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By: Carmen B. Smith, PharmD, BCPS

  • Assistant Professor—Pharmacy Practice, Division of Acute Care Pharmacy, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, St. Louis, Missouri


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Class dyeing and printing of a specific material other than textiles and textile fibers with the material. Class comprehensive works on products made by a specific process with the process. Class manufacture of a product based on a specific branch of engineering with the branch of engineering in 620. For a specific hardware or building supply product not provided for here, see the product. For models and miniatures of a specific object, see the object, plus notation 022 from Table 1. Do not use for comprehensive works on environmental engineering of buildings; class in 696 For water drainage, see 696; for chimneys and flues, see 697; for air quality components of air conditioning systems, see 697. For a specific aspect of environmental engineering not provided for here, see the aspect, plus notation 028 from Table 1. However, some diseases arising from services newly registered in are registered although only one case has been reported Orphanet. Update of the inventory of rare diseases is assessed monthly by a medical and scientific committee within Rare diseases are registered with a preferred name and Orphanet and further validated by consulted experts. In the case of duplicates, the nomenclature of the obsolete entry has been added to the rare disease listed here. Orphanet Report Series List of rare diseases and synonyms listed in alphabetical order January 2020. The content of this Orphanet Report Series represents the views of the author only and is his/her sole responsibility; it can not be considered to reflect the views of the European Commission and/or the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency or any other body of the European Union. The European Commission and the Agency do not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information it contains. Bathrooms need style with substance, and the world class design of Luxury Bath Technologies allows enduring appeal, performance, and sophistication. Whether you?re looking to update an old bathroom, create a spa-like setting or improve the safety and accessibility of your tub or shower, Luxury Bath Technologies has the products and remodeling experience you want. It should be an enjoyable and welcoming environment which refects the way you live. Allow Luxury Bath Technologies to customize your bathroom into a comfortable retreat. All custom-ftted bathtubs are anchored with remodeling, providing you with a custom, clean wall panels feature 3-dimensional 1/8 engraved lines LuxBond, the exclusive adhesive system that retreat in which you are proud to bathe. Our exclusive LuxSeal protected shower doors are is available in all of our colors creating a multitude of easy to clean, adding a virtually spotless, opticallyunique and personalized design options. The beauty of Canyon Rock, coupled with oil rubbed bronze accessories, sets the scene for a romantic getaway right in your very own home. Our exclusive LuxBond technology Luxury Bath Technologies uses proprietary sofware (right) flls all gaps, providing a watertight seal for life. Additionally, LuxBond is an exclusive, four part adhesive that creates a watertight fnishing seal, ensuring your new bathtub is completely safe, solid, and waterproof. Luxury Bath Technologies classic tile patterns add the charm of the old world to your bathroom. Complete your design with a tower caddy and oil rubbed bronze accessories for elegance and usability. Choose from a complete line of shower heads, mixers, slide bars, faucets, grab bars and more. White 4 x 4 Tile Walls White 4 x 4 Wainscot Oil Rubbed Bronze Fixtures 9 10 Soak in the modern feel of your own Urban Oasis. Choose from color patterns of our classic collection, or add an upscale look with our exclusive granite and travertine colors. Relax and enjoy your big city spa escape with a soaker tub right in your own home. The 8 swivel shower head streams down through 160, clog-free, rubber nozzles and includes a 13 S shower arm. Our shower head has four functions and is available in Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. San Michele Travertine Smooth Walls San Michele Bench Shower Seat Single Tier Shelves Cayman Brushed Nickel Door & Fixtures 13 14 Luxury Bath Technologies also features solutions for seniors with an accessible walk-in tub or low-barrier shower. One of our goals is to advance Add optional accessories, like safety seats, grab bars (large, walk-in showers with no doors and versatile the quality of life for all individuals.

