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By: Douglas Slain, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, FASHP

  • Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, West Virginia University School of Pharmacy
  • Infectious Diseases Clinical Specialist, West Virginia University Medicine, Morgantown, West Virginia


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Effectiveness of various hospital-based Outbreaks associated with contaminated anti solutions against community-acquired septics and disinfectants. Disinfection efficacy against parvoviruses Commonly used disinfectants fail to eradicate compared with reference viruses. Comparative efficacy of seven hand sanitizers 41 Soumet C, Fourreau E, Legrandois P, et al. Mechanisms of actions of sodium against feline calicivirus, a norovirus surro hypochlorite in cleaning and disinfection gate. Epub ahead of print 3 ride, potassium peroxymonosulfate, tannic oc to ber 2014; pii: 1082013214553996. Australian tea tree Fenvalerate/N,N-diethyl-m- to luamide (Deet) (Melaleuca alternifolia) oil poisoning in three to xicosis in two cats. Neuro to xicosis associated with the use of 65 An to niou V, Zan to poulos N and Tsoukali H. Evaluation of silver-infused polylactide films in: Bonagura Jd and Twedt dC (eds). Nanocrystalline silver dressing and sub Brazilian veterinary teaching hospital from atmospheric pressure therapy following 1998 to 2000. Animal feline calicivirus, a surrogate virus for poisoning in Italy: 10 years of epidemiological norovirus. The most accepted hypothesis suggests that a chronic inflam sarcomas is not yet definitively explained. However, ma to ry reaction at the site of injection provides a trigger for chronic inflamma to ry reactions are considered the subsequent malignant transformation. Injections of long-acting drugs (glucocorticoids, Epidemiology and characterisation penicillin, lufenuron and others) have been associated with sarcoma formation. Adjuvanted in 1991, an increased incidence of tumours in cats that developed at vaccines induce intense local inflammation and seem 1 injection sites was first reported in the United States. As a consequence, these tumours were first recombinant vaccines, but none are risk-free. However, the subsequent Treatment and prevention: Aggressive, radical finding that other, non-vaccinal injectables can also cause this type of excision is required to avoid tumour recurrence. Vaccination should as the interscapular region (Figure 1), the lateral thoracic or abdominal be performed as often as necessary and as wall, the lumbar region, and the area of the semimembranosus and infrequently as possible. They are characterised by invasive local growth in the subcutis, would likely lead to a complete cure; the 9 10 often with spread along fascial planes. This idea is supported by infiltration of lymphocytes and macrophages seemingly well frequent identification of adjuvants in his to at the tumour periphery, a central area of logical or ultrastructural investigations of circumscribed, 12,18 necrosis, inflammation and local infiltration of these sarcomas. Growth fac to rs promote prolifer findings and observed no association with the and Recombinant feline iL-2 is extent of the tumour and the size of the radia Special Issue. However, a recent pilot 25%) and the left pelvic limb with the left lat study demonstrated that vaccination in the eral aspect of the abdomen (11% to 14%).

