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By: Curtis L. Smith, PharmD, BCPS

  • Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Ferris State University College of Pharmacy
  • Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Sparrow Health System, Lansing, Michigan

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This public use files in early May 2011 on index data correction disputes before we provision is not available to a hospital the Internet at. If, after reviewing that do not meet the procedural data changes after completing their desk the May 2011 final public use files, a deadlines set forth above will not be reviews, we do not expect that midyear hospital believed that its wage or permitted to challenge later, before the corrections will be necessary. For should not be penalized by our delay in on which labor-related share resulted in Puerto Rico hospitals, the national publishing or implementing the a higher payment. In addition, the hospital market basket for operating we are continuing to use a labor-related provision cannot be used to correct costs. This Puerto Rico labor policies would allow midyear final rule, we presented our analysis related share of 62. Consistent with our methodology retroactive correction will be made market basket, for discharges occurring for determining the national labor irrespective of whether the change on or after October 1, 2009. If the hospital has a Puerto stage renal disease quality incentive instead of merely volume. Our goal for the future is quickly as possible to the use of Rico-specific wage index of less than 1. To the extent specific labor-related share of 62 percent Program with various other programs, practicable and appropriate, outcome of the Puerto Rico-specific rates because including those authorized by the and patient experience measures should the lower labor-related share will result Health Information Technology for be adjusted for risk or other appropriate in higher payments. Strategy for Quality Improvement in effective prevention and treatment Response: We appreciate the Health Care [National Quality practices. The payment demonstrations, and the Comment: Many commenters National Quality Strategy is located at: evaluation of new delivery system overwhelmingly supported our efforts to. Medicare programs whenever possible People/Healthy Communities Response: We do not agree with the to reduce the hospital reporting burden. Care (reducing the cost of quality health 1886(o)(1)(C)(ii)(I) of the Act, a hospital Response: We recognize that the care for individuals, families, that is subject to the payment reduction addition of manually chart-abstracted employers, and government). These Section 3001(a)(2) of the Affordable the type of service being provided as commenters considered these Care Act amended section suggested by one of the commenters. The adoption of outcome Response: We thank the commenters endorsed by the consensus entity if due measures has always been and will for their suggestions. Act, as amended by section 3001(a)(2) of Comment: Many commenters the Affordable Care Act, requires that overwhelmingly supported the c. Some commenters stated that technical specifications by updating this public comment on this proposal. We the effective date in order to allow users beneficiaries by providing information continuously strive to improve the user to incorporate changes and updates to on hospital quality of care to those who friendliness of Hospital Compare Web the specifications into data collection need to select a hospital. In survey implementation, data collection, featured on the Hospital Compare Web addition, the healthcare information data submission and other relevant site. The commenters to the current Specification Manual for interactive Web tool, such as believed that the display of more National Hospital Inpatient Quality We also provide who intend to use data in making applies to subsection (d) hospitals, information about why the new measure healthcare decisions. With respect to the process of that data display on Hospital Compare added to the Hospital Compare Web care measures, the data are collected, should cater to consumers who visit site. In Hospital Compare should provide Response: Currently, hospital-level the future, we hope to collect outcome information to help consumers to make process of care measures based on fewer measure data on all patients. Hospital Compare is designed risk-adjusted outcome measure rates (such as names of measures for which to be a consumer-oriented Web site based on fewer than 25 cases are not data will be displayed in the future) on where consumers can obtain displayed at all. Retirement using memos, e-mail notification, and advice/counseling these criteria also meets our goals of QualityNet Web site postings. Commenters were agreed that these criteria should be Program because of the potential for this concerned that the retirement of these among those considered in evaluating negative unintended consequence.