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Preoperative endobronchial photodynamic therapy improves resectability in initially irresectable (inoperable) locally advanced non small cell lung cancer. Pleural photodynamic therapy and surgery in lung cancer and thymoma patients with pleural spread. Radical pleurectomy and intraoperative photodynamic therapy for malignant pleural mesothelioma. Basic and clinical research on photodynamic therapy at Tokyo Medical University Hospital. Management of multiple primary lung cancer in patients with centrally located early cancer lesions. Population pharmacokinetics of the photodynamic therapy agent 2-[1-hexyloxyethyl]-2-devinyl pyropheophorbide-a in cancer patients. A phase i study of light dose for photodynamic therapy using 2-[1-hexyloxyethyl]-2 devinyl pyropheophorbide-a for the treatment of non-small cell carcinoma in situ or non-small cell microinvasive bronchogenic carcinoma: A dose ranging study. Trends in incidence of adenocarcinoma of the oesophagus and gastric cardia in ten european countries. Oesophageal cancer incidence in the united states by race, sex, and histologic type, 1977?2005. Survival after neoadjuvant chemotherapy or chemoradiotherapy for resectable oesophageal carcinoma: An updated meta-analysis. Perioperative chemo(radio)therapy versus primary surgery for resectable adenocarcinoma of the stomach, gastroesophageal junction, and lower esophagus. Correlation of histology with biomarker status after photodynamic therapy in barrett esophagus. Long-term results of salvage endoscopic mucosal resection in patients with local failure after de? Improvement of systemic 5-aminolevulinic acid-based photodynamic therapy in vivo using light fractionation with a 75-minute interval. Similar effectiveness of methyl aminolevulinate and 5-aminolevulinate in topical photodynamic therapy for nodular basal cell carcinoma. Aminolevulinic acid and methyl aminolevulinate equally effective in topical photodynamic therapy for non-melanoma skin cancers. A clinical study comparing methyl aminolevulinate photodynamic therapy and surgery in small super? Irradiance-dependent photobleaching and pain in delta-aminolevulinic acid-photodynamic therapy of super? A prospective study of pain control by a 2-step irradiance schedule during topical photodynamic therapy of nonmelanoma skin cancer. Randomized, double-blind, prospective study to compare topical 5-aminolaevulinic acid methylester with topical 5-aminolaevulinic acid photodynamic therapy for extensive scalp actinic keratosis. Photodynamic therapy induces less pain in patients treated with methyl aminolevulinate compared to aminolevulinic acid. Treatment with 5-aminolaevulinic acid methylester is less painful than treatment with 5-aminolaevulinic acid nanoemulsion in topical photodynamic therapy for actinic keratosis. Targeted photodynamic therapy in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: Heading into the future. Treatment outcome of photofrin-based photodynamic therapy for T1 and T2 oral squamous cell carcinoma and dysplasia. Treatment of head and neck cancer with photodynamic therapy: Results after one year. Meta-tetra(hydroxyphenyl)chlorin photodynamic therapy in early-stage squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. Photodynamic therapy with 3-(1 hexyloxyethyl) pyropheophorbide a for cancer of the oral cavity. Photodynamic therapy with 3-(1 hexyloxyethyl) pyropheophorbide-a for early-stage cancer of the larynx: Phase ib study. Interstitial photodynamic therapy as salvage treatment for recurrent head and neck cancer. Clinical trial of photodynamic therapy with meso-tetra (hydroxyphenyl) chlorin for respiratory papillomatosis. Treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the lip using foscan-mediated photodynamic therapy. A matched cohort comparison of mthpc-mediated photodynamic therapy and trans-oral surgery of early stage oral cavity squamous cell cancer.


  • Omodysplasia type 1
  • Alopecia macular degeneration growth retardation
  • Corpus callosum agenesis
  • Facio thoraco genital syndrome
  • Richieri Costa Guion Almeida dwarfism
  • Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism syndactyly
  • Chronic myelogenous leukemia
  • Genu varum

