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By: Douglas Slain, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, FASHP

  • Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, West Virginia University School of Pharmacy
  • Infectious Diseases Clinical Specialist, West Virginia University Medicine, Morgantown, West Virginia

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I am going to be covering the platelet plug formation and coagulation cascade, and their associated pathologies, as well as all of the anemias and some of the disorders of heme synthesis. There will also be five questions from the Robbins Review of Pathology Book to test your knowledge. This determines whether the anemia is classified as microcytic, normocytic, or macrocytic! Then Von Willebrand Factor will come to attach to the subepithelial receptors that have been exposed. Platelets link together with fibrinogen to form a platelet plug because the platelet plug is very weak at this point. Disorders of Primary Hemostasis: the platelet plugs are not being formed correctly, so there is some sort of increased bleeding Symptoms:! Microcytic Anemias are usually a problem with production: either the iron that is needed, the globin chain, or with the heme synthesis. The protein transferrin carries the iron in the blood to various sites, like the liver or macrophages. This decrease in iron causes less ferritin to be made because there is less free iron that needs to be bound and stored. Transferrin levels increase it try to pick up any iron, but the saturation remains low. These disorders are a problem with the globin chain production of the hemoglobin, causing a microcytic anemia. A target cell has a bleb of membrane in the center of the central pallor where some of the hemoglobin builds up. There is reduced hemoglobin in the cytoplasm, so the cytoplasm can bulge out in the center. That gets transported back into the mitochondria to make protoporphyrin, which combines with iron to make heme by ferrochelatase. There are different diseases that occur at each step, but we are just going to address two that present with an anemia. Macrocytic Megaloblastic Anemia: Macrocytic Anemias are most commonly due to folate or Vitamin B12 deficiency. These Spherocytes are less able to maneuver through the spleen and will get removed from circulation, causing the anemia. During acidosis, dehydration, hypoxemia, the cells will polymerize, resulting in sickle cells. A 3-year-old boy from Sicily has a poor appetite and is underweight for his age and height. A 23-year-old African-American man passes dark reddish brown urine 3 days after taking an anti-inflammatory medication that includes phenacetin. He is surprised, because he has been healthy all his life and has had no major illnesses. A 37-year-old woman has experienced abdominal pain and intermittent low-volume diarrhea for the past 3 months. A 42-year-old woman has had nosebleeds, easy bruising, and increased bleeding with her menstrual periods for the past 4 months. A clinical study is performed involving adult patients diagnosed with microangiopathic hemolytic anemia. In this condition, there is a severe reduction in the synthesis of -globin chains without impairment of -globin synthesis. In comparison, the hemolytic anemia is mild in -thalassemia minor, and there is very little ineffective erythropoiesis. Heterozygotes with thalassemia (1 or 2 abnormal genes out of 4 total -globin genes) have no major problems, but in cases of -thalassemia major, perinatal death is the rule.

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At least two people are needed for there to be a social interaction, and if the child is alone, there will be no evidence of any social impairment. In solitude, there is no one to talk to, so there are no speech and language peculiarities; and the child can enjoy time engaged in a special interest for as long as he or she desires, without anyone else judging whether the activity is abnormal either in intensity or focus. The acquisition of knowledge in a classroom requires considerable social and linguistic skills. When alone, especially in a bedroom, the hypersensitivity for some sensory experi ences is reduced as the environment can be relatively quiet, particularly in comparison to a school playground or classroom. Fur niture and objects in the bedroom will be a known configuration, and family members will have learned not to move anything. If a one-to-one conversation is a game of tennis, a group interaction is a game of football. The delay in social processing means the person can become out of synchronization with the conversation and is liable to make a conspicuous social error or have to withdraw. The criteria also refer to a lack of social or emotional reciprocity and failure to develop peer relationships appropriate to developmental level. The interpretation of aspects of social skills and social understanding such as reciprocity and peer relationships is currently a subjective clinical judgement. To assess social interaction and social reasoning skills, the clinician must socialize with the child, adolescent or adult. With young children, this can be achieved by playing with the child using toys and play equipment in the clinic room. The clinician will examine whether the child displays developmentally appropri ate social behaviour, and his or her use of eye contact, methods of regulating the interac tion, and the degree of spontaneity and flexibility when playing with the clinician. This part of the assessment should be achieved in both structured and unstructured play. For adolescents and adults, the assessment of social interaction skills will be achieved using a conversation that includes a range of topics that explore aspects of friendship, social experiences and social abilities.