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C) Cellular neurothekeoma (Incorrect) Cellular neurothekeoma has an ill-defined plexiform or multi-lobular architecture and is composed of fascicles, nests, and whorls of epithelioid or spindled cells with ample eosinophilic cy to plasm and monomorphous nuclei. D) Cellular blue nevus (Correct) Cellular blue nevus has a well circumscribed, nodular to dumb-bell shaped architecture with a biphasic pattern consisting of classic or common blue nevus areas and distinct hypercellular areas, particularly in the deeper portions of the lesion. The hypercellular areas form nests, nodules, fascicles, and alveolar patterns and are composed of spindled cells with monomorphous nuclei, even chromatin, inconspicuous nucleoli, and moderate amphophilic to lightly pigmented cy to plasm. Degenerative changes, including hemorrhage, cystic or myxoid areas, fibrosis, and stromal hyalinization are often present. The neoplastic endothelial cells can be epithelioid and have multi-layering, nuclear pleomorphism, and mi to ses. Clinically, cellular blue nevi are blue, blue-black, or black firm to rubbery dome-shaped solitary nodules with smooth borders. A reorientation on the his to genesis and clinical significance of cutaneous nevi and melanomas. Fluorescence in situ hybridization for distinguishing cellular blue nevi from blue nevus-like melanoma. During his hospitalization, multiple cultures were taken from the subcutaneous lesions which were negative. Question Based on the his to logical findings, the best diagnosis is: A) Pancreatic panniculitis, consistent with (Correct) Pancreatic panniculitis is a necrotizing lobular panniculitis with extensive enzymatic lobular fat necrosis. Anucleate ghost cell adipocytes have an eosinophilic rim and basophilic granular material with calcification due to saponification. Neutrophilic and/or mononuclear and granuloma to us infiltrates within the lobules are present. C) Calciphylaxis (Incorrect) Calciphylaxis shows epidermal ulceration, dermal necrosis, and calcification within small and medium blood vessels and adipocytes within the subcutis. D) Lipoderma to sclerosis (Incorrect) Lipoderma to sclerosis shows septal fibrosis, micro and macro-pseudocyst formation, necrotic adipocytes, lipomembranous change, lipogranulomas, adipocyte and medium vessel calcification, and pseudoxanthoma elasticum-like septal elas to sis with calcification. Lesions only develop after a diagnosis of internal disease has been established (Incorrect) 40-45% of the time, cutaneous lesions are the initial manifestation and precede the diagnosis of pancreatic disease, usually by 1-7 months. Complications, including arthritis of surrounding joints or gastrointestinal submucosal fat necrosis leading to gastrointestinal bleeding can occur (Correct) Distant foci of fat necrosis may be present in patients with pancreatic disease and include monoarticular or oligoarticular arthritis and gastrointestinal submucosal fat necrosis resulting in gastrointestinal bleeding. This entity is always associated with a low morbidity and mortality (Incorrect) While there is complete spontaneous resolution of cutaneous lesions once the pancreatic inflammation subsides, pancreatic panniculitis with disseminated fat necrosis is associated with major morbidity and mortality. In one review of 27 patients with pancreatic panniculitis, all 8 with pancreatic carcinoma and 42% of the 19 of those with pancreatitis, died of their disease. Young female patients are most commonly affected (Incorrect) In contrast to other forms of panniculitis, pancreatic panniculitis is more common in men than women (Male to Female ratio of 3:1), likely related to alcoholism. Affected patients are typically in their sixties with an age range of 21-75 years. Males are more commonly affected than females, most likely due a greater incidence of alcoholism in men, with a male to female ratio of 3:1. While there is a wide age range (21-75 years old) of patients with pancreatic panniculitis, it most commonly occurs in those in their sixties. Derma to logical findings are the initial manifestation, and precede the diagnosis of pancreatic disease, 40-45% of the time, usually by 1-7 months. Cutaneous lesions can also be the initial manifestation of another internal malignancy, such as hepa to cellular carcinoma, or metastatic disease to the pancreas originating from another primary carcinoma, such as from the s to mach. Clinically, lesions are painful or asymp to matic erythema to us, edema to us subcutaneous nodules or indurated plaques on the distal (usually lower and periarticular) extremities, thighs, but to ck, and lower trunk. In patients with underlying pancreatic carcinoma, there are typically more skin nodules which are not confined to the lower extremities or lower body, and show extensive spontaneous ulceration. The main complications associated with pancreatic panniculitis are arthritis of joints in the vicinity of active subcutaneous fat necrosis, and gastrointestinal submucosal fat necrosis resulting in gastrointestinal bleeding.

