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By: Curtis L. Smith, PharmD, BCPS

  • Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Ferris State University College of Pharmacy
  • Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Sparrow Health System, Lansing, Michigan

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Navigational Note: Neck soft tissue necrosis Local wound care; medical Operative debridement or Life-threatening Death intervention indicated. Most often affecting the epiphysis of the long bones, the necrotic changes result in the collapse and the destruction of the bone structure. Navigational Note: Osteonecrosis of jaw Asymptomatic; clinical or Symptomatic; medical Severe symptoms; limiting self Life-threatening Death diagnostic observations only; intervention indicated. Navigational Note: Rhabdomyolysis Asymptomatic, intervention Non-urgent intervention Symptomatic, urgent Life-threatening Death not indicated; laboratory indicated intervention indicated consequences; dialysis findings only Definition:A disorder characterized by the breakdown of muscle tissue resulting in the release of muscle fiber contents into the bloodstream. Navigational Note: Soft tissue necrosis lower limb Local wound care; medical Operative debridement or Life-threatening Death intervention indicated. Navigational Note: Myelodysplastic syndrome Life-threatening Death consequences; urgent intervention indicated Definition:A disorder characterized by insufficiently healthy hematapoietic cell production by the bone marrow. Navigational Note: Skin papilloma Asymptomatic; intervention Intervention initiated not indicated Definition:A disorder characterized by the presence of one or more warts. Navigational Note: Treatment related secondary Non life-threatening Acute life-threatening Death malignancy secondary malignancy secondary malignancy; blast crisis in leukemia Definition:A disorder characterized by development of a malignancy most probably as a result of treatment for a previously existing malignancy. Navigational Note: Tumor hemorrhage Mild symptoms; intervention Moderate symptoms; Transfusion indicated; Life-threatening Death not indicated intervention indicated invasive intervention consequences; urgent indicated; hospitalization intervention indicated Definition:A disorder characterized by bleeding in a tumor. Navigational Note: Anosmia Present Definition:A disorder characterized by a change in the sense of smell. Navigational Note:Also consider Olfactory nerve disorder Aphonia Voicelessness; unable to speak Definition:A disorder characterized by the inability to speak. Navigational Note: Central nervous system Asymptomatic; clinical or Moderate symptoms; Severe symptoms; medical Life-threatening Death necrosis diagnostic observations only; corticosteroids indicated intervention indicated consequences; urgent intervention not indicated intervention indicated Definition:A disorder characterized by a necrotic process occurring in the brain and/or spinal cord. Navigational Note: Cerebrospinal fluid leakage Post-craniotomy: Post-craniotomy: moderate Severe symptoms; medical Life-threatening Death asymptomatic; Post-lumbar symptoms; medical intervention indicated consequences; urgent puncture: transient headache; intervention indicated; Post intervention indicated postural care indicated lumbar puncture: persistent moderate symptoms; blood patch indicated Definition:A disorder characterized by loss of cerebrospinal fluid into the surrounding tissues. Navigational Note: Cognitive disturbance Mild cognitive disability; not Moderate cognitive disability; Severe cognitive disability; interfering with interfering with significant impairment of work/school/life work/school/life performance work/school/life performance performance; specialized but capable of independent educational services/devices living; specialized resources not indicated on part time basis indicated Definition:A disorder characterized by a conspicuous change in cognitive function. Navigational Note: Dysarthria Mild slurred speech Moderate impairment of Severe impairment of articulation or slurred speech articulation or slurred speech Definition:A disorder characterized by slow and slurred speech resulting from an inability to coordinate the muscles used in speech. Navigational Note: Dysgeusia Altered taste but no change in Altered taste with change in diet diet. Navigational Note: Dysphasia Awareness of receptive or Moderate receptive or Severe receptive or expressive expressive characteristics; not expressive characteristics; characteristics; impairing impairing ability to impairing ability to ability to read, write or communicate communicate spontaneously communicate intelligibly Definition:A disorder characterized by impairment of verbal communication skills, often resulting from brain damage. Navigational Note: Edema cerebral New onset; worsening from Life-threatening Death baseline consequences; urgent intervention indicated Definition:A disorder characterized by swelling due to an excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain. Navigational Note: Hypersomnia Mild increased need for sleep Moderate increased need for Severe increased need for sleep sleep Definition:A disorder characterized by characterized by excessive sleepiness during the daytime. Navigational Note: Ischemia cerebrovascular Asymptomatic; clinical or Moderate symptoms diagnostic observations only; intervention not indicated Definition:A disorder characterized by a decrease or absence of blood supply to the brain caused by obstruction (thrombosis or embolism) of an artery resulting in neurological damage. Navigational Note: Recurrent laryngeal nerve Asymptomatic; clinical or Moderate symptoms Severe symptoms; medical Life-threatening Death palsy diagnostic observations only; intervention indicated. It has been observed in association with hypertensive encephalopathy, eclampsia, and immunosuppressive and cytotoxic drug treatment. Navigational Note: Spasticity Mild or slight increase in Moderate increase in muscle Severe increase in muscle Life-threatening Death muscle tone tone and increase in tone and increase in consequences; unable to resistance through range of resistance through range of move active or passive range motion motion of motion Definition:A disorder characterized by increased involuntary muscle tone that affects the regions interfering with voluntary movement. Navigational Note: Syncope Fainting; orthostatic collapse Definition:A disorder characterized by spontaneous loss of consciousness caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain. Navigational Note: Tendon reflex decreased Ankle reflex reduced Ankle reflex absent; other Absence of all reflexes reflexes reduced Definition:A disorder characterized by less than normal deep tendon reflexes. Navigational Note: Vasovagal reaction Present Life-threatening Death consequences; urgent intervention indicated Definition:A disorder characterized by a sudden drop of the blood pressure, bradycardia, and peripheral vasodilation that may lead to loss of consciousness. Navigational Note: Pregnancy loss Fetal loss at any gestational age Definition:Death in utero. Navigational Note: Premature delivery Delivery of a liveborn infant at Delivery of a liveborn infant at Delivery of a liveborn infant at Delivery of a liveborn infant at >34 to 37 weeks gestation >28 to 34 weeks gestation 24 to 28 weeks gestation 24 weeks of gestation or less Definition:A disorder characterized by delivery of a viable infant before the normal end of gestation. Typically, viability is achievable between the twentieth and thirty-seventh week of gestation. Navigational Note: Anorgasmia Inability to achieve orgasm Inability to achieve orgasm not adversely affecting adversely affecting relationship relationship Definition:A disorder characterized by an inability to achieve orgasm. Navigational Note: Delayed orgasm Delay in achieving orgasm not Delay in achieving orgasm adversely affecting adversely affecting relationship relationship Definition:A disorder characterized by sexual dysfunction characterized by a delay in climax. Navigational Note: Delusions Moderate delusional Severe delusional symptoms; Life-threatening Death symptoms hospitalization not indicated; consequences, threats of new onset harm to self or others; hospitalization indicated Definition:A disorder characterized by false personal beliefs held contrary to reality, despite contradictory evidence and common sense.

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To reach this goal, therapy must be directed and noninvasive tool, and its use is burgeoning in to achieve resolution of both objective inflammation countries such as Australia51. Early mucosal healing with therapy and predicting disease outcome of moderate consensus on the diagnosis and management of infliximab is associated with improved long-term to-severe forms of ulcerative colitisfi Severity of inflammation is a risk severe attacks of ulcerative colitis may rely on bowel based consensus on the diagnosis and management factor for colorectal neoplasia in ulcerative colitis. The ulcerative colitis endoscopic index with clinical, endoscopic, histologic, and radiographic in ulcerative colitis. Comparing histological activity histologic inflammation in patients with ulcerative 13. Biological and with endoscopic and histologic inflammation of noninvasive disease activity indices in ulcerative histological parameters as predictors of relapse and identifies patients with mucosal healing in colitis. The pattern and outcome of acute inflammatory bowel disease: clinical and radiographic 66. Predictive factors for clinically agents in inflammatory bowel disease patients in deep results from a Norwegian population-based cohort. Randomised controlled trial of emergency department with acute gastrointestinal reduces fecal calprotectin in patients with quiescent azathioprine and 5-aminosalicylic acid for treatment symptoms. Scheduled maintenance treatment activity and severity in ulcerative colitis: a prospective clinical indices and biomarkers fail to predict with infliximab is superior to episodic treatment for the study. Mucosal healing predicts long-term colonic inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease. Are colonoscopy and bowel bowel disease patients: a systematic review and meta (2009). A new measure of health status ultrasonography, computed tomography and magnetic 119. Efficacy and tolerance of infliximab for clinical trials in inflammatory bowel disease. Azathioprine withdrawal in patients disease as measured by a new disease activity index. Moving towards received consulting and/or speaker fees from AbbVie, accurately reflects endoscopic activity of ulcerative disease modification in inflammatory bowel disease Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Celgene, colitis than the Lichtiger Index, C-reactive protein, therapy. Fecal calprotectin as Review criteria predictor of relapse in patients with inflammatory Author contributions A literature search was performed to evaluate available bowel disease under maintenance infliximab therapy.

