stress intolerance following spaceflight. All experience changes in red Subsequent refinements to enhance blood cell numbers due to changes palatability and tolerance include the addition of sweeteners and substitution in the hormone erythropoietin, of bouillon solutions. But, in spite of the fluid or high-altitude residents travel to sea level, the body senses excess red blood cells. Astronauts experience deficits ranging from 5% to 19% as well a 15% decrease in plasma volume as the body senses an increase in red blood cells as with orthostatic intolerance. In these situations, erythropoietin secretion from the kidneys Shuttle astronauts returned home ceases. Prior to our research, we knew that when erythropoietin secretion stops, the wearing a lower-body counterpressure bone marrow stops production of pre red blood cells and an increase in programmed garment called the anti-g suit. Since the bladders can be pressurized from patients with renal failure are unable to synthesize erythropoietin, it is administered at 25 mmHg (0. Thus, the development of long-lasting erythropoietin now prevents recumbent seats (as opposed to the neocytolysis in these patients. Erythropoietin is, therefore, important for human upright seats of the shorter-duration shuttle crews) and only inflated their health—in space and on Earth—and artificial erythropoietin is essential for renal suit minimally to 25 mmHg (0. All astronauts deflated their anti-g suit slowly after the shuttle wheeled to a stop to allow their own cardiovascular and thus recondition the cardiovascular well-tolerated by crew members and systems time to readjust to the pooling system, showed promise in ground did not produce any differences in effects of Earth’s gravity. Other treatments for orthostatic cumbersome and time consuming for Thus, the countermeasures tested were intolerance were also evaluated during routine shuttle use. A technique called approach used a medication known as orthostatic intolerance, at least not “lower body negative pressure,” fludrocortisone, a synthetic in an operationally compatible manner. It proved spaceflight-induced cardiovascular abdomen and legs to pool blood there unsuccessful, however, when it was not Major Scientific Discoveries 385 changes and differences between orthostatic tolerance groups, however, provided a base for development of future pharmacological and mechanical countermeasures, which will be especially beneficial for astronauts on long-duration missions on space stations and to other planets. The documentation of this shift was an early goal of Space Shuttle-era demonstrated the variety of changes in the resting astronaut than before investigators, who used several in the cardiovascular system in flight. Direct measurement In-flight heart rate and systolic and the heart with each beat initially of peripheral venous blood pressure in diastolic blood pressure decreased when increases because of the headward fluid an arm vein (assumed to reflect central compared to the preflight values.


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