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Food, Drug & Device Law Alert – FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Voluntary Labeling of GMO Foods

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued a draft guidance for manufacturers of human and animal food who want the labels of their products to indicate whether (or not)

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Singapore to Open Public Stem Cell Bank

Singapore is all set to open a stem cell bank, which will allow members of the public to store their own stem cells for the future, officials said.

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Scientists Develop a More Effective ‘Multitasking’ Flu Vaccine

Researchers from Australia say they may have uncovered a way to make the seasonal flu vaccine more effective, by adding a string of synthetic fat molecules that boost the body’s

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Type 1 Diabetes App Connects Personal Records to Electronic Health Record

In recent years, several developers have created mobile apps that allow diabetic patients to track their blood glucose readings, but a new application from Philips Healthcare has taken this concept

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