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Meetings of the Advisory Council shall be quarterly or as called by the chair or upon petition by a majority of the voting members. The Commission shall provide office supplies and personnel of the Commission to carry out any of the duties that have been entrusted to the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council may recommend improvements and proper responses to developing trends. The Advisory Council shall report its findings annually to the Governor, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. In addition to other duties required by this section, the Advisory Council shall consult with the Court regarding oversight of independent medical examiners as provided in Section 45 of this act. Such payments to the Tax Commission shall be made not later than the fifteenth day of the month following the close of each quarter of the calendar year in which such gross direct premium is collected or collectible. Contributions made by insurance carriers and CompSource Oklahoma, under the provisions of this Oklahoma Statutes fi Title 85A. When an employer is authorized to become a self-insurer, the Commission shall so notify the Tax Commission, giving the effective date of such authorization. The Tax Commission shall then assess and collect from the employers carrying their own risk an assessment at the rate of two percent (2%) of the total compensation for permanent total disability awards, permanent partial disability awards and death benefits paid out during each quarter of the calendar year by the employers. Such assessment shall be payable by the employers and collected by the Tax Commission according to the provisions of this section regarding payment and collection of the assessment created in paragraph 1 of this subsection. It shall be the duty of the Tax Commission to collect the payments provided for in this title. The Tax Commission is hereby authorized to bring an action for the recovery of any delinquent or unpaid payments required in this section. The Tax Commission may also enforce payments by proceeding in accordance with the provisions of Section 98 of this title. The Tax Commission shall pay monthly to the State Treasurer to the credit of the Multiple Injury Trust Fund all monies collected under the provisions of this section less the annual amounts which shall be apportioned by the Oklahoma Tax Commission as follows: 1. The refund provisions of Sections 227 through 229 of Title 68 of the Oklahoma Statutes shall be applicable to any payments made pursuant to this section. The personnel transferred shall retain leave, sick and annual time earned and any retirement and longevity benefits which have accrued during their employment with the state. The salaries of employees who are transferred shall not be reduced as a direct and immediate result of the transfer. The Director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services is hereby directed to coordinate the transfer of funds, allotments, purchase orders, outstanding financial obligations or encumbrances provided for in subsections A and E of this section, and the transfer of funds, outstanding financial obligations or encumbrances provided for in subsection B of this section. The time within which an act is to be done, as provided for in this act, shall be computed by excluding the first day and including the last day. In doing so, we define these complementary approaches, identify core principles and current practice for each, and discuss how both are being integrated across service sectors. Finally, we identify next steps for providers, researchers, and policymakers to ensure that all service systems are prepared to sustain this comprehensive approach to trauma intervention" (p. Best practices and protocols integrating trauma-informed care into domestic violence programs are described. While this manual is designed for domestic violence programs outside of correctional settings, the content can easily be used in institutional and community based programming. Summary of the Fourth Annual Social Determinants of Health Symposium; includes Trauma-Informed Systems: Police, the Community and the Courts. This infographic illustrates: event or incidents that can cause trauma; short and long tern crisi or trauma reactions; what a person may experience following a traumatic event; resiliency versus recovery; and the process of post-action strategic debriefing. Three family-based trauma-informed interventions are discussed and two case applications are provided as examples" (p. It directly addresses both trauma and addiction, but without requiring clients to delve into the trauma narrative (the detailed account of disturbing trauma memories), thus making it relevant to a very broad range of clients and easy to implement.