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Patients with diabetes, his to ry of hyperlipidaemia, or risk fac to rs for cardiovascular disease should be identifed and screened prior to commencing treatment and closely moni to red during treatment. In the absence of specifc advice from the manufacturers, testing every 3 months is reasonable. Monthly moni to ring may be indicated for those with diabetes, pre-existing hyperlipidaemia or risk fac to rs for cardiovascular disease. The moni to ring requirements are identical with those for oral isotretinoin (see Isotretinoin). This effect is usually dose related and reversible and usually responds to dosage reduction. If these measures fail and hyperlipidaemia is severe, treatment must be discontinued. Hypertriglyceridaemia is associated with an increased risk of pancreatitis, especially if levels exceed 9 mmol/L. They are a more frequent problem with alitretinoin than other systemic retinoids and tend to improve after several weeks of continued treatment. Cheilitis and alopecia are less common than with isotretinoin and acitretin respectively. Pho to sensitivity can occur during treatment with alitretinoin so patients should be advised to avoid use of sun beds and protect their skin against excessive sun exposure. Radiological changes with long-term retinoid therapy include hyperos to sis and spondylitis (rare). It is not yet clear if this applies to alitretinoin which has generally been used in older patients with a different psychosocial profle from those with acne. Very low amounts of alitretinoin have been detected in the semen of males taking alitretinoin. As with the other oral retinoids, isotretinoin and acitretin, these levels are to o low to pose a tera to genic risk to the unborn baby of a female partner. Lactation Alitretinoin is lipophilic and likely to be distributed to breast milk so it is contraindicated in breastfeeding females. There is insuffcient evidence at present to support use of alitretinoin in derma to logical disease in children. With acknowledgements to Raja Sivamani, Jillian Millsop and Vivian Shi who reviewed this chapter from an international perspective. Pharmacology of oral alitretinoin: a novel treatment for severe chronic hand eczema. Effcacy and safety of oral alitretinoin (9-cis-retinoic acid) in patients with severe chronic hand eczema refrac to ry to to pical corticosteroids: results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, multicentre trial. Anabolic steroids are sex hormones with some androgenic activity (increased skeletal muscle mass, increased organic mass of bone and retention of nitrogen). They cause less virilization than androgens in females and are helpful in some derma to logical conditions. The actions of anabolic steroids are similar to male sex hormones, with the possibility of causing serious disturbances of growth and sexual development if given to children. It is a weak androgen with additional antiproges to genic and antioestrogenic actions and interferes with gonadal steroid synthesis. It increases the proportion and concentration of tes to sterone carried unbound in plasma. In addition, danazol corrects partially or completely the primary biochemical abnormality of hereditary angioedema by increasing the levels of the defcient C1 esterase inhibi to r. As a result of this action, the serum levels of the C1 esterase inhibi to r and C4 component of the complement system are increased. Stanozolol is a synthetic derivative of tes to sterone and has more powerful androgenic effects, hence its use as a performance enhancing drug by bodybuilders. It suppresses the gonadotrophic functions of the pituitary and 23 Androgens may exert a direct effect upon the testes. It can increase collagen production and decrease the antianabolic action of cortisone. It corrects the formation of kinin or kinin-like fac to rs, which may be associated with oedema and swelling seen in hereditary angioedema.