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Pack years of smoking were calculated as the product of years of smoking and the mean number of cigarettes per day divided by 20. Hypoxemia: deficient oxygenation of the blood; condition of having less than normal oxygen in the blood. Spirometric values: are measurements made to determine the efficiency or the respiratory system. Vasoconstriction: contraction of the muscular coat in the wall of arteries, which reduces the blood vessel bore and the amount of blood flow. Hypertension: abnormally high blood pressure and especially arterial blood pressure. Updated from the original article publication in 1993, Australian Caver, 133: 20-23 Smith, G. Although pathologically and biochemically different from the inflammation of asthma, the chronic inflammation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, especially in subgroups with asthma-like features and especially during exacerbations, might be expected to respond to corticosteroid therapy, as does asthma. Complications from long-term corticosteroid use are important, but they appear less when the corticosteroid is given via the inhaled route. Clinical evidence is particularly strong supporting the use of inhaled corticosteroids to prevent exacerbations and oral corticosteroids to reduce the duration and impact of exacerbations. In since the development of clinically important symptoms contrast, if the disease is more prominent in the distal usually requires substantial loss (ie, 30?50%) of lung small-airway regions of the lung, there may be concomifunction. From these considerations then, 2 funreview the rationale for corticosteroids, the potential probdamental questions arise: lems with corticosteroids, the evidence base supporting the 1. Although neutrophil-predominant inflammation is often It has been known for decades that pharmacologic doses less responsive to corticosteroid therapy than is eosinoof corticosteroids reduce a variety of inflammatory prophilor lymphocyte-predominant inflammation,16 there are cesses. For example, corticosteroids may oral, parenteral, and inhaled corticosteroids have been used enhance -agonist activity17 and may reduce the systemic for both long-term treatment and acute flares of asthma. From responsiveness at doses 10 mg/mL was seen in 59% of a pathology perspective, asthma has epithelial shedding the population. These acute changes might be particuthe decision to give a patient corticosteroid therapy. Meta-analysis of clinical trials that compared the effect of oral corticosteroids versus placebo in preventing exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This was clearly nificant reduction in treatment failures and a more rapid shown in a meta-analysis by Alsaeedi et al, in 2002 (Fig. Chest Although pathologically and biochemically different 2000;117(2 Suppl):10S?14S. Proc Am Thorac Soc 2004; tures, and especially during exacerbations, might be ex1(3):184?190. Interactions between corticosteroids and 2-agonists in Complications from long-term corticosteroid use are subasthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Proc Am Thorac stantial but appear to be less when given via the inhaled Soc 2004;1(3):200?206. Clinical evidence is particularly strong supporting markers of inflammation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Guidelines from organizations such as tion in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Proc Am Thorac Soc the American Thoracic Society and the Global Initiative 2005;2(1):78?82. The influence of inhaled corticosteroids on exhaled nitric oxide in stable chronic ternet to guide therapy. Global strategy for the diagnosis, managedisease: modulation by inhaled steroids and antioxidant. Respir Med ment, and prevention of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: 2005;99(2):241?249. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2001; on the decline in pulmonary function in chronic obstructive pulmo163(5):1256?1276. The natural history of chronic airflow obstruction bination delivered via the Diskus device in the treatment of chronic Br Med J 1977;1(6077):1645?1648. Miravitlles M, Mayordomo C, Artes M, Sanchez-Agudo L, Nicolau obstructive pulmonary disease. Accessed Eosiophilic inflammation in the airway is related to glucocorticoid Dec 22, 2005. Some effects of adrenocorticotropic hormone and cortimometasone in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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This type of powder can be light, dark, or fuoopaque adhesive gel lifters, typically black or white; and rescent and utilizes the ferromagnetic properties of iron silicon-type materials that are spread onto the surface powder mixed with pigment powders. The magnetized apand allowed to harden to a fexible rubbery medium plicator (magna brush) is dipped into the powder, picking up before lifting. Care must be taken during the comparison a ball of the iron and particle mixture, essentially forming process to note which lifting techniques cause the print to its own brush (Figure 7?1). If the impression will be photographed in situ, the importance of powder color increases. Documenting powdered It is important to note that the magnetic powder ball impressions this way requires combining proper selecformed with a magna brush is much softer than convention of powder and photographic lighting that will produce tional flament brushes and typically causes less damage ample contrast against the substrate. Magnetic powders are usually less effective on ferromagnetic Another type of powder that produces excellent results substrates such as steel or nickel and are therefore not recon a wide variety of surfaces is fuorescent powder. The magnetic attraction rescent powder relies on the principle of luminescence may cause contact between the applicator and substrate, to provide contrast between fngerprint and background. In addition, magneFluorescent powders are typically created by adding a tized particles from the powder will cling to the substrate laser dye in solution to a binder and allowing the mixture and resist removal. The most common and simplest method is Fluorescent powdering is highly sensitive when used with lifting. To lift a print, good-quality transparent tape is placed a good forensic light source and the appropriate barrier onto the surface bearing a powdered impression. In theory, luminescent fngerprint powder should be tape size for fngerprint lifting is 1. It is important to test tape and lift cards used (Crown, 1969, pp 258?264; Friedman and Williams, 1974, with fuorescent powders for any inherent fuorescence pp 267?280). With the advent of chromatography, the reacbecause fuorescence caused by lifting media will interfere tion became even more useful for the location of amino with the quality of the impression. A similar suspension, Sticky-side reagent was so powerful and versatile that some authors powder (Burns, 1994, pp 133?138), used to develop prints suggested it was the most widely used reaction in analytion the adhesive side of tape, has also been reformulated cal laboratories (Friedman and Williams, 1974, pp 267?280). Although using to come into contact with the reagent (Crown, 1969, pp fngerprint powder is quick and inexpensive, concerns have 258?264). Despite Crime scene examiners are being warned to be aware of these warnings, which clearly indicated the ability of ninhythis possibility. The technique Ruhemann mistakenly prepared the compound (Ruheis now amongst the most popular methods for fngerprint mann, 1910a, pp 1438?1449). Ruhemann observed that detection on paper and other porous substrates (Champod the new compound reacted with skin and amino acids et al. This method has limitations, howto produce a purple product (Ruhemann, 1910b, pp ever, and chemists have addressed these limitations by the 2025?2031), and he published a series of papers detailing synthesis of analogues?compounds structurally related to this and other reactions (Ruhemann, 1911a, pp 792?800; ninhydrin that exhibit similar reactions with amino acids 1911b, pp 1306?1310; 1911c, pp 1486?1492). He proposed to improve the clarity of the developed fngerprint (Almog, a structure for the deeply colored product (Ruhemann, 2001, pp 177?209). As early as 1913, the reaction with amino Some fngerprints are created by the deposition of sweat acids was an important diagnostic test for the presence from the fngers when they come into contact with a surof protein and amine compounds in biological samples face. O O Ninhydrin (2,2-dihydroxy-1,3-indanedione) 1,2,3-indanedione which comprise 98% of the volume of a fngerprint (Pounds for fngerprint development (Champod et al. Ninhydrin is a crystalline averaging about 250 ng per fngerprint (Hansen and Joullie, solid that is colorless to pale yellow in color and is highly 2005, pp 408?417). After the water evaporates from the soluble in polar solvents such as water and methanol surface, the amino acids remain as solid material (Knowles, (McCaldin, 1960, pp 39?51). Subsequent studies indicated that the with paper, these amino acids impregnate the surface of purple color resulted from the reaction between ninhydrin the paper, where they are retained by their high affnity for and amino acids and described the product of this reaction cellulose (Champod et al. These qualities have been exploited to 267?280; Hansen and Joullie, 2005, pp 408?417; McCaldin, produce clear, sharp images of fngerprints that were up 1960, pp 39?51; Retinger, 1917, pp 1059?1066; Bottom et to 40 years old (Champod et al. To produce the best-developed fngerprint, is most accepted today is the one proposed by Grigg et al. Ninhydrin is one of many chemicals that acts as a nonspecifc amino acid reagent and is, therefore, highly suitable 7?15 C H A P T E R 7 Latent Print Development Structural studies of the reaction product have confrmed 7. Ninhydrin treatment provides excellent that the reaction with amino acids produces the ammocontrast under ideal conditions. Development in a high-humidity environored substrate or to enhance weakly developed fngerprints.