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This type of radiation can be used to try to cure earlier stage cancers, or to help relieve symptoms such as bone pain if the cancer has spread to a specific area of bone. You will usually go for treatment 5 days a week in an outpatient center for at least several weeks, depending on why the radiation is being given. The radiation is stronger than that used for an x-ray, but the procedure typically is painless. This lets doctors give higher doses of radiation to the tumor while reducing the radiation 17 American Cancer Society cancer. Radiation beams are then shaped and aimed at the prostate from several directions, which makes it less likely to damage surrounding normal tissues and organs. It uses a computer-driven machine that moves around the patient as it delivers radiation. Along with shaping the beams and aiming them at the prostate from several angles, the intensity (strength) of the beams can be adjusted to limit the doses of radiation reaching nearby normal tissues. This appears to help deliver the radiation even more precisely and results in fewer side effects. It uses a machine that delivers radiation quickly as it rotates once around the body. Because there are large doses of radiation in each dose, the entire course of treatment is given over just a few days. Unlike x-rays, which release energy both before and after they hit their target, protons cause little damage to tissues they pass through and release their energy only after traveling a certain distance. This means that proton beam radiation can, in theory, deliver more radiation to the prostate while doing less damage to nearby normal tissues. Although in theory proton beam therapy might be more effective than using x-rays, so far studies have not shown if this is true. Proton beam radiation might not be covered by all insurance companies at this time. Bowel problems: Radiation can irritate the rectum and cause a condition called 4 radiation proctitis. This can lead to diarrhea, sometimes with blood in the stool, and rectal leakage. Most of these problems go away over time, but in rare cases normal bowel function does not return. To help lessen bowel problems, you may be told to follow a special diet during radiation therapy to help limit bowel movement during treatment. Sometimes a balloon-like device or gel is put between the rectum and the prostate before treatment to act like a spacer to lessen the amount of radiation that reaches the rectum. Urinary problems: Radiation can irritate the bladder and lead to a condition called radiation cystitis. You might need to urinate more often, have a burning sensation while you urinate, and/or find blood in your urine. As described in the surgery section, there are different levels and types of incontinence. Overall, this side effect occurs less often with radiation therapy than after surgery. The risk is low at first, but it goes up each year for several years after treatment. Rarely, the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body (the urethra) may 19 American Cancer Society cancer. Erection problems, including impotence:After a few years, the impotence rate after radiation is about the same as that after surgery.

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Effect of pregabalin augmentation in treatment of patients with combat-related chronic posttraumatic stress disorder: A randomized controlled trial. Cortisol augmentation of a psychological treatment for warfighters with posttraumatic stress disorder: Randomized trial showing improved treatment retention and outcome. A parallel group placebo controlled study of prazosin for trauma nightmares and sleep disturbance in combat Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Prazosin for treating sleep disturbances in adults with posttraumatic stress disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation over the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex for treating posttraumatic stress disorder: An exploratory meta-analysis of randomized, double-blind and sham-controlled trials. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in posttraumatic stress disorder: A double blind, placebo-controlled study. A sham controlled study of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for posttraumatic stress disorder. Noninvasive brain stimulation with high-frequency and low intensity repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder. Deep brain stimulation of the basolateral amygdala for treatment-refractory posttraumatic stress disorder. Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on symptoms and quality of life among service members with persistent postconcussion symptoms: A randomized clinical trial. Stellate ganglion block used to treat symptoms associated with combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder: A case series of 166 patients. Stellate ganglion block for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder: A randomized, double-blind, controlled trial. Randomized effectiveness trial of a brief course of acupuncture for posttraumatic stress disorder. Clinical study on treatment of the earthquake-caused post traumatic stress disorder by cognitive-behavior therapy and acupoint stimulation. Complementary and alternative medicine for posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms: A systematic review. Physical activity in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Mindfulness-based stress reduction for posttraumatic stress disorder among Veterans: A randomized clinical trial. Effects of participation in a mindfulness program for Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder: A randomized controlled pilot study. Efficacy of a satyananda yoga intervention for reintegrating adults diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder. Yoga as an adjunctive treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder: A randomized controlled trial. Medication-based mantram intervention for Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder: A randomized trial. Randomized controlled trial of internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder. Guided internet-delivered cognitive behavior therapy for post traumatic stress disorder: A randomized controlled trial. Web-based psychotherapy for posttraumatic stress disorder in war-traumatized Arab patients: Randomized controlled trial. Telemedicine for anger management therapy in a rural population of combat Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder: A randomized noninferiority trial. Telemedicine versus in-person delivery of cognitive processing therapy for women with posttraumatic stress disorder: A randomized noninferiority trial. Group cognitive processing therapy delivered to Veterans via telehealth: A pilot cohort. Evaluation of cognitive restructuring for post-traumatic stress disorder in people with severe mental illness.