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A2020 P1417 A Rare Case of Pembrolizumab-Associated Au to immune P1433 Impact of Sympathetic S to rm (From Brain Trauma) on Limbic Encephalitis Following Treatment of Malignant Ventila to r Dependence/P. A2007 the information contained in this program is up to date as of March 9, 2017. Discussion: 11:15-12:00: authors will be present for individual discussion Zacherle, R. A2035 12:00-1:00: authors will be present for discussion with assigned facilita to rs P1228 Asthma and Asthma Symp to ms in Teachers in 50 Elementary Facilita to r: S. A2041 Urbanization and Altitude in Peruvian Children and Young P1234 Extreme Temperatures and Lung Function in the Framingham Adults/T. P1237 Chemical Adducts of Flavorants With E-cigarette Liquid Gerhardsson De Verdier, A. A2032 the information contained in this program is up to date as of March 9, 2017. A2055 P1468 Methamphetamine and Common Pulmonary Diseases: A Retrospective Investigation of Hospital Discharges in California from 2005 Through 2011/H. A2058 Discussion: 11:15-12:00: authors will be present for individual discussion 12:00-1:00: authors will be present for discussion with assigned facilita to rs P1471 Aspiration of Cocaine Filter; A Rare Complication of Smoking Crack Cocaine/M. A2045 P1474 Synthetic Marihuana: A Dangerous Drug Associated with P1458 Experimentation of Hookahs and Tobacco Consumption Rhabdomyolisis/K. A2048 P1476 Cannabis Induced Broncho Pneumonitis Leading to Fatal Cardiac Arrhythmia/W. A2049 P1477 Almost Legal but Still Potentially Lethal: A Case of Marijuana Induced Hemoptysis/A. A2051 P1479 Low Cigarette Smoking Prevalence in Four Resource-Limited Settings in Peru: Results from a Population-Based Study of P1464 Vaping and Tension Pneumothorax: A Life-Threatening Tobacco Use by Self-Report and Urine Cotinine/B. A2054 the information contained in this program is up to date as of March 9, 2017. A2079 P1483 E-Cigarette Vapor Inhalation Leads to Impaired Arteriolar Vascular Function in Mice/B. A7586 Supplemented with Pyruvate, Glycerol and a Combination of Both to Assess the Growth of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex/A. A2076 P386 Gene Chip Technology to Detect Mycobacteria and Resistance Facilita to r: P. A2090 P375 Challenges in the Diagnosis and Management of Pediatric Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Madagascar/E. A2078 the information contained in this program is up to date as of March 9, 2017. A2092 P401 Predic to rs of Delay to Accessing Care among Tuberculosis Patients in Southern India/S. A2094 P392 the Advantage of Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Compared to Facilita to r: R. P403 Are There Fac to rs that Predict Intensive Care Unit Admission Delyuzar, Medan, Indonesia, p. A2095 in Patients with Active Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Infection: P393 the Validity of Pleuroscopy in Diagnosing Tuberculosis and A Retrospective, Cohort Study/S. A2096 P404 Weight Trends During Successful Tuberculosis Treatment in Rural, Central India, 2010 -2015/T. A2107 Area D, Hall B-C (Middle Building, Lower Level) P406 Smoking Influences the Conversion of Sputum and the Viewing: Posters will be on display for entire session. Discussion: 11:15-12:00: authors will be present for individual discussion Priyan to, Banda Aceh, Indonesia, p. A2108 12:00-1:00: authors will be present for discussion with assigned facilita to rs P407 the Effect of Metformin on Culture Conversion in Tuberculosis Facilita to r: C.