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Time-resolved imaging has been advocated as one possible means to solve this problem. Early devices utilized a light source with a gated, ity of this technique warrants application on all forms of forotating wheel that chops the light to exploit these differrensic evidence. The light shines on the fngerprint and on untreated prints as well as prints treated with powders substrate when an opening in the wheel is in front of the and chemical reagents. The light source is then effectively turned off when barrier flters, sensitivity via photoluminescence detection a blade in the wheel passes in front of the light source. AbsorpShortly thereafter, an opening in the wheel passes in front tion at discrete wavelengths, absent fuorescence, is also of a detector. The size of the openings in the wheel, and a benefcial enhancement technique on substances such the speed with which it turns, will determine the length as the purple impressions from ninhydrin or dried blood, of time that the print is exposed and the delay between rendering them darker and easier to view and photograph. If the background fuorescence Because background fuorescence is the biggest hindrance decays faster than the fuorescence of the chemical on to fuorescence examination, experimental concepts such the latent fngerprint, the background can be eliminated by as timeand phase-resolved imaging have been proposed adjusting the delay time (Menzel, 2001, p 216; Campbell, to address this problem. Later, manufacturics professor Samuel Tolansky (Royal Holloway College, ers made refnements, increasing the size of the vacuum University of London) noted that the deposition of silver in chamber and adding controls specifc to the fngerprint a vacuum system developed latent fngerprints accidentally development process. An investigation into the its way from Europe to North America (Murphy, 1991, pp process as a fngerprint development technique was pro318?320; Misner, 1992, pp 26?33; Masters and DeHaan, posed. Home Offce because other techniques for fngerprint now supplied by several manufacturers worldwide. One of the early process was also found to develop marks on substrates objectives of the research was to establish why the French exposed to water and conditions of high humidity, giving composition was effective. Research was also conducted into the ability of the tivated to develop prints if excess metal deposition had technique to detect latent prints on fabrics. The work ments showed that although some print development was was extended to investigate other polymer substrates, obtained by the use of single metals. Initially, class of polymer, in particular the amount of gold deposited the gold and cadmium combination was selected as the prior to zinc deposition (polyethylene terephthalate and optimum, although subsequent health and safety issues polyvinylchloride require signifcantly more gold to develop have resulted in the gold and zinc combination being recprints than polymer or polypropylene). Gold was preferred over silver as the initial deposition metal because silver can be degraded by However, there are situations where the performance of fngerprint secretions and atmospheric pollutants. These metals will not condense on grease, such fciently close to the surface for zinc to nucleate on it. However, zinc Electron microscopy has also been used to confrm that will deposit on small nuclei of metal, and this is the reason the size and distribution of gold nuclei formed during the that gold or silver deposition is carried out frst. Gold and deposition process varied greatly according to the subsilver can be deposited over the entire surface and begin to strate and the chemical species present (Kent, 1981, p form nuclei, the morphology of which depends on the na15). It was this difference in nuclei size and distribution, ture of the surface (surface energy, chemical species prescoupled with diffusion of gold into the fatty deposits, that ent) upon which they are being deposited. There As a consequence, when zinc is subsequently deposited, are differences in opinion as to why this arises (Jones it will condense on the regions of gold nuclei. This theory of nucleproven, and in some cases reverse and normal developation was discussed in more detail by Stroud (1971, 1972). Deposition of manufacturer, but the essential elements of the system gold should be complete within 10 seconds, but if any resiare the same. The equipment consists of a vacuum chamdue is observed on the flament as the current is reduced, ber capable of being pumped down to very low pressure the temperature should be increased again until all gold (< 3 x 10-4 mbar), flaments for evaporation of gold and zinc, has been evaporated. The chamber may also contain a cold fnger, Once gold deposition is completed, the pressure in the chilled to low temperature to help reduce pump downtimes chamber is increased to ~5 x 10-4 mbar and the current to by condensing some of the vapor in the chamber. The reason for to be coated are attached to the inside circumference of increasing the pressure in the chamber is to reduce the the vacuum chamber, above the coating flaments. A typispeed of zinc deposition by introducing more air molecules cal system is illustrated in Figure 7?21. Some substrates can coat very quickly, so the slower deposition process gives the flaments (?boats) used for deposition of gold and the operator more control. The zinc deposition flaments zinc are typically formed from thin sheets of molybdenum. Howethylene sheets, and it was shown to be superior to other ever, at present, there still seems to be some debate as to processes developed subsequent to the initial comparison which of the two techniques should be done frst. The earliest tests were of two types, both (Faragher and Summerscales, 1981), along with a waterrelying on the presence of the heme group: those that probased formulation of the same dye (Hussain and Pounds, duced crystals and those that relied on its catalytic nature. Home Offce until the crystal or confrmatory tests were formulated by 2004 (Kent, 2004), when a new formulation by Sears and Teichmann in 1850 (Thorwald, 1966, p 23) and Takayama Prizeman (2000, p 470) was adopted.

Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass). Lukol.

  • Stomach and intestinal spasms, stomach ache, high blood pressure, convulsions, pain, vomiting, cough, rheumatism, fever, common cold, exhaustion, headache, use as an antiseptic and astringent, and other uses.
  • Dosing considerations for Lemongrass.
  • Are there safety concerns?
  • What is Lemongrass?
  • How does Lemongrass work?

Source: http://www.rxlist.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=96704

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It would reduce subsidies for health coverage is estimated to increase by 12 million the number of for high-income employed and retired individuals, but U. Lanhee Chen of the Hoover Institution lent below should not be construed as endorsements of me his insights into malpractice reform. Healy, Matt Hoffmann, Jay Khosla, John Martin, Joe Murray, Emily Murry, Gregg Nunziata, Monica Popp, Funding for their work?and for the production of this Robb Walton, and Paul Winfree, provided insights into monograph?came from the Manhattan Institute, led the history of previous legislative health reform efforts, by Lawrence Mone, Vanessa Mendoza, Howard Huand the prospects for future reform. David Heritage Action also helped me think through conKimble found every single one of my typos, and justly gressional considerations. Kyle Janek, executive commissioner of the Texas In 2012, Paul Starr of Princeton predicted that I, or Health and Human Services Commission, and his someone like me, would one day pen this proposal. Stuart Butler of the Brookings Institution pointed me A Reuters op-ed that I coauthored with former Conto many of the opportunities for policy innovation with gressional Budget Of? Eakin in 2013, entitled The Future of Free-Market Healthcare, articulated some of the core principles of Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute and Ben the Plan; the wide-ranging debate that followed proDomenech of the Heartland Institute provided vided the impetus for developing it further. Steve Forbes, Lewis D?Vorkin, Dan Bigman, and Matt Herper, my colleagues at Forbes, along with Rich Most important of all, even though I spent most of the Lowry and Reihan Salam, of National Review, provided spring and summer of 2014 huddled at my desk, workme the platforms with which to research many of the ing on this manuscript, Sarah Williams said yes when concepts that surface in this Plan. Harold Pollack of the University of Chicago helped to frame my thinking on health reform for the disabled. Caslon 3, its boldface cousin, was designed by University of Southern California, David Helms of the the same foundry in 1905. University of California?challenged me with imporDeclaration of Independence were set in Caslon. The cover title was set in the French autoroute type CaracAfter the initial version of the Plan was reelased, Ben teres L2. Journal of the 45 Holahan argues for a different, somewhat more National Cancer Institute. National Institute for Health Committee on the Judiciary: Subcommittee on Care Management. According to aides to Senators Coburn, Burr, and Hatch, their proposal was not designed to raise taxes. Our work has won new respect for marketoriented policies and helped make reform a reality. The Manhattan Institute is located in New York City, and produces ideas that are both literally and? We have cultivated a staff of senior fellows and writers whose provocative books, essays, reviews, interviews, speeches, and op-ed pieces communicate our message and in? Manhattan Institute for Policy Research 52 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York, New York 10017 (212) 599-7000 It demonstrates our contribution to the major challenges and key issues that Sanofi must address today, linking sustainability performance to business results. Using this report It contains information about events relating to our activities this report presents our that took place in 2017, as well approach in a concise and as major events in early 2018. It is an entry It has been developed for a wide point to several other company range of stakeholders, including documents. Our diverO sified activities focused on human health allow us to leverage our capacity for innovation and performance excellence to benefit all stakeholders, beginning with patients. Empowering Life is global and diversified human healthcare also about ensuring that the value we create is shared and companies by 2025. We share this value by improvformative technologies and focusing on our ing access to healthcare and providing a positive contriareas of excellence, we will continue to earn bution in our communities, focusing on the highest needs the respect and trust of patients and healthand where we can have the greatest impact. Today we are facing value creation by acting responsibly, reducing our impact societal challenges, such as a growing and on the environment and ensuring high standards of ethics aging population, wealth disparity, climate and transparency in all that we do. I they demonstrate their positive contribution would like to extend my warmest thanks to our shareholders to society. Teamwork, respect, courage and integrity are the foundation through which we work to bring our innovative medicines to patients A around the world. Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of thinking and behaving that is woven into the fabric of how Sanofi operates as a Company every single day. It requires the full commitment of the entire Company, from top executives to each individual in our operations around the globe. By acting responsibly, we build trust with our patients, partners and our other stakeholders. Integrated thinking is a driver of change within the Company, building bridges between organizations, breaking down silos and generating strong internal motivation.