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Failure of this mechanism results in a rise in plasma osmolality due to water loss, and a dilute urine of low osmolality. Indications Investigation of suspected cranial or nephrogenic diabetes insipidus and primary polydipsia. Other causes of polydipsia and polyuria: fi Diabetes Mellitus fi Hypoadrenalism fi Hypercalcaemia fi Hypokalaemia fi Hypothyroidism fi Urinary Infections fi Chronic kidney disease fi Therapy with Carbamazepine, Chlorpropamide, Lithium Therapy Precautions Patients should not have any access to any food or drink throughout the test and must be closely monitored throughout the test to ensure this. If indicated give normal steroid and/or thyroid hormone replacement before the test. In these cases the test can be repeated fasting the patient from midnight the night before the test. Elderly patients may not achieve maximal concentration of their urine and therefore results should be interpreted on a case by case basis. Substance Dependence Substances of Dependence/Abuse (Drugs and Alcohol) Medical Disability Benefits History Item 18. Medical Disability Benefits Medical Rejection by Military Service History Item 18. Psychiatric Conditions (see paragraph 4) Military Medical Discharge History Item 18. Psychiatric Conditions (see paragraph 4) Rejection for Life or Health Insurance History Item 18. Comments on History and Findings Equipment Requirements Exam Techniques Item 58. Blood Pressure When General Examinations Reveal Heart Problems Dispositions Item 36. Ear, Nose, and Throat Hearing Testing Audiometry, Conversational Voice Test, Speech Discrimination Exam Techniques Item 49. Hearing Synopsis of Medical Standards (see Hearing and Audiology) Acoustic Neuroma (Dispositions) Acute and Chronic Disease with or without Disturbance of Equilibrium (Dispositions) Cerumen Impaction Dispositions Item 29. Ear, Nose, and Throat (Unilateral) Equipment Requirements Hearing Aids Dispositions Item 49. Ear, Nose, and Throat Impaired Aeration (Dispositions) Mastoid Fistula and Mastoiditis (Dispositions) Motion Sickness History Item 17. Ear Outer Ear Surgeries Mastoidectomy (Exam Techniques) Myringotomy (Exam Techniques) Otologic Surgery (Dispositions) Tympanoplasty (Exam Techniques) Tympanic Membrane Perforation Exam Techniques Items 25-30. Ear Drums Eye and Vision Conditions Acquired and Congenital Conditions (Dispositions) Acute and Chronic Conditions (Dispositions) Amblyopia Exam Techniques and Criteria for Qualification Items 31-34. Distant Vision Chorioretinitis (Dispositions) Coloboma Exam Techniques Items 31-34. Color Vision Color Vision Testing Flowchart Contact Lenses Bifocal, Multifocal, Near Vision Only, Single Vision History Item 17. Heterophoria Equipment Requirements Eye Surgeries Aphakia/Lens Implants Exam Techniques Items 31-34. Eyes Procedure(s) Conductive Keratoplasty Exam Techniques and Criteria for Qualification Items 31-34. Eyes Procedure(s) Disease Protocols Conductive Keratoplasty Intraocular Devices (Accommodating, Binocular, Multifocal) Dispositions Item 31. Eyes Procedure(s) Disease Protocols Binocular Multifocal and Accommodating Devices Refractive Procedures Exam Techniques and Criteria for Qualification Items 31-34. Eye Refractive Procedures Disease Protocols Conductive Keratoplasty Field of Vision Exam Techniques Item 53. Eye or vision trouble except glasses Exam Techniques and Criteria for Qualification Items 31-34. Ophthalmoscopic Monocular Vision (Exam Techniques and Criteria for Qualification) Ocular Motility (Conjugate Misalignment, Convergence Insufficiency, Paralysis) Exam Techniques Items 31-34. Ocular Motility Optic Atrophy or Neuritis (Dispositions) Orthokeratology Exam Techniques and Criteria for Qualification Items 31-34. Eyes Papilledema (Dispositions) Pupilary Defects Size or Light Reaction Disparity Exam Techniques Items 31-34. Ophthalmoscopic Sunglasses (Exam Techniques and Criteria for Qualification) Tumors (Dispositions) Uveitis Exam Techniques Items 31-34.

