Type 1 Diabetes App Connects Personal Records to Electronic Health Record

Type 1 Diabetes App Connects Personal Records to Electronic Health Record
October 28 17:28 2015 Print This Article

In recent years, several developers have created mobile apps that allow diabetic patients to track their blood glucose readings, but a new application from Philips Healthcare has taken this concept to the next level.

The Philips app, which is still in the prototype stage, not only lets Type 1 diabetics keep a record of their blood sugar levels, insulin use, nutrition, physical activity, mood, and stress levels, it shares that data with a virtual community of clinicians and lets patients share the clinical data in their electronic medical record (EHR) with this virtual community. The entire program taps into the Saleforce app cloud and is constructed on the HealthSuite platform. In addition to merging personal health information with electronic medical records, the app offers a way for patients and health professionals to connect via text messaging.

A press release issued by Royal Philips and Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands, the company’s partner in this venture, states that: “The collaborative prototype development among Philips, Radboudumc and Salesforce is available in pilot release by the end of year, with plans to introduce similar connected care solutions addressing other chronic conditions.”

The HealthSuite digital platform, through a digital tool called CareCatalyst, provides patients and clinicians a secure way to connect devices and to collect, integrate, and analyze data from a variety of sources, including consumer devices, medical devices, EMRs, and personal health data. The company further explains that: “Via this open digital platform, self-measurement sources and overall functionality can easily be extended as new digital health consumer measurement technologies become available. CareCatalyst is a digital toolkit that makes it easy for health systems, institutions and care providers to utilize the power of the HealthSuite digital platform in dedicated localized solutions.”


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By Paul Cerrato, Iltifat Husain, MD | October 27, 2015