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Iodinated contrast agents pose little risk to the fetus, the mother should be well hydrated during and after the study167 2. It should be used only when the potential benefit justifies the risk Ebooksmedicine. Be ca u s e e n d o v a s cu la r t r e a t m e n t requires heparin for systemic anticoagulation, it carries the risk of hemorrhagic implications when labor spontaneously begins during or around the tim e of em bolization. C-section, and is probably more dependent on whether the o ending lesion has been treated. One strategy is to perform an em ergent c-section, followed by aneurysm treatm ent, if the fet u s is m at u re en ou gh for su r vival ou t sid e t h e u t eru s. If t h e fe t u s is < 24 w eeks, t re at t h e an eu r ysm and maintain the pregnancy. If the fetus is between 24-28 weeks, a strategy should be tailored according to the maternal and fetal status. C-section may be used for fetal salvage for a moribund mother in the third trimester. During vaginal delivery, the risk of rebleeding may be reduced by the use of caudal or epidural anesthesia, shortening the 2nd stage of labor, and low forceps delivery if necessary. Treatm ent type (clip versus coil) has also been studied with no clear advantage for one modality over the other (p. Seizures associated with arachnoid haemorrhage: what is the true inci spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage. Tumors of bral Hemorrhage More Than Twice as Common as the Choroid Plexus in Children. Subarachnoid hemorrhage ogy of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in Finland from incidence among Whites, Blacks and Caribbean 1983 to 1985. Ch a r a ct e r is t ics o f n o n t r a u m a t ic ing to age, sex, and region: a meta-analysis. Participants of the Multicenter systematic review with emphasis on region, age, Coo p e r a t ive An e u r ysm St u d y. Cerebral A st a the m e n t for h e alt h ca r e p r ofe ssion a ls fr o m t h e Va s o s p a s m Fo ll o w i n g An e u r y s m a l Su b a r a c h n o i d Stroke Council of th e Am erican Heart Association. A multi Rat es an d Fu n ct ion al Ou t com e Aft e r Su b arach n oid national comparison of subarachnoid hemorrhage Hemorhage: A Systematic Review. Critical age a ect in aneurysm al subarachnoid haem orrhage ing 1-year functional outcome in elderly patients between eastern Finland and northern Sydney. Su barach n oid Hem orrh age on Ou tcom e in Nonpe Th e r isk of su b ar ach n oid an d in t race reb r al h e m or netrating Head Injury. Ve s p a P, Am e r ic a n H e a r t As s o c ia t i o n St r o k e Co u n Neurosurgery. Spontaneous Subarachnoid Hemor tion, Council on Cardiovascular Nursing, Council rhage: A Presenting Symptom of a Tumor of the on Cardiovascular Surgery, Anesthesia, Council on Th ird Ve n t r icle. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage guideline for healthcare professionals from the Co n se q u en t t o In t r a cr a n ia l Tu m o r s. Ar ch Ne u r o l Am e r ica n He a r t Associat ion /a m e r ica n St ro ke As Psych. Subarachnoid Bo t t le n e ck factor and height-w idth ratio: associa Hemorrhage Due to Lateral Ventricular Meningio tion with ruptured aneurysms in patients with mas. J Neurol [44] Dhar S, Tremmel M, Mocco J, Kim M, Yamamoto J, Neurosurg Psychiatry. Fatal Subarachn oid Hem orrh age Origi parameters for intracranial aneurysm rupture risk nating in an Intracranial Chordoma. Subarachnoid [45] Rahman M, Smietana J, Hauck E, Hoh B, Hopkins N, Hemorrhage from an Intracranial Meningioma. Sh o u ld sp e ct r o p h o Prospective Study of Sentinel Headache in Aneur tometry be used to identify xanthochromia in the ysmal Subarachnoid Hemorhage.