Juvenile muscular atrophy of the distal upper limb

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The Director is the Chief Executive of the Institute and is responsible for overall management of the organization. The Heads of the Departments are responsible for the day to day functioning of their respective departments. Swastha Vritta Committees the Institute has 3 Committees, the Governing Body, the Standing Finance Committee and an Institutional Ethics Committee to govern, regulate and review various research proposals in the Institute. Vijaya Srivastava Member Additional Secretary & Financial Adviser Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. Radhey Shyam Sharma Member Vice-Chancellor, Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur 9. Unnikrishna Pillai, Professor, Amrita School of Ayurveda Member Vallikavu, Kollam Dt. Banwari Lal Gaur, Ex-Vice-Chancellor of Rajasthan Ayurved University Member Plot No. Unnikrishna Pillai Member Professor, Amrita School of Ayurveda Vallikavy, Kollam, Dt. Banwari Lal Gaur Academician Chairman Ex-Vice-Chancellor of Rajasthan Ayurved University Jaipur 2. Kamal Kanta Dadhich Common-men Member Ex-Professor of Sanskrit Representative Department of College Education, Govt. Shri Anil Shukla Non-Government Member Sangthan Mantri Voluntary Agency Sewa Bharti, Jaipur 8. Ram Kishore Joshi Medical Scientist Member Head of Department of Kayachikitsa National Institute of Ayurveda 9. Hemantha Kumar Medical Scientist Member Head of the Department of Shalya Tantra 10. Kamalesh Kumar Sharma Medical Scientist Member Head of Department of Swastha Vritta National Institute of Ayurveda 11. Kedar Lal Meena Medical Scientist Member Head of Department of Maulik Siddhanta National Institute of Ayurveda 12. Following was the budget provision of the Institute provided by the Ministry for the year 2016-2017: (Rs. Director and Teachers of the Institute are well represented in various Bodies of the University like Board of Management, Academic Council, Faculty of Ayurveda, Board of Studies, etc. Infrastructure the Main Campus of the Institute is spread over an area of 13 acres. The Institute has a beautiful, peaceful and eco-friendly atmosphere suited for Ayurvedic education. The Campus of the Institute is a Wi-Fi Campus that provides faculty, students and staff to use Internet at any point of time. Apart from above, the Institute has a City Hospital, a Satellite Clinic, 59 Staff Quarters and a Guest House away from the main Campus. Pharmacy Block the Pharmacy Block consist of Raw Drug Store, Manufacturing Unit, Furnace Unit, Packing Unit, Finished Goods Store, Office etc. New Library-cum-Academic Block this new 5 Storey Building accommodates Library Activities, Academic Activities and also a Manuscript Unit. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur for Academic and Examination purposes and follows the Syllabus and Curriculum prescribed by the Central Council of Indian Medicine as adopted by the University. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur on the basis of the Merit of an Admission Test conducted by it. Notification for the Entrance Test was made by the University on all India level in Newspapers and also on its Website. The Notification of the University was also posted on the Website of the Institute. The Fellowship is awarded for 2 years which may be extended for one more year subject to necessity and progress/satisfaction of the research involved. Mode of Admission: Admission was made by the University after conducting a Screening Test and Interview. The Notification for the Entrance Test was published by the University on all India level in Newspapers and also on its Website.