  • Chromosome 11, deletion 11p
  • Common mesentery
  • Common cold
  • Combined hyperlipidemia, familial
  • Neurofibromatosis-Noonan syndrome
  • Common variable immunodeficiency

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Other substances related to opioids also have been found in about 80% of urine samples taken from people with autism (Reichelt & Knivsberg, 2003; Whiteley and Shattock, 2002). It has been suggested that these abnormal compounds are the consequence of an incomplete breakdown of proteins (wheat gluten and casein), which may be the result of a leaky gut. Thus, restriction of gluten and casein in the diet has the potential to be beneficial for some people with autism. Theoretically, such abnormal breakdown products might not only have the potential to affect the biochemistry of the brain but also to reduce motility of the gut and to result in constipation. About 50% of people with autism suffer from constipation (Dalrymple & Ruble, 1992). Severe bowel impaction paradoxically can result in diarrhoea; this should be treated as it can be life threatening. Several family and twin studies have shown that hereditary factors do indeed appear to play a role in autism (Bailey et al. Limitations to genetic studies in autism have included the lack of a consistent diagnosis for autism and the "lumping" of people with different autistic phenotypes into one group. It is now thought that up to 10-15 different genetic loci may be involved in autism (Risch et al. Jones and Szatmari (2002) have proposed that the effects of different genetic causes for autism are cumulatative but are not necessarily additive. It also is clear that there may be different modes of genetic transmission in autism as well as in the so-called "double" disorders (see Hallmayer et al. Gillberg & Coleman (2000) reviewed the literature for chromosome aberrations in patients with autism. Their review includes a summary of aberrations found and molecular biology studies on each and every chromosome in the body, including the sex chromosomes. Many studies to date have also investigated regions of potential susceptibility in genome-wide scans for autism. Other studies found overlapping results plus additional loci on 4q, 5p, 6q, 10q, 18q, and Xp (Philippe et al. At the present time, there is particular interest in genes possibly related to autism that lie on chromosomes 2, 3, 7, 15, and X (Shao et al. Detailed analyses of chromosomes from people with autism consistently are revealing structural abnormalities on chromosomes 7, 15 and X. Investigation of involvement of the major histocompatibility complex locus on chromosome 6 has been ongoing since the discovery that a high percentage of autistic subjects have a variant form of the complement component 4B that produces no 4B protein (Warren et al. C4B interacts with immunoglobulin A (IgA) in the defense of the body against viral infections. Low levels of C4B may well play a key role in the pathogenesis of autism since C4 has been identified in developing brain neurons. Most cases of Rett syndrome occur sporadically, that is, in the absence of any family history of the disorder. When such mutations are transmitted by females, the trinucleotide repeat region gets even larger. It is anticipated that most cases of autism will be the result of effects of more than one gene since monogenetic diseases (those in which single genes are responsible for a particular disease) are rare (Gillberg & Coleman, 2000). Genetic studies will be aided by the classification of affected individuals into distinct neurocognitive phenotypes based on language and cognitive profiles as well as on studies of the brain and its organization (Tager-Flusberg & Joseph, 2003). The identification of genetic mutations that are causal in the autistic spectrum or "double" disorders has led to the development of mouse models for the disorders. Such animals are particularly useful for determining effects of particular genes on brain structure and function and for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of drugs on these systems before they are used in clinical settings. Synapses (connections between neurons in the brain) continually undergo changes in response to their experiences. These include lead and mercury poisoning, maternal alcohol consumption, drug abuse and smoking, exposure to valproic acid or thalidomide very early in pregnancy, and pre or perinatal anoxia/asphyxia, as well as different types of in utero viral infections. One possible cause of perinatal axphyxia is hypothesized to be the practice of cutting the umbilical cord of babies immediately after delivery before they have taken their first breath (Simon & Morley, 2002). Several abnormalities of the immune system have been described in people with autism. These include myeloperoxidase deficiency, severe combined immunodeficiency, IgA deficiencies (partial and complete), IgG subclass deficiencies, impaired antibody production, a skewing of T cell subsets, aberrant cytokine profiles as well as other impairments consistent with chronic inflammation and autoimmunity (Croonenberghs, Bosmans, Deboutte, Kenis, & Maes, 2002; Kidd, 2002a; Warren et al. As mentioned above, a high frequency of people with autism have a deficiency of a protein called complement 4B, which may compromise their ability to ward off virus infection.