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And by this, in an especial manner, we ac jury, so that impaired consciousness is often a quire wisdom and knowledge, and see and hear and sign of impending irreparable damage to the know what are foul, and what are fair, what sweet brain. The limited time for action and the mul sciousness, stupor, or coma based on anatomic tiplicity of potential causes of brain failure and physiologic principles. Accordingly, this challenge the physician and frighten both the book divides the causes of unconsciousness physician and the family; only the patient es into two major categories: structural and meta capes anxiety. In Chapter 2 this infor may encounter in the emergency department mation is used to de ne a brief but informa of a general hospital. Catatonic stupor 2 *Represents only patients for whom a neurologist was consulted because the initial diagnosis was uncertain and in whom a nal diagnosis was established. Thus, obvious diagnoses such as known poisonings, meningitis, and closed head injuries, and cases of mixed metabolic encephalopathies in which a speci c etiologic diagnosis was never established are under represented. Pathophysiology of Signs and Symptoms of Coma 5 1 determine if the reduced consciousness has a ness. Such patients may have preserved aware structural cause (and therefore may require im ness of most stimuli, but having suffered the mediate imaging and perhaps surgical treat loss of a critical population of neurons. Chapters 3 and 4 discuss patho of the left side of space), the patient literally physiology and speci c causes of structural in becomes unconscious of that class of stimuli. More experienced clini explores psychiatric causes of unresponsive cians recognize the focal cognitive de cits and ness, which must be differentiated from or that the alteration of consciousness is con ned ganic causes of stupor and coma. Occasionally,patientswith provides a systematic discussion of the treat right parietotemporal lesions may be suf ciently ment of both structural and metabolic coma. Chapter 9 reviews works is diffuse or very widespread, the level of some ethical problems encountered in treating consciousness is not reduced. Hence, a reduced level of consciousness is not Consciousness due to focal impairments of cognitive function, but rather to a global reduction in the level of Consciousness is the state of full awareness of behavioral responsiveness. Clinically, the level of consciousness of a reduced level of consciousness can result from patient is de ned operationally at the bedside injury to a speci c set of brainstem and di by the responses of the patient to the examiner. The normal activity of this sive to the examiner, for example, if the patient arousal system is linked behaviorally to the lacks sensory inputs, is paralyzed (see locked appearance of wakefulness. It should be appar in syndrome, page 7), or for psychologic reasons ent that cognition is not possible without a rea decides not to respond. In the de ni ologic, form of reduced consciousness in which tions that follow, we assume that the patient is the responsiveness of brain systems responsible not unresponsive due to sensory or motor im for cognitive function is globally reduced, so that pairment or psychiatric disease. The content of conscious lationships between the brain systems that are ness represents the sum of all functions medi responsible for wakefulness and sleep can im ated at a cerebral cortical level, including both pair consciousness. These func mal sleep and wakefulness are reviewed later tions are subserved by unique networks of cor in this chapter. A key difference between sleep tical neurons, and it is possible for a lesion that and coma is that sleep is intrinsically reversible: is strategically placed to disrupt one of the net suf cient stimulation will return the individual works, causing a fractional loss of conscious to a normal waking state. Deli and remain behaviorally unresponsive to all rium is de ned by the Diagnostic and Statisti external stimuli are unconscious by any de ni cal Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition 8 tion. Disturbance of con result of brain injury rarely lasts more than 2 to sciousness. A change in cog nition (such as memory de cit, disorientation, Acutely Altered States language disturbance) or the development of a of Consciousness perceptual disturbance that is not better ac counted for by a pre-existing, established or Clouding of consciousness is a term applied to evolving dementia.

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Severe form of the disease may affect the brain, heart, skin, other organs or body systems. The disease may progress to a chronic one and persist for years, if not adequately treated. Brucellosis can be treated by antibiotics and treatment will last for several weeks. The largest outbreak outside the Middle East occurring in Korea in mid-2015 was triggered by a case exported to Korea from the Middle East. The number of reported cases reached 768 and 682 in 2014 and 2015 respectively and decreased to 252 in 2016. The epidemiological characteristics of the reported cases remained similar since the emergence of the disease in 2012. About half of the cases were known to have pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, chronic lung disease, chronic renal disease and immunode ciency. Limited human-to-human transmission has occurred between close contacts of confirmed cases in household settings. Secondary cases have reported varying levels