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This ability to select various wavehis early design, many variations have been manufaclengths can be a beneft not found in most lasers. When the rod is not retracted, Forensic light sources are used by shining the light over the head of the applicator is magnetized. Contaminants in, and constituents of, a latent print To use the magnetic applicator, it is lowered into the magwill sometimes cause an inherent luminescence when netic powder. These adhere to the constituents of the latent print and make the are small pieces of backing material with a same-size piece print visible. They allow an examiner to place ends of the suspended powder, not the applicator itself, to the adhesive tape on an impression and then press it the surface being processed. Rubber/gel lifters come in Excess powder can be removed by frst retracting the precut elastic sheets. They have a low-tack adhesive gelatin magnetic rod and releasing the unused powder from the layer on the backing material, which is covered with clear applicator back into the powder jar (or appropriate disposal acetate. The low-tack adhesive and fexibility of the backing container, if the powder has become contaminated) and material make these lifters desirable for lifting prints off then passing the applicator over the area again to allow any curved and delicate surfaces such as light bulbs, doorexcess powder to re-adhere to the magnet. The card is usually preprinted with areas for information about the lift When the surface of an item is rough or textured, a casting (date, case number, location, who made the lift, etc. Casting material can also be useful to preserve and record fngerprint impressions in 11. Aside from the standard clear and frosted terial is available in a variety of compounds. A color that will contrast with the to it, allowing for lifts to be more easily taken from curved print powder should be selected (Morris, 2005). Tapes that are thicker than the clear and frosted tapes were developed to conform better to textured sur11. Adhesive tape from a roll may be torn or cut to any length and then Any type of camera that has accessories for close-up affxed to the developed print. Care should be exercised to work can be used in fngerprint and palmprint photography remove a suitable length of tape in one continuous motion (Moenssens, 1971, p 151). However, a camera system with to avoid lines that are created by intermittent stops during a lens for macrophotography works best. These, in combination, form a system that can use the roll as a secure handle for the tape. The press or view camera using 4 x 5 sheet flm After an item has been processed with powder, the edge was the most commonly used camera until it was replaced of the lifting device. The newer high-resolution the surface adjacent to the latent print and the device is digital single-lens refex cameras are also suitable for fngercarefully smoothed over the print. The tape is then peeled print photography (Dalrymple, Shaw, and Woods, 2002, pp off and placed on a backing card of contrasting color to 750?761; Crispino, Touron, and Elkader, 2001, pp 479?495). Warning labels (for biohazard and chemically can be easily obtained at the scene, but often they are processed evidence) overlooked. If the time is taken to obtain the elimination prints, comparisons can be made and lab personnel are 7. Rulers (metal machine ruler and small plastic rulers; a laser ruler may be helpful as well) 12. Scales to indicate dimensions in photographs (nonadhesive and adhesive for placing on walls, if necessary) Sometimes evidence needs to be collected for processing at the laboratory. Packaging containers (to preserve the evidence in the evidence include: condition it is found and to prevent contamination) 1. As these molecules what does not, he or she can modify his or her personal collect, they begin to form clusters, often becoming viskit as needed. The second requirement referred to as superglue fuming, was introduced into the is proper ventilation. Theys, Turgis, and Lepareux frst reported in 1968 heat source, such as a coffee cup warmer. This heat causes that the selective condensation of metals under vacuum the glue to vaporize, thereby developing the latent print settles on the sebum (fat) flms, revealing latent prints. The chamber should also deposited onto the latent print, making it visible (Lee and include a system to separate and suspend the specimens Gaensslen, 2001, p 140). This chamber vaporizes fumes from cyano(1993, p 111), Not all lasers are suitable for fngerprint acrylate under vacuum conditions without the white work.