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It is an effective and reliable method for kyphoplasty uses ultrahigh viscosity cement to restore reconstruction of upper cervical stability. The aims of this study were to compare radiofrequency kyphoplasty to conservative care and assess the usual algorithm of starting all patients on conservative care for 6 weeks Cervical Therapies and Outcomes before offering surgery. Methods: Elderly patients with painful osteoporotic 76 vertebral compression fractures were all treated with Cervical Percutaneous Nucleotomy and 6 weeks of conservative care (analgesics, bracing, Decompression and physiotherapy). At the 6 week follow-up after radiofrequency Study design: A prospective clinical study. All patients had a two year underwent radiofrequency kyphoplasty had rapid follow up. Surgery was clearly much Outcome measures: the patients had a clinical more effective than conservative care and should be evaluation 3 months after surgery and returned at two offered to patients much sooner. Methods: In all cases a confrmative discography of Cervical Therapies and Outcomes the affected level was performed. Subsequently a mechanical 65 percutaneous foraminal decompression was performed Occipitocervical Fusion with Transpedicular Fixtion with a two millimetre reamer and mechanical forceps System 1 1 removal of protruded and extruded disc material under R. The First Affliated Hospital of Suzhou University, Suzhou, Results: After two years 89,8% of the patients reported China excellent or good results. In 3 cases an early recurrent disc patient population, the authors prospectively studied herniation (< 3month) appeared (1,2%). One with transpedicular internal fxation system (Sofamor patient had to be hospitalized because of bleeding from Danek Company). One operation time for the microscopically assisted group of patient had temporary hoarseness for 2 weeks. One patients was slightly longer (100 minutes) as compared patient developed a stress-ulcer from previous long to the standard group (85 minutes). All patients recovered without residual related to posterior pedicle instrumentation was observed symptoms. Conclusion: this procedure is a delicate but save and Conclusions: Use of microscope permits better effective treatment for cervical disc herniations even in visualization of vessels and a proper positioning of case of foraminal stenosis. Small nerves of the hypo gastric Lumbar Therapies and Outcomes plexus can be precisely isolated and retracted with less damage. The approach itself requires less retraction and thus compression on the peritoneum and a better 78 control of the ureter. Standard Laparotomy can be done more precisely with a better control of the L5-S1 Circumferential Fusion 1 Year Follow-up 1 1 1 1 margins of incision. Pulidori 1 during the anterior approaches to the L5-S1 interbody cdc Villa Torri, Bologna, Italy discectomy and fusion showed to be advantageous in all aspects except the time interval. Main limit to Biomechanics/Basic Science the approach is a higher rate of visceral and vascular complications. Technical 1A) [1] was modifed to simulate moderate degeneration difference between the two approaches lays mainly at levels C5-C6 and C6-C7 [2]. The degenerative model in a signifcantly smaller skin incision (mean 6 cm) in was then altered to accommodate the three surgical the microscopically assisted group as compared to the procedures outlined below: standard group (mean 20 cm). The microscopical view Bi-level Fusion Model: A fusion at C5-C6 and C6-C7 permitted a better and more detailed control of great was modeled by changing the material properties of the and small para and pre-vertebral vessel as well as of the intervertebral disc to that of bone [3]. Thereafter, the degenerative operative mobilization (mean 12 hours) as compared to and three surgical models were analyzed by increasing the standard group (mean 36 hours). The microscopically the moment until the motion (C2-T1) matched that of assisted group of patients reported less pain in the the healthy model. However similar results concerning stabilization and reduction of the fracture are promoted. Methods: Twelve human osteoporotic bisegmental spine [Figure 1] specimens were divided into two groups, each consisting of 3 x T9-11 and 3 x T12-L2 segments. The Range of Motion implant, or fused) levels and an increase in motion at the (RoM in Flexion/Extension (Ex/Flex), lateral bending and unaltered, or adjacent, levels.