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The more hypoechoic a focal lesion is, relative to the normal thyroid gland, the higher is the likelihood of malignancy [5. In selected patients, volume measurement may be helpful to confirm or quantify clinical suspected thyromegaly [5. The use of colour Doppler imaging identifies multiple small vessels within and adjacent to the thyroid [5. The major advantages of ultrasound are that it is accessible, inexpensive, and non-invasive. Because of the relatively short examination time required for ultrasound and the ability to image while the patient is taking thyroid hormonal supplementation, it is more convenient than scintigraphy for follow-up of patients with prior or increased risk of cancer. Improved grey scale and Doppler sonography have increased the accuracy and specificity of ultrasound 45 for thyroiditis and other diffuse glandular diseases [5. In spite of these attributes, retrotracheal and mediastinal lesions remain difficult for ultrasound evaluation because of acoustic shadowing from overlying air or bone [5. Another limitation of ultrasound is that it is inferior to cross-sectional imaging techniques in identifying lymphadenopathy or in evaluating for extension of thyroid disease in to the soft tissues of the neck or chest [5. These modalities also play a critical role in the detection of lymph node metastases as well as in extension of thyroid disease to adjacent tissues in the neck like paraspinal muscles. Contiguous 5 mm-thick axial sections are obtained at the level of the cavernous sinus superiorly and extend inferiorly in to the superior mediastinum to include the aortic arch. The injection of iodinated contrast material intravenously increases the density of the gland diffusely. Although iodinated contrast material may provide additional information about lesions in the thyroid, it alters radioactive iodine uptake measurements for 6 to 8 weeks because of the iodine content. Therefore, contrast should not be administered to patients who will also undergo scintigraphic evaluation. This configuration provides high-quality images with a high signal- to -noise ratio and the best soft tissue resolution. Multiple pulse sequences are obtained including un-enhanced sagittal and axial T1-weighted images, as well as axial fast spin-echo T2-weighted imaged with the application of fat saturation. On T1-weighted images, the normal thyroid gland shows homogeneous signal intensity slightly greater than that of the musculatue in the neck. On T2-weighted images, the thyroid gland is hyperintense relative to the neck musculature [5. It offers the advantage of precisely targeting solid components within complex lesions [5. Malignant neoplasms Thyroid carcinoma arises from both follicular and prafollicular C cells. The potential of malignancy range from low grades (papillary/follicular carcinoma) to aggressive (anaplastic carcinoma). The major his to logical classification of thyroid carcinoma includes papillary, 46 follicular, medullary, and anaplastic. The majority of carcinomas (60 to 80%) are papillary, followed by 15-20% follicular, medullary and anaplastic types account from 5 to 10 per cent each of thyroid cancers [5. Most thyroid malignancy is hypoechoic (63%) or isoechoic (26%) on sonography; hyperechoic thyroid lesions tend to be benign [5. Calcification causing bright hyperechoic foci, which if large enough cause acoustic shadowing, occurs in both benign and malignant disease [5. Most commonly, thyroid cancer is a localized intrathyroidal hypoechoic or isoechoic discrete mass which is similar to more common benign lesions. Malignant invasion of the thyroid rarely may cause direct invasion of the carotid artery or local invasion of the adjacent muscles with loss of the normal tissue boundaries. Papillary carcinoma Papillary carcinoma is a low-grade malignancy occurring most commonly in adolescent girls and young adults. Frequently, papillary carcinoma is multi-focal in the thyroid gland and is thought to represent intraglandular spread rather than multiple synchronous tumours. It has the highest incidence among thyroid malignancies for cervical lymph node spread [5. Metastatic lymph nodes may be normal in size and may be cystic, calcified or haemorrhagic, or they may contain colloid (Figs 5. Follicular carcinomas Follicular carcinomas are well-differentiated, relatively low-grade malignancies.

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Multiple facial 194 nodules, which spare the eyebrows, give a classical leonine appearance. Multiple au to antibodies are frequently detected in leproma to us leprosy, and there is an increased incidence of vitiligo. Indeterminate leprosy is characterized by a superficial and deep perivascular and periadnexal lymphohistiocytic infiltrate, which involves less than 5% of the dermis. Skin biopsies of tuberculoid leprosy resemble those of cutaneous tuberculosis, especially lupus vulgaris. In borderline-tuberculoid leprosy, the noncaseating granulomas are less evident, and nerve destruction is less prominent. Borderline leprosy shows collections of epithelioid histiocytes with no giant cells and very few lymphocytes. Borderline-leproma to us granulomas consist of aggregates of lymphocytes and macrophages containing abundant granular to foamy cy to plasm. Sheets of macrophages with a granular to foamy cy to plasm arranged in a perineural, perivascular, and periappendiceal fashion characterize leproma to us leprosy. The his to logy of his to id leprosy is characterized by relatively circumscribed nodules that are composed of predominantly spindle cells intermixed with small collections of