of contact with confirmed patients, ranging from direct contact. If healthcare professionals encounter any patients presenting with respiratory symptoms after visiting the Middle East, it is very important to ask for history of visiting any health care facility there and direct or indirect contact with dromedary camels. His clinical condition subsequently deteriorated with development of bilateral pneumonia and severe acute distress respiratory syndrome requiring mechanical ventilation and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Phylogenetic analysis of the virus isolated from the patient indicated that it was closely related to the European avian-like swine influenza A(H1N1) viruses circulating in swine populations in Italy in recent years. According to information provided by Italian health authorities, he had contact with pigs on a pig farm and nasal swabs collected from weaning pigs in the farm were tested positive for influenza A. The second case affected a 23-year-old male who worked in a farm with swine in Switzerland. The virus isolated from him was found to be closely related to the European avian-like swine influenza A(H1N1) viruses circulating in swine in Europe. Samples from the swine at the farm were also tested positive for influenza A(H1N1) viruses. Most human infections with influenza A(H1N1) variant viruses were exposed to the swine influenza viruses through contact with infected swine or contaminated environments. Current evidence suggests that these viruses have not acquired the ability of sustained transmission among humans. A total of 114 participants had attended the workshop and received information from local and overseas speakers. Sessions ranged from information on emerging infectious diseases and potential agents of bioterrorism, to recognition and management of such agents. Specific topics on anthrax and smallpox vaccines, together with the local preparedness against bioterrorism were also delivered. She presented with bilateral knee pain on February 11 and was admitted to a public hospital on February 14. She had handled raw pork at home but denied any previous skin wound or contact with pigs. She initially presented to a medical practitioner for rapidly progressive cognitive impairment since April 2016. Subsequently, she was admitted to a public hospital in January 2017 and was found to have dysphagia, dysphasia, akinetic mutism and myoclonus. He presented with fever and cough with sputum on February 11 and was admitted to a public hospital on February 16. His clinical diagnosis was severe pneumonia with pleural effusion and he required intensive care. He was treated with antibiotics and he required pleural drainage, invasive mechanical ventilation and haemofiltration. According to his next of kin, he had no contact history of birds or bird droppings during incubation period. He was brought to the Accident and Emergency Department of a public hospital for oral bleeding on February 21 and was admitted on the same day. Health advice on personal care and environmental hygiene was given to the institution.

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  • Hepatic fibrosis
  • Covesdem syndrome
  • Vaginismus
  • Endocrinopathy
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Pyruvate kinase deficiency, muscle type
  • Astasis
  • X-linked alpha thalassemia mental retardation syndrome (ATR-X)

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Its presence serves as a marker of as ow of blood in arteries, particularly the mid trocytes. The absence of ow in the of disorders including hyperosmolar states, pro brain has been used to con rm brain death, gressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, renal particularly in patients who have received sed failure, and diabetes. Levels are decreased in ative drugs that may alter some of the clini 158,159 hyponatremia, chronic hepatic encephalopathy, cal ndings (see Chapter 8). The injection of gas ergy metabolism in both neurons and astro lled microbubbles enhances the sonographic cytes. The total creatine peak remains constant, echo and provides better delineation of blood allowing other peaks to be calculated as ratios ow, occlusions, pseudo-occlusions, stenosis, 162 to the height of the creatine peak. Choline is sels, which examines both the carotid and the found in higher concentration in glial cells and vertebrobasilar circulation, is generally more is thus higher in white matter than gray matter. The peak is elevated in larly in patients with a depressed level of con hypoxic encephalopathy and in hyperosmolar sciousness. Rare patients in whom increased in hypoxic/ischemic encephalopa subarachnoid hemorrhage was not detected thy, diabetic acidosis, stroke, and recovery from on imaging may demonstrate blood in the cardiac arrest. Cere not yet have suf cient meningismus to make bral fat embolism (see Chapter 5) can also the diagnosis of meningitis clear from exami 157 cause a lipid peak. This may be particularly dif cult to the clinical use of some of these spectra in determine in patients who have underlying ri stuporous or comatose patients is discussed in gidity of the cervical spine (evidenced by re Chapter 5. Hence, deferring lumbar puncture in history of presumed gastroenteritis, with fever, such cases until after the scanning procedure nausea, and vomiting. For this reason, when day and found it dif cult to walk to the bath the evidence for meningitis is compelling, it room. By the afternoon she had dif culty swal may be necessary to do the lumbar puncture lowing, her