Oculocerebral hypopigmentation syndrome Cross type

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Talking to a radiologist about a patient prior to referral may help to determine the most appropriate imaging. Note that while contrast may be requested by the referring clinician, contrast studies may not always be done if the radiologist determines plain imaging to be more appropriate. Equally important to consider and address are the imaging expectations of patients prior to referral. Patients need to be educated that structural changes do not necessarily correlate well with symptoms. This is particularly relevant for children and young adults, who are at a greater risk from ionising radiation than older adults. However, the ability to see the components of the body in high detail does not necessarily mean improved outcomes for patients. The epilepsies: diagnosis and management of the epilepsies in adults in primary and secondary care, 2012 *Refer to Appendix 1, Table 1. Idiopathic generalised epilepsy is not associated with an increased prevalence of brain lesions; therefore, if this is confdently diagnosed, the patient does not require imaging. Punctate foci of T2 signal change in the white matter, many cystic lesions (arachnoid cysts, choroidal fssure cysts), lacunar strokes, ventricular asymmetry, diffuse atrophy and isolated venous anomalies. Diagnosis and management of headaches migraine, cluster headache or medication in young people and adults, 2012 overuse headache solely for reassurance *Refer to Appendix 1, Table 1. People with headache and their healthcare professionals can be worried about possible serious underlying disease. In imaging studies, the following symptoms have been shown to increase the odds of fnding a signifcant abnormality on neuroimaging: rapidly increasing headache frequency, history of dizziness or lack of coordination, history of subjective numbness or tingling, or history of headache causing awakening from sleep. This needs to be differentiated from pain referred from the musculoskeletal (somatic) structures in the neck, which may be aching rather than sharp, and is more severe in the neck than in the upper limb. The neurological signs of cervical radiculopathy depend on the site of the lesion. The patient may have motor dysfunction, sensory defcits or alteration in tendon refexes. While pain is a common presenting symptom, not all radiculopathies are painful. History Patients may report pain in the neck, shoulder and/or arm that is usually unilateral, but may be bilateral. Nerve root symptoms should normally arise from a single nerve root: involvement of more than one nerve root suggests a more widespread neurological disorder. Spurling), designed to elicit nerve root compression in the cervical spine, have high positive predictive value. Cervical radiculopathy can also be considered in patients with atypical fndings such as deltoid weakness, scapular winging, weakness of the intrinsic muscles of the hand, chest or deep breast pain, and headaches.

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Compulsions are the actions (either mental or behavioral) that are practiced to decrease distress or neutralize obsessive thoughts. They describe obsessions only as powerful feelings of fear or of things just not being right. If you feel worried about the signs your child is demonstrating, you need to consult with a mental-health professional. Ruling out normal growth and health issues Rituals that are transient (meaning they fade over time) are a normal part of childhood around the ages of three to seven. Sometimes these antibodies get out quickly after the infection, are usually severe, of control and attack normal, healthy parts of the and often include tremors, twitches, clumsi body. The result of this phenomenon is called ness, sensitivity, and extreme fear and anxi autoimmune disease. Behavior disorders (including Oppositional Defiant Disorder and conduct disorders): Kids with one of these problems demonstrate defi ance, disobedience, and disruptiveness. For example, children can become very angry and stubborn when their parents push them to do homework, get ready for school or bedtime, and interrupt their compulsive routines. Typical signs of depression include sadness, loss of interest, withdrawal, low energy, appetite changes, and problems with sleep. Learning disabilities are neurologically based problems and are diagnosed by a school or clinical psychologist. Thus, children with one of these prob lems may show unusual, keen interest in specific topics, such as airplanes or dinosaurs, but not in pleasing or getting to know other people. Kids with these pervasive developmental disorders also often have trouble with changes and transitions in routines and activities. The rigid interests and routines can sometimes look like obsessions and compulsions. These problems with eating need to be carefully differentiated from eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. You may want to get a copy of Eating Disorders For Dummies by Susan Schulherr (Wiley). This can result in toileting accidents and be confused with encopresis or enuresis (failure to control bowel movements and urine). Some professionals are experts in assessment and diagnosis of emotional, neurological, learning, and behavior disorders. These professionals clarify the diagnosis, make specific recommendations, and then refer their clients to others for treatment.