foamy macrophages and arranged in a s to riform pattern. Ochronosis Tinea nigra is caused by Phaeoannellomyces werneckii, and the lesions consist of brown-black macules, usually located on the palms, that enlarge slowly and can be confused clinically with a melanocytic proliferation. There has been an increase in the incidence of infections caused by these organisms over the past decades. Cutaneous infections are often referred to as swimming pool granuloma or fish tank granuloma the his to logic findings in M. The epidermis often shows hyperkera to sis and papilloma to sis and is occasionally ulcerated. The pathologic correlate to these ulcerations can include granuloma to us vasculitis but more often the changes are inflamma to ry, with a mixture of acute and granuloma to us inflammation without obvious vasculitis. In this situation, clinical input is essential as this microscopic pattern is not diagnostic in a specific way but requires correlation with the clinical findings as well as serologic testing. Stains for micro-organisms should be done as there is the possibility of secondary infection. Mucosal lesions were not appreciated, but a few papules were seen around the mouth. Erythema multiforme classically shows interface dermatitis with scattered apop to tic keratinocytes at all levels of the epidermis. A his to ry of contact with goats or sheep can often be elicited from patients, and involvement of the feet would be unusual. Coxsackie virus A16 is the most common cause of hand foot-mouth disease, with Coxsackie virus A6 implicated in atypically-presenting cases such as those occurring in adults or more clinically severe disease. Mycoplasma infection can precipitate cases of erythema multiforme and Stevens Johnson syndrome but does not give rise to hand-foot mouth disease.

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Any symp to ms associated with physical findings of lower stage prolapse require careful evaluation, especially if surgery is being considered. A recent retrospective study of 330 patients reported that women with more advanced prolapse were less likely to have symp to ms of stress incontinence and more likely to use manual reduction of the prolapse to void. Prolapse severity was not associated with bowel or sexual problems in this study (20). Physical Examination In evaluating patients with pelvic organ prolapse, it is particularly useful to divide the pelvis in to compartments, each of which may exhibit specific defects. The use of a Graves speculum or Baden retrac to r can help to evaluate the apical compartment of the vagina. The anterior and posterior compartments are best examined with the use of a univalve or Sims speculum. The speculum is placed posteriorly to retract the posterior wall downward when examining the anterior compartment and placed anteriorly to retract the anterior wall upward when examining the posterior compartment. A rec to vaginal examination may be useful in evaluating the posterior compartment to distinguish a posterior vaginal wall defect from a dissecting apical enterocele or a combination of both. If an anterior lateral detachment defect is suspected, an open ring forceps (or a Baden retrac to r) may be placed in the vagina at a 45-degree angle posteriorly cephalad to hold the lateral fornices adjacent to the pelvic sidewall. During the evaluation of each compartment, the patient is encouraged to perform Valsalva so the full extent of the prolapse can be ascertained. Pelvic Organ Prolapse Quantitation System Many systems for staging prolapse have been described. Typically it is graded on a scale of 0 to 3 or 0 to 4, with the grade increasing with the severity of prolapse (22). This standardized quantification system facilitates communication between physicians in practice and research and enables progression of these conditions to be followed accurately. In this system, ana to mic descriptions of specific sites in the vagina are used in place of traditional terms. Its two most important advantages over previous grading systems are (i) it allows the use of a standardized technique with quantitative measurements at straining relative to a constant reference point. The ana to mic position of the six defined points should be measured in centimeters proximal to the hymen (negative number) or distal to the hymen (positive number), with the plane of the hymen representing zero. The genital hiatus is measured from the middle of the external urethral meatus to the posterior midline hymen. The perineal body is measured from the posterior margin of the genital hiatus to the midanal opening. The to tal vaginal length is the greatest depth of the vagina in centimeters when the vaginal apex is reduced to its full normal position. All measurements except the to tal vaginal length are measured during maximal straining. The anterior vaginal wall measurements are termed Aa and Ba, with the Ba point moving depending on the amount of anterior compartment prolapse. Point Aa represents a point on the anterior vagina 3 cm proximal to the external urethral meatus, which corresponds to the bladder neck. Point Ba represents the most distal or dependent point of any portion of the anterior vaginal wall from point Aa to just anterior to the vaginal cuff or anterior lip of the cervix. For example, point Ba is fi3 in the absence of any prolapse (it is never less than fi3) to a positive value equal to the to tal vaginal length in a patient with to tal eversion of the vagina. Point C represents the most dependant edge of the cervix or vaginal cuff after hysterec to my. Point D is the location of the posterior fornix; it is omitted if the cervix is absent.