voice was hoarse, and her left limbs without bene t of prior imaging. She was brought to the hospital by in Chapters 4 and 5, the danger of this pro ambulance, and examination in the emergency cedure is greatly overestimated. If the exami department disclosed a lethargic patient who nation is nonfocal, and there is no evidence of could be easily wakened. Pupils were equal and papilledema on funduscopy, it is extremely constricted from 3 to 2 mm with light, but the left rare to precipitate brain herniation by lumbar eye was lower than the right, she complained of puncture. The bene t of establishing the exact skewed diplopia, and there was dif culty main microbial diagnosis far outweighs the risk of taining gaze to the left. Elevated pressure distal weakness in her arms, and the left limbs may be a key sign that leads to diagnosis of were clumsy on ne motor tasks and showed venous sinus thrombosis, cerebral edema, or dysmetria. Examination of blinking, and may present as merely confused, the red blood cells under the microscope im drowsy, or even stuporous or comatose. Fresh patients may demonstrate twitching move red cells have the typical doughnut-shaped ments of the eyelids or extremities, but others morphology, whereas crenelated cells indicate give no external sign of epileptic activity. In that they have been in the extravascular space one series, 8% of comatose patients were found for some time. Un objective electrophysiologic assay of cortical fortunately, some patients with a clinical and function in patients who do not respond to electroencephalographic diagnosis of noncon normal sensory stimuli. As the intravenous doses of gamma-aminobutyric acid patient becomes more drowsy, higher voltage agonist drugs, such as barbiturates or propofol, theta rhythms (4 to 7 Hz) become dominant; which at suf ciently high dosage can suppress delta activity (1 to 3 Hz) predominates in pa all brain activity. Although they do tients is usually more regular and less variable not provide reliable information on the loca than in an awake patient, and it is not inhibited tion of a lesion in the brainstem, both auditory 163 by opening the eyes. It may be possible to and somatosensory-evoked potentials, and cor Examination of the Comatose Patient 83 tical event-related potentials, can provide 18. Simple bedside assess tion of the upper alimentary tract in the medulla ment of level of consciousness: comparison of two oblongata in the rat: the nucleus ambiguus. Head posi of the area containing C1 adrenaline neurons on tion, intracranial pressure, and compliance.

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Radiation may be given by itself or in combination with other therapies, such as chemotherapy and surgery. Radiation can damage both healthy cells and cancer cells, but the healthy cells are better at healing themselves. Radiation only damages cells in the area of the body where the radiation is given. External beam radiation is the most common delivery method used for children with cancer. This method uses a machine to deliver high energy beams to a specifc part of the body. They will explain which method of radiation delivery is best for your child, along with the risks and benefts. A simulation is when the radiation feld (area to receive radiation) will be precisely determined. Usually tiny permanent ink dots (tattoos) are made to mark the area receiving radiation. Your child will need to lie still during the time that the radiation treatment is given. Many young children are able to do this successfully after receiving coaching and preparation from their treatment team. If your child is very young or unable to lie still, they may be given medicine (sedation or general anesthesia) so that they are asleep while the radiation treatment is being given. Sometimes, taking out the tumor may be the only treatment needed, but usually chemotherapy or radiation is also used to kill any remaining cancer cells. Most surgeries take place in the operating room while your child is asleep under general anesthesia. Primary surgery Primary surgery removes all or most of the tumor at the time of diagnosis. Sometimes, due to tumor size or its location in the body, the tumor cannot be safely removed right away. In this case, chemotherapy or radiation may be given before surgery to help shrink the tumor and make it easier to remove. Second look surgery Second look surgery is performed after treatment with chemotherapy and/or radiation. Surgeons are able to see how well the treatments have worked in killing the cancer cells, and may be able to remove any remaining tumor. Supportive care surgery Supportive care surgery is done to help your child through their cancer treatment. It provides a safe way to deliver cancer therapy and supportive care intravenously, by connecting with a large, central vein that leads to the heart. An external line can have one, two, or three access points to deliver many different therapies at the same time. Medicine can be used to numb the skin over the port before the needle is inserted. A port can have one or two access points to deliver different therapies at the same time. Bone marrow is found in the spongy part of bones, especially in the hips, spine, ribs, breastbone, and legs. For some cancers, very high doses of chemotherapy and radiation are needed to get rid of all the cancer cells. These high doses of treatment may permanently destroy the normal stem cells in the bone marrow. The stem cell donor may be the child with cancer, a relative, or someone not related to the child.