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The clinician who experiences empathic disequilibrium often develops increased Meditation: A term that describes a wide range of physiological and psychological arousal as a result contemplative practices, including contemplative of their countertransference reactions in their work prayer and mindfulness meditation. Self-compassion is thought to be made actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual up of three components: self-kindness, common violence and may be experienced directly, as a wit humanity, and mindfulness. The char and themselves; this includes their sense that they acteristic symptoms resulting from the exposure to deserve to be loved and be alive, the ability to the traumatic event(s) include persistent intrusion maintain a sense of inner balance, and the ability symptoms, avoidance of stimuli associated with to self-soothe. The full symptom picture must be present for more than one month, and the disturbance must cause clinically signifcant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. The ability to main tertransference reactions that include forms of tain a positive attitude toward the work despite detachment, denial, withdrawal, or distancing challenges. Vicarious resilience: Vicarious resilience involves the process of clinicians learning about overcom Transference: the behaviors and processes used ing adversity from the trauma survivors they work by clients to relate to their therapist that are simi with and the resulting positive transformation lar to those used in their past relationships with and empowerment in those clinicians through signifcant others. The transference reactions may their empathy for and interaction with the stories be related to experiences and relationships clients of resilience of their clients. The experience of have had at any point or points in their life that positive outcomes by professionals who fnd that they have not resolved or integrated, including they gain improved skills to reframe and cope with traumatic experiences they may have had (trauma negative events in the process of working with specifc transference). Trauma stewardship: Trauma stewardship encour Vicarious trauma: Also referred to as secondary ages trauma professionals to refect deeply on what trauma (or secondary traumatic stress). Trauma stewardship guides profes sionals to build a long-term approach to enable them to remain healthy in order to continue to do trauma work. She is a clinician, trainer, and researcher who physical health consequences among Cambodian specializes in the cross-cultural assessment and refugees in Southern California. Immigration Court in the areas of torture, Los Angeles for 13 years, where she was a psycho rape, female genital mutilation, and other forms therapist and the Director of Research and Evalu of trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, mental ation. Berthold program in the United States that provides special is regularly called upon to train and consult with ized medical, psychological, and case management health and mental health professionals as well as services to survivors of state-sponsored torture attorneys and social service providers on the topics from around the world. She Berthold has worked clinically with refugee and was selected as the 2009 National Social Worker asylum-seeking survivors of political persecution, of the Year by the National Association of Social torture, war traumas, human traffcking, female Workers. Berthold has found that an under genital mutilation, community violence, domestic standing of these topics and the implementation violence, child abuse, and other traumas from many of a self-care plan has been vital to her ability to countries. She has extensive experience as a mental sustain her own career serving trauma survivors health professional in outpatient, inpatient, and over the past nearly three decades. Vicarious traumatization: a framework for understanding the psychological effects of working with victims. Compassion Fatigue: Coping with Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder in Those Who Treat the Traumatized. Trauma and the Therapist: Countertransference and Vicarious Traumatization in Psychotherapy with Incest Survivors. Even heroes need to talk: psycho-legal soft spots in the feld of asylum lawyering. Vicarious Trauma and the Professional Interpreter: An Interpreter Shares Her Experiences. Secondary Traumatic Stress: Self-Care Issues for Clinicians, Researchers, and Educators. The impact of trauma work on trauma workers: a metasynthesis on vicarious trauma and vicarious posttraumatic growth. The dance of empathy: a hermeneutic formulation of countertransference, empathy, and understanding in the treatment of individuals who have experienced early childhood trauma. Measuring compassion satisfaction as well as fatigue: developmental history of the compassion satisfaction and fatigue test. Vicarious traumatization: an empirical study of the effects of trauma work on trauma therapists. Secondary Traumatic Stress: Self-Care Issues for Clinicians, Researchers and Educators. Vicarious trauma: the effects on female counselors of working with sexual violence survivors.