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The obligate, intracellular, pro to zoan parasites of the genus Cryp to sporidium infect epithelial cells lining the digestive and respira to ry tracts of a wide range of animal hosts. Typical of related parasites, Cryp to sporidium features a complex life cycle, includ ing asexual and sexual stages, culminating in the production of small, environmentally hardy oocysts. Basic in vitro culture methods for Cryp to sporidium species have been developed since the first report of success in 1983 (217). Microsporidia Although more than 1,200 species belonging to 143 genera of the Microsporidia have been described, only parasites belonging to 9 genera and 13 species are known to cause human disease. They are Anncaliia, Encephali to zoon, Enterocy to zoon, Microspo ridium, Nosema, Tubulinosema, Pleis to phora, Trachipleis to phora, and Vittaforma. The current trend in molecular microbiology is the introduction of syndrome-based tests. For example, rather than ordering tests for individual pathogens that may be responsible for gastroenteritis. A variety of molecular to ols have been used to study parasites and parasite-host relationships. Application to Parasi to logy Molecular to ols have been used for a variety of purposes in the study of parasi to l ogy. Many of these applications involve a further understanding of the biology of parasites and, although important, are not immediately relevant to this manuscript. Similarly, these to ols have been used by veterinary parasi to logists and environmental microbiologists. References to these studies will be made only when there is pertinence to human infections, such as when zoonotic transmission or food or waterborne infections are studied. Numerous labora to ry-developed assays that target a variety of parasites have been developed. Although numerous papers have disclosed excellent sensitivity and overall performance for many of these assays, there has been limited adoption in clinical microbiology labora to ries for a number of reasons. Additionally, and to this day, a single assay that affords detection of the full range of the parasites that may be found via an ova and parasite microscopic examination has not been developed. These results can be particularly helpful in outbreak investigations and epidemiological studies. It is also important to remember that some state public health labora to ries require that s to ols positive for certain organisms (Cryp to sporidium) be submitted for confirma to ry testing and typing. Commercial vendors have responded to the needs of the clinical labora to ry through the development of syndromic test panels. These syndromic panels target the most common causes of viral respira to ry tract infections, the most frequent causes of meningitis and sepsis, and (pertinent to this review) the common causes of infectious enterocolitis. These panels may replace the s to ol culture bench, while the Giardia/ January 2018 Volume 31 Issue 1 e00025-17 cmr. These assays are prepackaged and easy to use and target the bacteria, viruses, and parasites most likely to cause infectious diarrhea. The compositions of panels vary slightly from vendor to vendor, but each represents a new diagnostic to ol worthy of thorough consideration. Labora to ry-Developed Tests for Gastrointestinal Parasites, Monoplex Whether a molecular assay for a particular parasite is clinically useful. Although an assay may be technically feasible to perform, it may not be practical to implement for a variety of reasons. Practically, however, Ascaris is not commonly encountered in resource-rich countries, which are likely able to afford such an assay. More importantly, this assay detects only Ascaris, whereas the traditional O&P, albeit less sensitive in this scenario, detects a variety of gastrointestinal parasites, as well as commensal pro to zoa. The introduction of molecular tests for gastrointestinal parasites is, therefore, compli cated. The patient population served, the medical question(s) being asked of the labora to ry, alternative approaches, and technical, economic, and practical feasibility must all be considered and largely aligned to successfully implement these assays.


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