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He would bet unsuspecting patrons Classical Probability that in four rolls of a die, he could get at Classical probability uses sample spaces to determine the numerical probability that an least one 6. One does not actually have to perform the experiment to determine so successful at the that probability. For example, when a single die is rolled, each outcome has the same prob1 a new game was ability of occurring. Pascal became n E P E interested and n S began studying this probability is called classical probability, and it uses the sample space S. If one asks, What is the probability of getting a head when a coin is whose hobby was tossed? In most cases, the answers to examples and exercises given in this chapter are expressed as fractions or decimals, but percentages are used where appropriate. For this reason, some probabilities will be expressed as percents throughout this book. When the probability of an event is an extremely small decimal, it is permissible to round the decimal to the? When obtaining probabilities from one of the tables in Appendix C, use the number of decimal places given in the table. If decimals are converted to percentages to express probabilities, move the decimal point two places to the right and add a percent sign. Solution 4 1 Since there are 52 cards in a deck and there are 4 queens, P(queen) 52 13. In this case, the queen of hearts would be included in both cases and When the dice were counted twice. In the second case, both events cannot occur at the same time, and we say that this is an example of the exclusive or. There are 4 jacks so there are 4 outcomes in event E and 52 possible outcomes in the sample space. Since there is only one 6 of clubs in event E, the probability of getting a 6 of clubs is 1 P(6 of clubs) 52 c. There are four 3s and 13 diamonds, but the 3 of diamonds is counted twice in this listing. Hence, there are 16 possibilities of drawing a 3 or a diamond, so 16 4 P(3 or diamond) 52 13 this is an example of the inclusive or. Since there are four 3s and four 6s, 8 2 P(3 or 6) 52 13 this is an example of the exclusive or. These rules are helpful in solving probability problems, in understanding the nature of probability, and in deciding if your answers to the problems are correct. One game called Hounds Rule 1 states that probabilities cannot be negative or greater than 1. Solution Since the sample space is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, it is impossible to get a 9. Solution Since all outcomes?1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6?are less than 7, the probability is 6 P(number less than 7) 6 1 the event of getting a number less than 7 is certain. When the probability of an event is close to 0, its occurrence is highly unlikely. Probability Rule 4 the sum of the probabilities of all the outcomes in the sample space is 1. For example, in the roll of a fair die, each outcome in the sample space has a prob1 ability of 6. Outcome 1 1 1 1 1 1 Probability 6 6 6 6 6 6 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 Sum 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 1 Complementary Events Another important concept in probability theory is that of complementary events. When a die is rolled, for instance, the sample space consists of the outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The event of not getting an odd number is called the complement of event E, and it consists of the outcomes 2, 4, and 6.

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These complications are related to the severity of the disease, birth weight, and gestational age of the infant. If the birth cannot be delayed beyond 34 weeks, the mother may be given corticosteroid therapy before birth, which accelerates fetal lung maturation. High-risk and premature infants require prompt attention by a pediatric resuscitation team. Important basic science research lead to the creation of surfactant replacement therapies that have dramatically improved survival of premature babies. However, there are still many mysteries about surfactant, including the function of this beautiful lattice-like structure; the colors were added to the squares of the lattice to help scientists understand how the lattices might form and work. In the 1950s, however, its harmful effects were manifest whenblindness occurred in premature infants given pure oxygen. Although these premature infants could be kept alive longer on ventilators, many still died, and those who lived often developed bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Its use has led to a dramatic decrease in mortality from nearly 100 percent to less than 10 percent. Typically, infants are able to breathe more easily within a few hours of receiving surfactant, and complications such as lung rupture are less likely to occur. There is a risk of bleeding into the lungs from surfactant treatment, especially in extremely low birth weight infants (those weighing less than 1,000 grams). In addition, inhaled nitric oxide can improve oxygenation and reduce pulmonary in? When begun soon after birth in these premature infants, nitric oxide administration improves the acute disease and also reduces the chance of chronic lung disease. As with most drugs, it can also have side effects, including an increased risk of bleeding. Studying the physiology of lungs under different conditions showed how critical surfactant was for breathing. Both synthetic and animal-derived substances as well as components of surfactant were investigated as possible therapies. The use of surfactant derived from calf lung produced gratifying results when given immediately after birth. There were concerns that disease transmission could occur from treating newborns with an animal-derived product, but fortunately this has not been reported. Currently, all of the surfactant replacement therapies in use in the United States are animal derived. The problem is most severe for the smallest babies in the extremely low birth weight group (500 to 699 grams), up to 85 percent of whom develop this complication. Preterm infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia are at increased risk of death, re-hospitalization, and chronic and acute respiratory symptoms requiring therapy as compared with full-term infants. Therefore, recent research, both basic and clinical, has focused on efforts to prevent this complication. Clinical trials testing the usefulness of continuous nitric oxide inhalation therapy after birth and of repeated doses of surfactant to reduce the incidence and severity of bronchopulmonary dysplasia are ongoing. Vitamin A, a nutrient important for cell growth, has been shown to decrease bronchopulmonary dysplasia in some studies. Other nutrients may provide premature infants with added protection against this condition. Surfactant therapy and other medical and critical care advances have increased survival among extremely low birth weight infants. If complications during pregnancy indicate that a premature birth is likely, obstetricians can test the amniotic? Understanding of and advancements in nutrition and the delivery of critical care medicine to newborns will also improve the outcome of those with this condition. Epidemiology of neonatal respiratory failure in the United States: projections from California and New York. An overview of pulmonary surfactant in the neonate: genetics, metabolism, and the role of surfactant in health and disease.