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Any signifcant weakness or impairment of joint position sense invalidates the tests for coordination. Cerebellar dysfunction is characterized by incoordination of speech, limbs and gait. The speech in cerebellar disease is dysarthric or slow and slurred with a typical scanning quality of getting stuck on the consonants. Nystagmus is a sign of cerebellar disease and is worse on looking to the side of the lesion. The fnger nose test this test is carried out with the arms fully extended horizontally by asking the patient to touch the tip of his nose with the tip of the index fnger of his right hand followed by the same with his left hand. The frst step is asking the patient to frst hold the foot up in the air, then step two to place the heel on the other knee and slowly run it down the shin. Any wobble on reaching the target or side to side or falling of movement on sliding down the shin points to cerebellar disease on the same side. The former is known as dysdiadochokinesia and is demonstrated by rapid tapping the palmThe heel-shin test of one hand alternately with the palm and back of the other hand and then repeating on the opposite hand. In the normal person the alternate movements are smooth and regular whereas in cerebellar disease they are irregular in amplitude and timing and are jerky. Difculty judging distance or dysmetria is shown by repeatedly tapping the back of one hand with the palm of the other. The rebound phenomenon occurs in cerebellar disease where the tapped outstretched hand oscillates before coming back to rest. The gait in cerebellar disease is wide based and ataxic and worse on walking a straight line with a tendency to fall to the side of the lesion. The most common cause of absent refexes is poor technique with a clumsy or inadequate blow of target. Hold the foot at 90 degree angle exerting gentle pressure on the toes and strike the Achilles tendon and look at the calf muscles for contraction. Gently draw a blunt key up the lateral border of the sole of the foot crossing the foot pads or metatarsal heads. In the calloused foot it may be useful to run the stimulus on the outside or lateral aspect of the foot A the biceps reflex the biceps reflex the triceps re ex the supinator re exC5,6The supinator re ex C 7 the triceps re ex C5,6 C 7 B A B the knee re ex L3,4 the knee re ex L3,4 Testing the plantar responseTesting the plantar response A A NormalNormal B Upgoing plantar response the ankle re ex B Upgoing plantar responseor Babinski sign the ankle re exS1 Testing the plantar responseTesting the plantar response S1 or Babinski sign Figure 1. The aim of the examination is to detect any loss of sensation and the pattern of loss. Tere are fve main modalities of sensation to test for, these are light touch, pin prick and temperature (superfcial) and vibration and joint position (deep). Testing superfcial sensation It is usually sufcient to touch each site once varying the timing and moving from an area of abnormal sensation to normal sensation. If the patient has noticed an altered sensation in any part of the body then a more detailed sensory examination is required, testing the main sensory modalities. Sensory testing begins with testing for light touch by using a wisp of cotton wool or a fnger tip being careful each time to touch or dab the skin lightly rather than to drag it across the skin. The patient is shown an upward and downward movement frst with his eyes open and told that he will be asked to identify the direction of movement once his eyes are closed. If the patient cannot identify the direction correctly then the next proximal larger joints should be tested until a joint with intact joint position sense is found. The beating fork should be frst placed on the back of terminal phalanx of the index fnger and big toe and the patient asked if he can feel the vibration.