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In children with comorbid conditions or speech delay, earlier tube placement may be appropriate. The utility of imaging procedures in primary tinnitus is undocumented; imaging is costly, has potential for radiation exposure and does not change management. Committees were asked to provide their support for any of the proposed topics, reasons why a topic should not be included, as well as identifying any additional topics for consideration along with supporting evidence. Medical disorders in this specialty are among the most common afecting patients, young and old. Unnecessary medication use for viral respiratory illnesses can lead to antibiotic resistance and contributes to higher health care costs and the risks of adverse events. The literature does not support the use of skull flms in the evaluation of a child with a febrile seizure. Ordering screening panels (IgE tests) that test for a variety of food allergens without previous consideration of the medical history is not 7 recommended. When symptoms suggest a food allergy, tests should be selected based upon a careful medical history. Avoid the use of surveillance cultures for the screening and treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria. The second stage involved expert review and evaluation of the management groups that oversee the functions of the committees, councils and sections. Principles of judicious antibiotic prescribing for upper respiratory tract infections in pediatrics. Antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial stewardship: appropriate and judicious use of antimicrobial agents. Febrile Seizures: Guideline for the neurodiagnostic evaluation of the child with a simple febrile 4 seizure. Sonography for appendicitis: Nonvisualization of the appendix is an indication for active clinical observation rather than direct referral for computed tomography. American Academy of Pediatrics Subcommittee on Urinary Tract Infection, Steering Committee on Quality Improvement and Management. We achieve this by collaborating with care pediatricians, pediatric medical physicians and physician leaders, medical trainees, subspecialists and pediatric surgical health care delivery systems, payers, policymakers, specialists dedicated to the health, safety and consumer organizations and patients to foster a shared well-being of infants, children, adolescents understanding of professionalism and how they can and young adults. Global consensus recommendations caution against population-based screening for vitamin D defciency (1). The American Academy of Pediatrics report on Optimizing Bone Health in Children and Adolescents advises screening for vitamin D defciency only in patients with disorders associated with low bone mass such as rickets and/or a history of recurrent, low-trauma fractures (3). It has been shown that children who are overweight or obese have a greater likelihood of having low vitamin D levels (4). If the history suggests an obese child has insufcient dietary intake of vitamin D. There are signifcant limitations in the use of insulin levels as a marker of insulin resistance; furthermore, it is not necessary to order this test to establish a weight control management plan [3, 5]. If that exam reveals asymmetry, palpable nodules or signifcant cervical adenopathy then ultrasonography is indicated [2]. Global Consensus Recommendation on Prevention and Management of Nutritional Rickets. Similarly, there is little scientifc support for the use of H2 antagonists, proton-pump inhibitors, and motility agents for the treatment of symptomatic refux. Importantly, several studies show that their use may have adverse physiologic efects as well as an association with necrotizing enterocolitis, infection and, possibly, intraventricular hemorrhage and mortality. Avoid routine continuation of antibiotic therapy beyond 48 hours for initially asymptomatic infants without evidence of bacterial infection.