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In addition, the analysis captures data when a prescription was dispensed; it does not indicate that the patient took the obesity drug, and it does not indicate if the drug was prescribed off label for something other than weight loss. Prescription drug expenditure and medical expenditure estimates are based on an unweighted sample of 118,615 adults and an estimated average annual population of 233,060,000 adults. Medicare Part D For information on the number of claims for obesity drugs that were Prescription Drug Event reimbursed, the number of plans that provided reimbursement, and the amount reimbursed for obesity drugs under the Medicare prescription Data drug program known as Medicare Part D, we analyzed Medicare 10Dispensing is the act of delivering a prescription drug to a patient or an intermediary who is responsible for administering the drug. Because two of the obesity drugs?lorcaserin (Belviq) and phentermine/topiramate (Qsymia) were approved for the U. S market in 2012, and two of the drugs?liraglutide (Saxenda) and bupropion/naltrexone (Contrave) were approved for the U. Because our analysis was limited to those instances in which a Medicare Part D plan reimbursed for an obesity drug as a supplemental drug under enhanced alternative coverage, the number of Medicare Part D plans that provided coverage for obesity drugs could be higher. For example, some plans may have covered obesity drugs, but none of the beneficiaries enrolled in these plans filled a prescription for such a drug. Our analysis was limited to those instances in which a Medicare Part D plan reimbursed for an obesity drug as a supplemental drug under enhanced alternative coverage, and the actual number of Medicare Part D plans that provided coverage for obesity drugs could be higher. We did not find comprehensive data on the number of Medicare Part D plans that provided coverage or the number of beneficiaries with coverage for obesity drugs. Because our analysis was limited to those instances in which Medicaid reimbursed for an obesity drug, the number of states in which state Medicaid programs or Medicaid managed care plans provided coverage for obesity drugs could be higher. For example, a state could have provided coverage for obesity drugs, but no beneficiaries in that state filled a prescription for an obesity drug. Interviews with Officials in We obtained information and reviewed studies from officials from eight Stakeholder stakeholder organizations (representing medical associations and advocacy groups for obesity research and treatment) on the use of Organizations, Federal obesity drugs and guidelines for using obesity drugs and to obtain their Agencies, Insurers, and perspectives on what physicians and other health care providers take into Others consideration when prescribing these drugs, among other things. Therefore, we cannot determine whether these obesity drugs were prescribed off label. A 2018 study compared 2015 Medicaid State Drug Utilization data and publicly available 2016-2017 Medicaid program documents, and found that more states reimbursed for obesity drugs than indicated coverage in the program documents. Dietz, Coverage for Obesity Prevention and Treatment Services: Analysis of Medicaid and State Employee Health Insurance Programs, Obesity, vol. We obtained information about the health insurance coverage of obesity drugs from officials from the three largest pharmacy benefit managers, four large insurers, and two organizations knowledgeable about prescription drug benefits for employer-sponsored health plans. We selected the four large insurers?Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, and Aetna?based on the criteria of the insurers covering more than 1 million lives and operating in multiple states. The other two organizations we contacted were Willis Towers Watson, an employer benefit consultant, and the National Business Group on Health, an organization that represents over 430 large employers. We determined 19 studies were relevant to the use of obesity drugs and 1 study was relevant to coverage of obesity drugs. We also identified 17 additional studies in our literature review that provided relevant background information. Additionally, we reviewed five studies provided by stakeholder organizations (in addition to the studies we had identified in our literature review) that we determined were relevant to our research objectives, as well as guidelines for the use of obesity drugs in obesity treatment. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain sufficient, appropriate evidence to provide a reasonable basis for our 19These guidelines include: (1) American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines and the Obesity Society, A Guideline for the Management of Overweight and Obesity in Adults, (2013); (2) C. We believe that the evidence obtained provides a reasonable basis for our findings and conclusions based on our audit objectives. In addition, amphetamines are not used in the treatment of obesity, according to officials from a scientific membership organization focused on obesity issues and officials from medical associations with clinician members who treat obesity. We therefore excluded methamphetamine and amphetamine from the list of prescription obesity drugs. Additionally, we excluded Victoza, which has the same active ingredient as Saxenda (liraglutide), because it is indicated for diabetes. We also excluded Alli, a lower dose of orlistat, because it is an over-the-counter drug that does not require a prescription. Adults this appendix presents national estimates of the prevalence of obesity among U. The survey consists of interviews conducted in participants homes and standardized physical examinations, including measured height and weight, in mobile examination centers.


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