Hennekam Koss de Geest syndrome

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Although it is a rel of circadian rhythms have been demonstrated in patients atively small structure of only 4-mL volume, the hypo with childhood craniopharyngioma and severe obesity thalamus contains several groups of nerve cell bodies (205). Daytime sleepiness and obesity in these patients forming distinct nuclei, which have highly diverse molec were both correlated with low nocturnal and early morn ular, functional, and structural organization (218). The suspected hypothalamus plays a predominant role in keeping the pathogenic mechanism in patients with childhood cranio internal environment stable by synchronizing biological pharyngioma involves impaired hypothalamic regulation clock mechanisms and circadian rhythms. Initial experiences with dicate that an adequate balance of the autonomic nervous oral melatonin substitution in childhood craniopharyngi system equilibrium is crucial for metabolism. It is well oma patients (6 mg melatonin per day) were promising: known that adipose tissue is richly innervated by sympa melatonin levels normalized and physical activity and day thetic nerve fibers that control lipolysis. However, appears that lipogenesis is also controlled by parasympa data on the long-term effect of melatonin substitution on thetic innervation of adipose tissue originating from sep weight development and daytime sleepiness have not yet arate sympathetic and parasympathetic neurons in the been published. Such a high level of differentiation puts the supra craniopharyngioma and severe daytime sleepiness have chiasmatic nucleus in a key position to balance circadian revealed sleep patterns typical for hypersomnia and sec activity of both branches of the autonomous nervous sys ondary narcolepsy, ie, frequent sleep-onset rapid eye tem. Considering the large proportion of craniopharyn movement phases (206, 223, 224). Medication with cen gioma patients with damage to suprasellar structures, it is tral stimulating agents (methylphenidate, modafinil) had likely that craniopharyngiomas involving hypothalamic a markedly beneficial effect on daytime sleepiness in these areas and/or the effects of treatment of these tumors com patients (223). Regarding disturbances of circadian promise the functionality of the suprachiasmatic hypo rhythm, secondary narcolepsy should be taken into con thalamic nucleus. This affects the regulation of central sideration as a pathogenic factor in severely obese child clock mechanisms, which predisposes to alterations in me hood craniopharyngioma patients. After the test meal, controls suggested to contribute to weight gain in patients with showed suppression of activation by food cues, whereas childhood craniopharyngioma. Adults and pediatric pa childhood craniopharyngioma patients showed trends to tients with childhood-onset craniopharyngioma were ward higher activation. The authors concluded that per found to have a lower resting-energy expenditure com ception of food cues appears to be altered in hypothalamic pared to controls (202, 226, 227) that could not be ex obesity, especially after eating, ie, in the satiated state. Pharmacological treatment of hypothalamic obesity creased physical activity are neurological and visual def Due to disturbances in energy expenditure, central sym icits, psychosocial difficulties, and increased daytime pathetic output, and appetite regulation, craniopharyngi sleepiness. Based on impairment of sympathoadrenal ac disinhibition of vagal output is a cause of increased -cell tivation and epinephrine production manifesting as a stimulation in patients with childhood craniopharyngi reduced hormonal response to hypoglycemia, treating this oma and that this disinhibition leads to hyperinsulinism disorder with amphetamine derivatives has been sug and severe obesity. Use of dextroamphetamine interven the somatostatin analog octreotide, which suppresses tion starting 10 months after surgery and lasting 24 -cell activity (228). Even shorter hood craniopharyngioma are likely related to impaired periods of dextroamphetamine treatment have caused central sympathetic output. Sibut rived neurotrophic factor and their effect on satiety reg ramine has been widely used to treat obesity, leading to a ulation in patients with childhood craniopharyngioma weight loss of 7 to 10% when combined with a regulated and hypothalamic obesity. Sibutramine was tested in a randomized, placebo pothesis that reduced ghrelin secretion and impaired post controlled, crossover trial in patient cohorts with different prandial suppression of ghrelin in patients with childhood obesity syndromes (241). Although the drug was well tol craniopharyngioma and severe hypothalamic obesity erated and tested safe in these trials, the weight loss re leads to disturbed regulation of appetite and satiety. However, treatment with invasive, nonreversible the market due to adverse side effects, and further clinical bariatric methods is controversial in the pediatric popu trials are not expected. Parasympathetic (pharmacological or bariatric) therapy for hypothalamic stimulation causes insulin secretion by way of direct ac obesity in childhood craniopharyngioma has been shown tivation of -cells as well as promoting adipogenesis. Octreotide is a somatostatin analog and thus psychosocial functioning causes reduction in insulin secretion. Lustig et al (228) Quality of life in craniopharyngioma patients can be used octreotide in a double-blind, randomized, controlled affected by both the tumor itself and the treatment re study in children with hypothalamic obesity and demon ceived. Reports assessing psychosocial and physical func strated moderate reductions in weight gain. Other re gical interventions that led to hypothalamic obesity ported challenges included somatic complaints such as re (243). This 6-month intervention showed no efficacy in duced mobility, pain, and self-care (92, 186).