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A vertical upward force was applied to dislodge the instructed to repeat the tongue movements, more vigorously, denture while the patient was sitting in an upright position 4 Case Reports in Dentistry Figure 9: Denture with retention hook. Readings were recorded and the collected data was tabulated to evaluate and compare retention of the dentures fabricated using various techniques (conventional, admixed, putty rubber base and light body fnal wash, functional, cocktail, and all green). The retention of mandibular dentures was also evaluated clinically, and the patient was requested to comment on the retention of each mandibular denture. Result Tree readings were recorded for each technique and a mean valuewascalculated. Temeanforcerequiredtodislodgethe pressure, external factors arising out of oral-facial muscu mandibular dentures is shown in Figure 11. A wide diversity of denture for admixed, 12 N for all green technique, 20 N for functional borderoutlines,resultingfromtheuseofthesameimpression technique, 6 N for cocktail technique, and 13 N for putty procedure for all patients, has been shown and documented andlightbodyrubberbasewash. Numbers of impression techniques have been described there was diference in retention between the six techniques intheliteratureforresorbedmandibularridge[4, 16, 17]; each where functional technique showed the highest mean value technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, on clinical examination, retention of tant aspects of any impression technique. For individuals all the six mandibular dentures was found to be satisfactory with an accentuated bone resorption, it is difcult to obtain and acceptable. Patient was most satisfed with the denture good retention and stability of the complete denture due to made from functional impression technique. In these cases, functional technique is highly recommended and as per the results in the present study The success of every complete denture relies on the fulflment mandibular denture fabricated using functional technique ofthethreebasicpropertiesofretention,stability,andsup [7] showed the highest mean value of retention. Mandibular dentures usually present more difculties of the study are in accordance with the study conducted in achieving these three properties, basically because of the by Drago [17] which concluded that mandibular denture larger number of anatomic limitations that requires added bases constructed from closed mouth technique were more attention. The retention of the dentures is infuenced by the retentive than the open mouth techniques. The closed mouth factors like cohesion, adhesion, fuid, viscosity, atmospheric functionaltechnique by Winkler has certain advantages; since Case Reports in Dentistry 5 20 preventing horizontal displacement of the tray during defni 18 Mean value of tive impression. Tese features of the tray directly result in 16 retention (N), 13 14 the impression material being shaped by the functional move 12 ments of the muscles and muscle attachments that border 10 8 the denture base. Admixed technique [6], as recommended 6 by McCord and Tyson for atrophic mandibular ridges used, 4 2 hastheadvantageofrecordingthefunctionalpositionofthe 0 muscles in a single step; also it requires less chair side time and is economical as compared to tissue conditioner or reline material. Various surveys [22, 23] show that modelling plastic impression compound and zinc oxide eugenol impression pastearethemostpopularmaterialsusedforcomplete Figure 11: Mean value of retention for each fnal impression denture impression because of their fast setting, capability technique. However, although modelling plastic impression compound it is time saving, interference due to tray handling is elimi is an ideal impression material, it has certain limitations nated; also there are less chances of under or overextensions such as its short manipulation time and the fact that it as movements are performed by the patient and pressure hardens quickly in the mouth and does not remain in a applied by the patient during impression making is the same plastic stage till the functional movements of the vestibular asthepressureappliedwhileoccluding. Tese limitations restricted to move anteriorly which may alter the anatomy of of the conventional method are consistent with results of lingual border. Tese properties were consistent with the results working characteristics of these materials made it possible as the retention of the mandibular denture fabricated afer to develop impression procedures best suited for specifc fnal impression with elastomeric impression showed the conditions in each area in a given mouth. In literature, various is used for making impression, it should be based on the basic authors have recommended the use of elastomeric impression principles [24]ofmaximumtissueareacoverageandintimate materials for border moulding and fnal impressions. The major advantages of this technique were that the border moulding could be accomplished in one 5. Tere were certain limitations of Winkler technique [7]asthecustomizedtraythatis such as limited sample size (only 1 patient) and prolonged fabricated in this technique has the advantage of avoidance treatment time. Mandibular rests that ft against the maxillary alveolar The authors declare that there is no confict of interests ridgeofertheadvantagetostabilizethecustomtrayby regarding the publication of this paper.

Ectrodactyly ectodermal dysplasia cleft syndrome

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The other index tests (arm squeeze test, shoulder 24 abduction (relief) test and traction test) were all assessed in single studies only. Regarding the applicability to the 4 review question, one study (Viikari-Juntura, 1989) raised serious concerns due to an 5 unclear process for excluding patients or what tests had been conducted prior to 6 inclusion in the study as exclusions seemed likely to have taken place after history 7 taking and the physical examination. Two studies used different reference tests for some patients (Shabat, 2012; 22 Shah, 2004). One study (Viikari-Juntura, 1989) had too many missing patients and 23 not all included patients received the same reference standard or index test, while 24 another study (Apelby-Albrecht, 2013) reported an inappropriate time between 25 reference and index test. Shah et al 16 (Shah, 2004) reported using cervical extension and ipsilateral lateral flexion. Viikari-Juntura et al (Viikari-Juntura, 1989) 19 combined ipsilateral lateral flexion and rotation but did not specify adding cervical 20 extension, although they did depict it as such in their manuscript. Both outcomes are presented in Table 3, as several studies 30 mention pain in the peri-scapular region as one of the more patient-specific findings 31 during history taking (Tanaka, 2006; Wainner, 2003a; Yoss, 1957). Only the radicular 32 symptoms test results are presented in pooling of results (see Figure 3). One other study set out to evaluate the 17 brachial plexus test but decided not to analyze the results due to poor inter-examiner 18 reliability (Viikari-Juntura, 1989). The authors defined a positive test as when radicular symptoms 30 decreased or disappeared when an axial traction force of 10-15kg was applied. In trying to differentiate between patients with pain due to either 9 shoulder pathology or cervical nerve root compression and pain free controls, a high 10 sensitivity of 0. This seriously limits the level of evidence and 22 also limited the possibility to study the influence of sources of heterogeneity. The recently described Arm Squeeze test showed both high specificity and 25 sensitivity in the one study in which it is first presented and proposed. The axial 26 traction test and the shoulder abduction test both showed high specificity but 27 moderate sensitivity. The included 29 recent study (Apelby-Albrecht, 2013) showed higher specificity than previously 30 reported (Rubinstein, 2007b). But eight studies were identified that retrospectively evaluated 34 neurological symptoms prior to surgical management (Chen, 2000; Conradie, 2006; 13 Page 13 of 28 1 Henderson, 1983; Kuijper, 2011; Post, 2006; Rainville, 2016; Rainville, 2007; Yoss, 2 1957). The large differences in prevalence 16 between studies also has an impact on the accuracy. The 22 studies in this review included only symptomatic patients, but none used a 23 meaningful predefined definition of a positive result indicating the relevant presence 24 of a herniated disc or foraminal encroachment with clear nerve root impingement. Our study did show that the procedures for provocative 3 tests were often poorly described and it was not always clear if and what thresholds 4 were used to define positive test results. Only three studies defined a positive test 5 result (Apelby-Albrecht, 2013; Shabat, 2012; Shah, 2004), two studies provided 6 some information on training (Apelby-Albrecht, 2013; Gumina, 2013) and only one, in 7 a related study, on the reliability of examiners (Viikari-Juntura, 1987). But since relying only on imaging in a diagnostic process has a risk of an 14 inappropriate high number of false positives (Ernst, 2005; Kuijper, 2011; Siivola, 15 2002), it can only assist the clinician in his/ her clinical reasoning process. However, a retrospective study reviewing 2 patients operated on for cervical radiculopathy during a 10-year period, concluded 3 neurophysiological testing had limited additional diagnostic value (Ashkan, 2002). So for now, the 10 usefulness of electrodiagnosis is still under debate (Govindarajan, 2013; Kwast 11 Rabben, 2013; Kwast Rabben, 2011; Reza Soltani, 2014). Clustering of provocative tests has been proposed to increase diagnostic 21 accuracy (Guttmann, 2015).

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Such tooth sur showed that the majority are in favor of a maximum faces, when made parallel to the path of placement, of two direct retainers and a major connector of sim may also act as auxiliary guiding planes. The most An indirect retainer is supposed to reduce the risk widely disseminated general design rules are the ones of the denture base moving away from the mucosa. If em reported and is made worse if the superior border of ployed, the gingival relief is reduced. The direct minor connector recommends that distinct guiding planes be incor principle is easily accomplished for the mandibular porated into the restoration, but a more conservative dental bar by continuing it directly into the connec approach is advised when removal of natural tooth tor (Figs 1 and 2). Mandibular Major Connector Direct Retainers Alternatives to the lingual bar are the sublingual bar, dental bar, and linguoplate. It is clear that the Occlusally approaching retainers minimize the risk of choice is geographically related. They may, how consider the linguoplate disadvantageous from a hy ever, have drawbacks related to esthetics. Pontic Maxillary pontic with metal backing Fig 3 Lingual (or sublingual) bar can extend distal of the first Fig 4 In a situation of high risk for breakage or wear, the whole replacement tooth and a pontic placed in the junction area. Treatment out Conclusion come with mandibular removable partial dentures: A population based study of patient satisfaction. Patient use of carried out in the light of modern concepts of pre removable partial dentures: Two and four-year telephone in ventive dentistry favors open/hygienic design prin terviews. Shortened dental arch: A therapeutic concept in re References duced dentitions and certain high-risk groups. A 5-year longitudinal study of can validation of removable partial dentures design knowledge. Short and sticky options in the treatment Een Beschrijvend Klinisch Longitudinal Onderzoek [thesis]. Studienhandbuch des Projektes: Qualitatssicherung in Ten-year evaluation of removable partial dentures: Survival der Zahnmedizin. Wurzburg, Germany: Gesellschaft fur Strahlen rates based on retreatment, not wearing and replacement. Dtsch Zahnarztl Z 1997;52: tal partial dentures with lingual splint (continuous clasp). An investigation of dentogingivally supported A Case-Oriented Manual of Treatment Planning. An investigation of mandibular partial dentures with Thessaloniki: University of Thessaloniki, 1994. An Atlas of Removable Partial Denture prosthetic findings in patients with removable partial dentures: Design. Clinical evaluation of patients eight to nine Guide to Removable Partial Dentures. A survey of dentitions and removable partial in the oral cavity caused by removable partial dentures. Theory and Practice of Partial Denture Service, bar as a major connector for mandibular removable partial den with Special Reference to a Method of Design.